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Energy Technologies Energy

C&I Microgrids

Grid-Tied and Remote Microgrid Forecasts, Technology and Policy Market Drivers, and Key Players

World Wind Energy Market Update 2017

Global Wind Power Development, Wind Turbine OEM Market Shares, and Capacity Market Forecasts

Utility Transformations Utility

IoT for Intelligent Buildings

Hardware, Software, and Services for IoT in Commercial Buildings: Global Market Analysis and Forecasts

Defining the Digital Future of Utilities

Grid Intelligence for the Energy Cloud in 2030

Transportation Efficiencies Transportation

Transportation Forecast: Light Duty Vehicles

Global Forecasts for Stop-Start, Hybrid, Plug-In Hybrid, Battery Electric, Fuel Cell, Natural Gas, Propane Autogas, and Conventional Internal Combustion Engine Powered Vehicle Sales and Population: 2016-2035

Navigant Research Leaderboard Report: Automated Driving

Assessment of Strategy and Execution for 18 Companies Developing Automated Driving Systems

Building Innovations Building

Energy Efficient Buildings Global Outlook

HVAC, Lighting, Building Envelope, Building Controls, Water Efficiency, Water Heating, and Commissioning and Installation Services: Global Market Analysis and Forecasts

Navigant Research Leaderboard Report: Residential Connected Lighting

Assessment of Strategy and Execution for 17 Connected Lamp, Luminaire, and Controls Vendors

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Global Annual Capacity of Commercial & Industrial Microgrids is Expected to Skyrocket from 448 MW in 2017 to 5,389 MW by 2026
Technology trends are making cost-effective C&I microgrids increasingly attractive options A new report from Navigant…
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Mobility Services Enhanced by Automated Driving Could Result in Dramatically Fewer Vehicles on Roads by 2035
Battery electric vehicles are expected to account for 8 to 17 percent of the global…
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Vestas is Once Again the Global Leader in Wind Turbine Installations
The report, which tracked 2016 installations, found that wind deployments decreased 14% from the record…
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