EPA Clean Power Plan Implementation

Tuesday, March 31st - Thursday, April 2nd

Atlanta, Georgia

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Maggie Shober, managing consultant at Navigant, will participate in the session: Assessing Costs and Price Impacts of the Rule at 9:00 am on Wednesday. To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

Infocast’s EPA Clean Power Plan Implementation Summit will provide the most up-to-date information on the status of EPA’s Clean Power Plan, explore implications of this significant regulatory undertaking and provide strategies on how to develop state plans on the road to compliance. Join state policy-makers and regulators, ISO/RTOs, utilities/munis, IPPs, EPCs and environmental engineering firms, technology providers and equipment vendors, legal experts and environmental consultants to discuss the proposed 111(d) rule and its direct impacts on power prices, system reliability, natural gas markets and infrastructure. Key stakeholders will examine the cost and price impacts of the rule and impacts of the EPA’s building blocks on energy markets and operations and the legal ramifications surrounding this game-changing rule.


NGV Bridge Fleet Framework & Infrastructure Summit

Wednesday, April 1st - Thursday, April 2nd

Sacramento, California

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Gordon Pickering, director at Navigant, will present: Why Natural Gas is Positioned to be the Transportation Fuel of the Future: Supply, Demand and Projections for a Growing Domestic Resource on Wednesday.  Bob Gibb, associate director at Navigant, will also be in attendance.  To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

The 3rd Annual NGV Bridge Fleet Framework & Infrastructure Summit will equip you with all of the best case studies, in-depth partnership analysis, and the tools, resources and services your business needs to secure grants and get up and running on natural gas, EVs, propane and other alternative fuels. Join 250+ senior-level executives April 1-2, 2015 in Sacramento to learn, network and develop the alt-fuel fleet ecosystem. 30+ expert speakers, 10+ hours of networking, 25+ exhibit booths and more!

Fleet Framework & Infrastructure Technology Summit 2015: Conference Agenda At A Glance

  • Domestic Natural Gas Supply & Demand Evaluation – latest projections of natural gas supply & demand, expectations for continued gas infrastructure improvements
  • National & Regional Case Studies – Meet with the professionals that can initiate, expand, and improve your natural gas vehicle and fueling operations
  • First in class Fuel Specific Panel Discussions – Trucking, refuse, refrigerated, municipalities/public services, local and regional hauling; a specific discussion for each of the applications projected for highest growth
  • Alternative Fuels Market Evaluation – Expert analysis of industry trends and case studies
  • Cost Effective Fleet Conversion – Exclusive case studies and metrics from top fleets on their successful conversion projects
  • Foster Strategic Partnerships – Critical partnerships can mitigate & share risk, emphasize strengths and supplement weaknesses to ensure the fastest ROI
  • Technological Innovations – Hear from industry pioneers advancing technology that has led to significant NGV and alt-fuel market growth

Hybrid Energy Innovations

Wednesday, April 8th - Thursday, April 9th

New York, New York

Anissa Dehamna, principal research analyst at Navigant Research, will participate in the panel discussion - Energy Storage: Magic Elixir for Solar, Wind, and Renewable Energy Grids? Part 1- Spotlight on Solar Storage at 2:50 pm on Wednesday. To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

Historically, different segments of the energy market have been warring with each other, and a silo and zero-sum mentality have been pervasive in the industry. Now, a better and more compelling energy model has started to gain favor – hybrid energy, which offers greater benefits by blending together the attributes of many diverse renewable energy sources and fossil fuels, as well as combining energy storage. Essentially, hybrid energy affords a flexibility and versatility in energy production and distribution that is truly needed to propel the industry forward. Hybrid energy is changing the energy equation.

Hybrid Energy Innovations 2015 provides a unique platform for participants to:

  • Gain special insights into the innovative tools, techniques and strategies that are revolutionizing the energy industry
  • Learn more about successful and far-reaching examples of hybrid energy products, projects and technologies
  • Network with a wide range of key players in hybrid energy
  • Help shape the future of this dynamic market

Military & Government Microgrids Summit

Thursday, April 9th - Friday, April 10th

Arlington, Virginia

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Infocast’s Military & Government Microgrids Summit will provide a platform for military, government and utility policy makers and procurement managers to share business and technical wants, needs and requirements for new microgrid projects with renewable energy developers, energy services companies, system integrators, EPCs, energy storage companies, microgrid enabling technology companies and financiers. This will be the place to hear from and network with senior-level DoD, Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy, DoE, State & Utility microgrid decision makers and customers.

Advanced Renewable Energy Project Finance & Analysis

Monday, April 13th - Tuesday, April 14th

San Francisco, California

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Tax incentive and public policy changes are complicating renewable energy project finance. Now, more than ever, the profitability of a renewable energy project is ultimately tied to being able to accurately assess the risks associated with the project, analyze the impacts of project structures on obtaining financing, and model the trade-offs of pursing various equity and debt financing strategies. New structures are needed and due diligence is becoming stricter.

Only the best informed and structured projects will be realized. Join other participants, at the Advanced Renewable Energy Project Finance & Analysis, in this interactive course and take away sample term sheets, analysis tools, and most importantly, the knowledge to use them effectively!

  • Risks assessment, mitigation and allocation unique to renewable energy projects
  • Contract structuring, documentation and risk sharing to mitigate commodity risk, Force Majeure, change of law and other hard-to-quantify risks
  • Risk appetite and role of capital providers on project finance structures
  • Latest on tax incentives and public policies for renewable projects financing
  • Learn to build and use project finance model for cash flow and sensitivity analysis, sale/leaseback transaction, partnership flip structure and lease pass-through transaction

Electric Power Indonesia

Monday, April 13th - Wednesday, April 15th

Jakarta, Indonesia

CMT is pleased to bring you Electric Power Indonesiahighlighting the regulatory updates and opportunities abound in a highly dynamic chapter in Indonesia’s electricity sector development. The Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources (ESDM) will kick start the summit with an Opening Keynote Address.

To find out how you can actively participate and seize the arising opportunities, reserve your seat NOW!

CABA's Intelligent Buildings & Digital Home Forum

Tuesday, April 14th - Thursday, April 16th

Austin, Texas

Noah Goldstein, research director at Navigant Research, and Casey Talon, senior research analyst at Navigant Research, will present: Intelligent Buildings and Big Data - Research Findings at 9:30 am on Thursday.  Dan Bradley, director at Navigant, and Nils Frenkel, director at Navigant, will also be in attendance.  To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

CABA's Intelligent Buildings & Digital Home Forum will be held at the Renaissance Hotel in Austin, TX from April 14-16, 2015.  The CABA Forum will be held in conjunction with Broadband Communities Summit 2015.

Join and meet 1,000+ industry professionals at this Forum including Multi-Tenant Unit (MDU)/Multi-Dwelling Unit (MTU), cable companies, telecommunication companies and service providers in the industry.


Tuesday, April 14th - Wednesday, April 15th

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

WEPower, now in its 11th year, gathers international public and private organizations together to meet the huge growth in demand for water, electricity and power in the Kingdom. This unique Water, Electricity & Power Generation Forum delivers a strategic conference alongside a worldwide exhibition.

WEPower delivers a platform for local and international suppliers and technology providers to discuss major projects which will deliver water and power to one of the largest economies in the world: Saudi Arabia.

O&M Dallas 2015

Tuesday, April 14th - Wednesday, April 15th

Dallas, Texas

O&M Dallas 2015North America’s best-attended meeting point dedicated to the wind O&M industry - an interactive experience that will guide, improve and complete your O&M Strategy.

Key topics to be discussed at O&M Dallas 2015:

  • Performance Enhancement: Increase reliability and reduce downtime to get more power out of the asset for higher return
  • Gearboxes: Reduce chance of gearbox failure through service and engineering developments to avoid high repair costs
  • Blades: Improve the efficiency of blades for better wind capture using new tech and retrofits
  • Life Extension: Analyze available data coming off wind farm to improve and extend the lifetime of the asset
  • Asset Management: Explore management, finance and planning strategies within the changing O&M market
  • O&M Strategy: discuss multi sourcing, relationship and contract management service agreements in a post-warranty setting

Canadian LNG Exports Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration Initiative

Wednesday, April 15th - Thursday, April 16th

Vancouver, Canada

Katherine Chance, director at Navigant, will moderate: International Global Competitiveness at 10:00 am on Wednesday.  To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

It has never been more important therefore for terminal and pipeline developers to meet Canadian producers responsible for ramping up supply from key natural gas plays; international buyers with an interest in the latest value proposition of Canadian LNG; community spokesmen and First Nations who hold a vested interest and strong say in the fast expanding infrastructure through their homes, lands and wildlife habitats; and government representatives who have a duty to ensure the positive progress of a mutually beneficial, globally competitive Canadian LNG exports industry.

The Third Annual Canadian LNG Exports Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration Initiative 2015 returns as the first major gathering of the year for Canadian LNG decision makers across the supply chain. Upstream, midstream and downstream practical perspectives will be thoroughly cross-examined by buyer, community and First Nations wanting to know the full economic and social implications of their decisions.

International Biomass Conference & Expo

Monday, April 20th - Wednesday, April 22nd

Minneapolis, Minnesota

The International Biomass Conference & Expo unites current and future producers of biomass-derived power, fuels and chemicals with waste generators, energy crop growers, municipal leaders, utility executives, technology providers, equipment manufacturers, project developers, investors and policy makers. The event fosters public and private partnerships that help bioenergy producers and large-scale waste generators identify and assess available production resources and viable technology solutions for improving operational efficiencies and reducing industrial greenhouse gas emissions. Volatile energy costs, mounting climate change concerns and the anticipation of federal carbon cap-and-trade policies are compelling waste generators to think differently – much differently – about waste liabilities and, in some cases, the rising value of already valuable process side streams.

Click here for more information.

Energy Trading Week

Monday, April 20th - Wednesday, April 22nd

Vienna, Austria

Given the European Energy Market’s increasingly fast paced and radically adapting environment, now is a critical time for building on knowledge, sharing experiences and gaining valuable industry contacts.  Regulatory uncertainty and the challenges facing the European energy trading market call for open and frank discussion regarding the future outlook and strategies to overcome such barriers.  This essential networking event assesses the very latest developments in CEE & SEE’s Gas and Power Markets.

The Energy Trading Week will bring together the leading minds to share ideas and strategies on how to take advantage of the new opportunities in Europe’s Energy Markets. At the event you will hear from the Heads of Trading, Regulators, TSOs, Traders and Analysts about the challenges they face and the prospects for the future.

You will meet and connect with the leading figures in Europe’s Energy Trading Markets. In an uncertain market place, making connections face to-face has never been so important.

IoT Global Innovation Forum

Tuesday, April 21st - Wednesday, April 22nd

Dallas, Texas

Nils Frenkel, director at Navigant, will be in attendance.  To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

The IoT Global Innovation Forum 2015 brings together leading technology innovators, business strategists and developers from around the world for two days of focused networking and information sharing at the IoT cutting edge. Expert speakers will discuss the latest applications for traditional commercial processes as well as new business models and opportunities within the emerging Internet of Things ecosphere.

A Unique, Cross-Stakeholder Networking Event 

Through a series of in-depth presentations and interactive panel discussions, industry leaders will help attendees envision and implement the full potential of IoT in both consumer and industrial sectors, with an emphasis on the most intriguing case studies and technology innovations. If you developing apps, guiding a business, or just thinking ahead, don't miss this high-value opportunity to understand and leverage the coming Internet of Things tidal wave.

Next Generation Batteries 2015

Tuesday, April 21st - Wednesday, April 22nd

San Diego, California

Breakthroughs in new battery chemistries, novel electrode and electrolyte materials, system integration for mobile, and portable and stationary applications have paved the road toward an emerging market with unlimited potential. Will lithium-ion and alternative-chemistry batteries deliver on the promise of power, energy, cost and safety in commercially available energy storage systems?

The Knowledge Foundation’s 5th Annual Next Generation Batteries 2015 convenes leading experts in the fields of battery materials, systems design and integration, manufacturing and commercial applications who address emerging issues driving this pivotal time in the battery industry.  Click here to register.

European Algae Biomass

Wednesday, April 22nd - Thursday, April 23rd

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Maximizing Commercial Successes in Algae Biomass by Combining Focused R&D with Business Strategy.

ACI’s 5th annual European Algae Biomass Conference will once again bring together senior executives from industry and academia to discuss the latest commercial and technical developments, challenges and research breakthroughs throughout the entire algae value chain.

The conference will have a heavy focus on case study examples of latest technologies in operation in the global algae industry. Discuss the technical challenges faced when optimizing the cultivation of algae. Study the current and future commercial markets for algae products and the challenges faced during the commercialization process including the views from three different end markets.

Energy Storage World Forum

Monday, April 27th - Thursday, April 30th

Rome, Italy

In 2015 our 8th Energy Storage World Forum will take place in Rome and it will feature new value to our followers and newcomers! There will be 2 training courses and 5 conference days. In the meantime see below what our speakers covered in London in April 2014.  Download the 2015 flyer.

Incident Response & Continuity Planning for Utilities Conference

Monday, April 27th - Wednesday, April 29th

Washington, D.C.

Via case studies from the industry’s top innovators, this meeting provides attendees a plan to maintain fluid business operations and logistical resource planning within their own day-to-day operations. The first-hand accounts on ICS implementation and emergency response drills will prepare attendees to perfect their own operations. As a result, incident response and recovery issues will become non-factors.

The Incident Response & Continuity Planning for Utilities Conference follows a very successful 2013 inaugural and 2014 delivery of Business Continuity & Emergency Preparedness for Utilities, plus the marcusevans series of Outage Response & Restoration.  The focus of this April meeting is on the daily efforts that take place within utilities’ business continuity departments and the risk management plans that are put in place to ensure successful operations during a disaster or major incident.

Key Topics at Incident Response & Continuity Planning for Utilities Conference:

  • Strengthen the relationship and collaboration between mutual aid and public agency partnerships to effectively communicate during an incident/crisis
  • Enhance logistical resources and preparation by planning in advance to ensure continuity of operations
  • Revamp incident command and control structure to maximize effectiveness and improve ETR
  • Ensure reliable grid operations by implementing innovative technologies

Grid Transformation Summit

Monday, April 27th - Wednesday, April 29th

New York, New York

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Anissa Dehamna, principal research analyst at Navigant Research, will be in attendance.  To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

Grid Transformation Summit 2015 will bring together national and state level regulators, power industry leaders, commercial energy managers, DG, energy storage and grid modernization technology vendors to discuss the path forward to a next-generation distributed energy system. They will delve into the potential solutions to current regulatory hurdles impacting the ability of many players to develop profitable business cases and models, and the prospects for technological solutions to many of today’s most vexing problems.

CS Week

Monday, April 27th - Friday, May 1st

Charlotte, North Carolina

Michael Wimert, director at Navigant, and Maggie Duque, associate director at Navigant, will be in attendance.  To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us​.

CS Week is the premier utility customer service conference for managers and executives at investor owned utilities, cooperatives, municipalities and government entities.

The annual convention features CS Week Executive SummitCS Week Key Account ForumCS Week CollegeCS Week Expanding Excellence Awards, the CS Week Synergy Groups, the 60+ workshops of CS Week Conference, and the largest Exhibit Hall in customer service-related Smart Infrastructure.

Learning in different settings throughout the week ranges from the Executive Summit for C-level execs to the CS Week Synergy Groups, both of which involve active exchanges within the groups. The annual Exhibit Hall is the largest in the industry exclusively serving meter-to-cash and customer service-related Smart Infrastructure products and solutions. Networking is the built-in benefit throughout CS Week, from the daily Exhibit Hall receptions to the annual Special Event, building relationships and welcoming professional contacts throughout the utility industry.

Kingdom Future Energy Summit

Tuesday, April 28th - Wednesday, April 29th

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Kingdom Future Energy Summit is the world’s foremost event dedicated to renewable energies, energy efficiency and clean technologies. KFES includes a world-class summit that brings together the potential stakeholders, project owners, ministries, researchers, utility bodies from the renewable power and water industry.

Kingdom Future Energy Summit will be the most comprehensive gathering of renewable technologies in the region. The forum provides an unrivalled opportunity for technology manufacturers and system integrators to build relationships with industry influencers and key decision makers within Saudi Arabia and rest of GCC.

This Summit is scheduled to be held in Saudi Arabia, blessed with an abundant solar resource throughout the year and an abnormally high number of sunny cloudless days, making solar technology a perfect fit for its sunny climate.

Mexican Energy Opportunities Summit: Oil • Gas • Power

Tuesday, April 28th - Thursday, April 30th

Mexico City, Mexico

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Lee Laviolette, managing director, Walter Pesenti, managing director, and Dan Bradley, director at Navigant, will be in attendance.   To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

Building on the success of our previous Mexican energy events, Infocast is proud to announce this newly expanded event that examines the hard issues in implementing reform, and explores the emerging and interrelated opportunities in oil, gas and power sectors. The Mexican Energy Opportunities Summit: Oil • Gas • Power scheduled for April 28-30, 2015, in Mexico City will provide a comprehensive look at the structural changes to the industry, the current and future opportunities for private companies in oil, gas and power, and the best ways to seize the great opportunities granted by this historic reform.

Smart Water Systems

Wednesday, April 29th - Thursday, April 30th

London, United Kingdom

Building on the success of the past 3 years, Smart Water Systems 2015 returns to London this spring on 29th & 30th April.

SMi group have worked closely with a leading panel of experts such as Thames Water, Consumer Council for Water, Envisager, Viten, Scottish Water, OFWAT and Southern Water, to create an agenda that will provide unique insight into topics such as leakage management, customer engagement, innovation, plus much more!

Join us as we ask questions such as: What can we learn from smart water experiences in the UK? How can we use data to educate customers and reduce leakage? How can we prepare against emerging threats to critical control systems? What are the cost realities of Smart Water – how realistic are the rewards? What challenges does a fragmented smart water market create and how do we integrate? What are some innovative ways of retaining customer trust? What is the future?

Sunshine Backed Bonds

Thursday, April 30th - Friday, May 1st

New York, New York

The Original and Most Well-Attended Solar and Renewable Energy Securitization Conference! Join us in New York City as "Solar Shines On Wall Street" at IMN’s 3rd Annual Sunshine Backed Bonds® Conference. This two day event focuses on educating investors and capital markets participants alike on the trends and possibilities that exist for this asset class. Renewable energy providers will have the unique opportunity to network with ABS investors interested in exploring renewable energy backed securities as a potential alternative investment.  Expert investment bankers and lawyers will also be on hand to discuss some of the structural and legal challenges this unique asset class may face as it matures.

Don’t forget to reference discount code “PR10” when registering for 10% savings.


Power & Electricity World Asia 2015

Tuesday, May 5th - Friday, May 8th


Power & Electricity World Asia 2015 offers you something very unique. With around half of our speakers representing, North America, Europe and Australia, and with Asian speakers carefully selected for their leading experience, we ensure that we deliver the world’s most exciting and innovative projects directly to you. In one conference you can travel the world and see the very best of the global power industry.

We have created an event which can signpost for you how Asia’s energy infrastructure can progress. By drilling down into the following strategic topic areas, we can offer you a glimpse of the future:

  • New utility business models
  • Market design and future-proofing the grid
  • Future of generation: investment, planning and operations
  • Renewables and distributed generation
  • Consumer & prosumer engagement
  • Operational Smart living ecosystems

Tight and Shale Gas Summit

Wednesday, May 6th - Thursday, May 7th

London, United Kingdom

ACI’s 4th Tight & Shale Gas Summit 2015 will review different aspects of shale gas development across Europe. The summit focuses on the challenges posed by policy implementation, the environmental and economic impact of explorations, operational concept development and advancements in technology.

Join us in London on 6-7 of May 2015 and take advantage of a series of informative presentations, interactive Q&A sessions and panel discussions which will further highlight the different approaches taken across the industry to gas exploration.

Intersolar Summit USA 2015

Thursday, May 7th

Brooklyn, New York

During the last years, several East Coast states have become a backbone for the solar industry development of the United States. In view of the fact that the East Coast is still one of the most significant solar hubs for the US solar industry, the organizers are proud to announce the Intersolar Summit USA East, taking place on May 7th, 2015 in Brooklyn, New York. The one-day conference and accompanying exhibition will be located in the Brooklyn, New York.

Building on the great success of the first Intersolar Summit 2014 in New Jersey, the upcoming edition will once again feature both a conference and accompanying exhibition in order to strengthen the networking aspect and foster exchange of ideas between attendees. Presentation and discussion topics include key shifts in the East Coast solar markets, business climate updates, new potential growth areas, looming legislation issues affecting state-specific industry developments and upcoming challenges to meet stakeholders’ expectations. Additionally, delegates can take advantage of a focused exchange during breakout sessions covering grid stability, energy storage/battery safety and policy issues.

Use this valuable opportunity to connect with your industry peers, exchange ideas and best practice examples and have your stake in shaping the solar future of the US East Coast! Click here to register.

Energy Storage Station Congress 2015

Sunday, May 10th - Tuesday, May 12th

Shenzhen, China

Charles So, director of business development at Navigant Research, will be in attendance.  To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

To catch up and cope with the development of Chinese energy storage industry as well as opportunities and challenges included, 4th China International Energy Storage Station Congress (ESSC 2015) will be hold on May 10 - 12 in Shenzhen, China.

As the most prestigious energy storage conference in domestic, organizer is inviting experts in energy storage field including the National Energy Administration, Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission Energy Research Institute, State Grid Corporation of China, China Southern Power Grid and other relevant enterprises. It is expected to gather over 1000 professionals of authority in energy storage to attend and share views on relevant policies and standards, market trends and investment advice, technical bottlenecks and solution, project demonstration and experience sharing of hot topics.

We deeply believe that the ESSC 2015 will help you stand out in the fierce competition in the Chinese energy storage market, accelerate the development of your company! We are looking forward to meet with you on ESSC 2015!

California Energy Summit

Monday, May 11th - Wednesday, May 13th

San Francisco, California

Save 15% on registration with code: 1522MEDIA15

Karin Corfee, managing director, Greg Wickler, director, Amy Cuellar, associate director, and David Oliver, managing consultant at Navigant,  will be in attendance.  To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

The 3rd Annual California Energy Summit will provide the latest information on the opportunities and threats in California as policy-makers come together with utility, IPP, energy storage and DR executives to explore the potential opportunities to solve power supply and delivery problems. They will explore the impacts of new energy storage procurement on generation and distribution system needs, the potential opportunities for the construction of power assets, and how the revision of retail rate regulation will drastically affect the economics of solar power and utility generation in the state. Finally, financiers will provide their perspectives on the investment in and financeability of projects in the California market.

African Utility Week

Tuesday, May 12th - Thursday, May 14th

Cape Town, South Africa

The 15th annual African Utility Week and Clean Power Africa is the only global meeting place, conference and trade exhibition for African power and water utility professionals and offers a unique networking opportunity for engineers, stakeholders and solution providers alike.

Exhibition - 250 exhibitors on 12,000sqm

This market leading trade exhibition is the first port of call for senior decision makers from utilities, governments, large power users, IPPs, consultants, contractors and regulators to source the latest solutions or to meet new clients and suppliers. Participating as an exhibitor will enable you to make crucial contacts within the African power and water industry, enter new markets and widen your network. See current list of exhibitors.

Conference - 1200 delegates across 8 tracks

If challenges around power generation, T&D, metering, clean energy, finance, reliability, water supply or energy efficiency are keeping you awake at night, African Utility Week will be the right place to find suitable solutions, best practices and case studies from around the world. More about the conference.

Networking - 5000 attendees, unlimited networking opportunities

New exhibition opening times and a 3-day conference programme double the engagement time between delegates, visitors and exhibitors. A more engaging exhibition floor with product demonstrations, workshops, cocktail functions, free refreshments and meeting lounges will create business opportunities for our attendees.

Menasol 2015

Wednesday, May 13th - Thursday, May 14th

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

At MENASOL 2015 your business will benefit from:

  • Solar project finance: Examine regional financing structures and meet leading banks to attract investment for your project
  • Country breakdown: Get detailed marketing intelligence on RE programmes, timelines and technology suitability to identify the best opportunities in Egypt, UAE, Morocco and more
  • Delivering solar power: Explore plans to increase grid capacity and map out off-grid opportunities across the region to develop new projects
  • PV Excellence: Get invaluable data on how experience PV companies are making dramatic cuts in costs in bids and learn how to compete in the <6 cents/kWh new scenario
  • CSP hybridisation: Understand the advantages of your CSP solution for ISCC, EOR and desalination to expand your customer base

All these challenges will be addressed by expert speakers at MENASOL – take a look at the top decision makers that will make your project a reality by clicking here.

Join us at MENASOL 2015 to keep up the extraordinary work both the local and international PV community is doing to ensure that MENA countries have a clean and competitive source of energy!

Critical Power

Wednesday, May 13th - Thursday, May 14th

Milwaukee Wisconsin

Critical Power is a conference and exhibition on the latest advancements in UPS/standby power supply and power quality solutions for industrial, facilities and emergency applications. The conference will be held May 13-14, 2015 at the Milwaukee Convention Center and serve the needs of managers and technical professionals involved in manufacturing, industrial and facility operations where reliable and continuous power is a critical factor.

Critical Power will explore the strategies and solutions coming on stream that can dramatically improve the power security.

• Learn best practices and technical advancements you can apply to your operations.
•  Network with peers and market-leading technical experts.
•  See a comprehensive array of products and services that be applied to your operations.
•  Meet potential business and strategic alliance partners.
•  Attend in-depth workshops and master classes on key technical subjects important to your professional training and certification.

Markets and applications served will include manufacturing and industrial operations, facilities management, data centers, public safety and emergency services, transportation systems, healthcare, education, government facilities, utilities and infrastructure.

Oil and Gas Cyber Security North America Conference

Wednesday, May 13th - Thursday, May 14th

Houston, Texas

Join SMi's Oil and Gas Cyber Security North America Conference and hear about the most pressing cyber security issues facing the oil and gas sector with key presentations, case studies, technology sessions, a panel debate and live demonstrations delivered by senior industry decision makers from an array of global oil and gas companies.

2-day event program includes key presentations, case studies, technology sessions, panel debate and live demonstrations delivered by leading Cyber Security Experts, IT Security Specialists, Computer Scientists and Researchers, Policy Advisors and Security Program Managers representing Federal Bureau of Investigation, Chevron Information Technology Company, Newfield Exploration Company, National Oilwell Varco, State of Texas – Department of Information Resources, NOV, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, University of Houston and many others.

For more information, please contact Julia Rotar on jrotar@smi-online.co.uk

World Waste to Energy City Summit

Tuesday, May 19th - Wednesday, May 20th

London, United Kingdom

The 2015 World Waste to Energy City Summit brings together its best ever faculty of international waste management CEOs, developers, bankers, private equity financiers, technology providers and industrial end users for two days of intensive networking.

With a firm focus on advanced conversion technologies, the summit addresses the need for innovation – not just in technology, but in policy, finance and partnership models – in order to accelerate the growth of the industry worldwide.

Click here for more information.

Microgrid World Congress 2015

Tuesday, May 19th - Thursday, May 21st

Barcelona, Spain

Ken Horne, associate director at Navigant, will be participating in the event (details to come).  To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

Navigant Research forecasts that global annual microgrid capacity will increase from 685 megawatts in 2013 to more than 4 gigawatts by 2020 under a base scenario. The drivers behind this growth range from the need for greater grid reliability and resiliency, to the need for integrating more renewable energy into the grid -- including distributed solar, wind, biogas, etc. These trends, as well as the need to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and improve the economics of off-grid energy systems, are compelling utilities, municipal governments, rural and island communities, and other stakeholders to look at microgrids and virtual power plants (VPPs) as key strategies for meeting the world's future energy needs.

The Microgrid World Congress 2015 brings together thought leaders, energy executives, and project managers from around the world for three days of intense networking and information sharing concerning the design, implementation and operation of microgrid and VPP systems around the world. The emphasis is on maximizing the effective use of renewable and distributed energy resources, refining the positive business model for a range of microgrid deployments, and sharing real-world microgrid case studies in both grid-tied and off-grid/remote environments.

ESA Annual Conference & Expo

Wednesday, May 27th - Friday, May 29th

Dallas, Texas

Colette Lamontagne, director at Navigant and Chair of the ESA board of directors, will give the opening remarks.

Anissa Dehamna, principal research analyst at Navigant, will present: Utility Procurements and Identifying Unique Global Opportunities at 1:15 pm on Friday.

Dan Bradley, director, Sam Crawford, senior consultant, and Tom Mahowald, director of business development at Navigant, will also be in attendance.

To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

Join us as the most influential leaders in energy storage gather in Dallas to shape the future of the energy storage industry.  From manufacturers to utilities, from investors to policymakers, the ESA Annual Conference & Expo attracts over 1,000 industry professionals ready to network, learn and gain insight on emerging trends. Don’t miss your opportunity to join in discussions about the rapidly evolving energy storage industry. For more information, please click here.  

MISO Market Summit 2015

Wednesday, May 27th - Friday, May 29th

Indianapolis, Indiana

Save 15% on Registration with Discount Code 1559MEDIA15

Infocast’s MISO Market Summit 2015 will bring policy-makers together with utility, IPP and DR executives to explore the opportunities to solve reliability and power market problems. They will assess how the need for new generation and transmission will impact the economics of new gas builds, as well as how the impacts of centralized capacity market changes will affect project economics and market operations. These key stakeholders will examine how DR might be better rewarded and utilized in the MISO, and whether additional transmission assets and intermarket trading will provide relief. Finally, financiers will provide their perspectives on investments in projects in the MISO market.

Click here to learn more.

International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo

Monday, June 1st - Thursday, June 4th

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Now in its 31st year, the FEW provides the global ethanol industry with cutting-edge content and unparalleled networking opportunities in a dynamic business-to-business environment. The FEW is the largest, longest running ethanol conference in the world—and the only event powered by  Ethanol Producer Magazine.

From its inception, the mission of the event has remained constant: The FEW delivers timely presentations with a strong focus on commercial-scale ethanol production – from quality control and yield maximization to regulatory compliance and fiscal management. The FEW is also the ethanol industry’s premier forum for unveiling new technologies and research findings. The program extensively covers cellulosic ethanol while remaining committed to optimizing existing grain ethanol operations.

IETC 2015

Tuesday, June 2nd - Friday, June 5th

New Orleans, Louisiana 

The Industrial Energy Technology Conference is the leading conference on industrial energy management for 37 years. IETC showcases advances and on-the-job value to energy professionals directing energy use, analysis, waste reduction, and new technologies in industrial settings. Educating the industrial energy community about smart manufacturing, case-studies, waste reduction programs, and the latest in state and federal programs affecting industry, IETC provides invaluable research and networking.  With presenters from major corporations in oil and gas, mining, steam equipment, research, consulting, and government agencies, attendees call IETC “the best conference from an industry point of view.” IETC is June 2-5, 2015 in New Orleans, co-hosted by Texas A&M University System and the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources. Click here for details.

West Coast Energy Management Congress (EMC)

Wednesday, June 3rd - Thursday, June 4th

Long Beach, California

The West Coast Energy Management Congress (EMC) is the largest energy conference and technology expo held on the U.S. West Coast specifically for business, industrial and institutional energy users. It brings together the top experts in all areas of the field to help you set a clear, optimum path to energy efficiency, facility optimization and sustainability, as well as innovation solutions to improve your ROI.

You can explore promising new technologies, compare energy supply and alternative energy options, and learn about innovative project implementation strategies.  The full EMC 2015 agenda includes the two-day conference and expo, as well as several optional intensive seminars.

Smart Grid Event

Wednesday, June 3rd - Thursday, June 4th

Brussels, Belgium

The first ever Smart Grid Event 2015, an international exhibition dedicated to smart metering and smart grids, is set to take place in Brussels, Belgium. Power industry professionals with a wide range of specialties will have an opportunity to meet, exchange ideas and learn about new technologies.

Interested parties have several opportunities to participate in the Smart Grid Event 2015. In the main conference area participants can present their experiences related to one of the key topics, including smart metering, energy storage, flexible production, control, security and standardization. Parties can also choose to share innovative ideas and technologies in the innovation lab. Finally, companies are offered the opportunity to promote their brand worldwide by sponsoring the event.

Registration is currently open for all levels of participation and more information can be found at the Smart Grid Event 2015 website.

TU-Automotive Detroit

Wednesday, June 3rd - Thursday, June 4th

 Novi, Michigian

Sam Abuelsamid, senior research analyst, will moderate: Sensor Fusion: Autonomous Alchemy.  To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

Now in its 15th year, TU-Automotive Detroit will bring you the future of the car as automotive reinvents itself – putting tech first. The hand-picked speaker line-up includes Ford, GM, Mercedes-Benz, Center for Automotive Research Stanford, Volvo and many more.

Sessions will erase the question marks the industry currently faces. How advanced connectivity and autonomous features are becoming an essential aspect of automakers' strategies as a new mobility paradigm emerges will be debated.

New features at this year's show include C-level headlines to address OEM strategies, autonomous vehicle and smart mobility tracks, and more. It will tackle topics including perfecting the user experience, cyber security, leveraging telematics data, insurance, and other topics to allow you to create a bespoke agenda that tackles the challenges your business is facing.

Topics at TU-Automotive Detroit include:

  • Connected Car Data: The hottest commodity in the world's hottest tech. industry – are you feeling its full power?
  • Safety, ADAS, Autonomous: Integrate the big ethical, human and legal questions into your tech. roadmap to crack the autonomous code
  • Smart Mobility: Automakers become mobility service providers. From car-sharing to sustainability - OEMs re-invent transportation for the 21st century
  • Cyber Security: Create an in-penetrable connected car infrastructure to ensure hackers can't take control of the road


Tuesday, June 9th - Wednesday, June 10th

San Antonio, Texas

IBcon has grown to become the world's most comprehensive and leading edge discussion on the next generation of smart, connected, high-performance, green, sustainable, intelligent buildings. This event is not about the traditional one building, one system, one vendor smart building of yesterday, but rather the open architected, interoperable, integrated, IP, IT centric smart buildings of tomorrow.

Smart buildings, portfolios, campuses and cities that strive for energy reduction, operational efficiency, sustainability, enhanced occupant experiences and financial optimization are at the center of the discussion. IBcon brings together visionary experts from around the globe to discuss the latest technologies and present the world's most advanced, next generation smart building case studies. These projects are no longer just ideas, they are real and are resetting the benchmarks on what a building should look like and how it should be operated.

Be part of the community that is shaping the future of smart buildings. Join us at IBcon in June to experience REal Change Right Now!

Asian Utility Week

Tuesday, June 9th - Wednesday, June 10th

Bangkok, Thailand

The 16th annual Asian Utility Week is a large scale exhibition and conference series focused on the technology strategies behind ASEAN's largest utilities, in particular the distribution and retail sectors and the integration of distributed generation assets within the grid. The event has a long history in metering and smart grid strategies, clean energy, T&D, and Billing/CRM. In both the conference and exhibition, we profile projects across the region that highlights the innovations and partnership potential of working with ASEAN based utilities.

For more information, please visit the event website: www.asian-utility-week.com

Virtual Power Plants

Tuesday, June 16th - Thursday, June 18th

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Peter Asmus, principal research analyst at Navigant Research, will be participating (details to come). To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

Virtual Power Plants: Capitalizing on Cloud Technologies to Maximize Profits and Balance the Grid breaks down the VPP market and how they play a part in energy efficiency and demand reduction. Key players in the industry will demonstrate the how to reach the ultimate goal of combing distributed generation, demand response, and other resources to provide a synergistic sharing of grid resources for greater value and reducing costs. During this two-day conference, attendees will address key issues facing primary VPP technologies and how to overcome obstacles.

Gas Storage and Transmissions 2015

Wednesday, June 17th - Thursday, June 18th

London, United Kingdom

The state of the European and UK Gas market is a story of two halves. Can the UK cope with the current pressures brought about with the winter summer spread and how we can become more flexible to meet the strains? Also, developments in Eastern Europe are a continued concern to the security of supply and with Gazprom securing nearly all of Germany’s gas storage capacity what is in store for the future of Europe’s gas storage and transmissions industry?

Gas Storage and Transmissions 2015 will provide its delegates with an information packed agenda with representatives from across the industry giving a comprehensive overview of the market, looking at the current state of the European Gas market and security of supply, gas transmission and how gas storage will contribute to future demand, new commission regulations, the flexibility of the UK market, south stream and more.

This two day conference will provide delegates with the perfect opportunity to gain an overview of the industry in Europe and the UK as well as create a common voice for future progression:

  • Discuss the current state of the European Market and security of supply
  • Deliberate the continued concerns in Eastern Europe
  • Understand the new EU regulations and new network codes
  • Hear the latest developments for European and UK gas storage operators
  • Create a common platform for the industry to reform and move forward together
  • Scrutinize gas transmission systems and how they can support the European markets

 In addition to the event, there will also be an interactive half day conference workshop entitled: Consenting Gas Developments: Autorisation Route Maps, hosted by Zyda Law, taking place on the 16th June 2015.  

Battery Power 2015

Wednesday, August 5th - Thursday, August 6th

Denver, Colorado

Sam Jaffe, principal research analyst at Navigant Research, will be participating (details to come). To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

Battery Power 2015 is an international conference highlighting the latest developments  impacting mobile and portable battery systems for consumer and commercial products, including power tools, smart phones, tablets, laptops and medical devices. The 13th annual event will be held August 5-6 in Denver, Colorado.

Conference topics will include new battery designs, improving power management, predicting battery life, regulations and standards, safety and transportation, battery authentication, charging technology, emerging chemistries and market trends.

Battery Power 2015 will provide you with the most up-to-date developments and technologies in the portable, mobile, consumer battery and power management market. If you are involved in the battery industry or if your products and systems run on batteries, this is a must attend event. 

International Congress and Expo on Biofuels & Bioenergy

Tuesday, August 25th - Thursday, August 27th

Valencia, Spain

OMICS Group invites you to attend the International Congress and Expo on Biofuels & Bioenergy which will be held at Valencia, Spain. The main theme of the conference is “Accelerating Advancements and Frontiers in Biofuels & Bioenergy”.

Biofuels-2015 is an extraordinary event designed for the International professionals to facilitate the dissemination and application of research findings related to Biofuels and Bioenergy as replacement fuels. The conference invites participants from all leading universities, research institutions and leading companies to share their research experiences on all aspects of this rapidly expanding field.


Tuesday, September 1st - Thursday, September 3rd

Bangkok, Thailand

POWER-GEN Asia, co-located with Renewable Energy World Asia and the POWER-GEN Asia Financial Forum, as part of ASEAN Power Week, is the leading force in delivering a platform for the power industry to meet, share information on the challenges facing the power industry and discuss solutions for advancing Asia’s energy future.

Attracting over 7,500 delegates and attendees from more than 70 countries from across South East Asia and around the world, it is the industry’s premier conference and exhibition dedicated to the power generation, renewable and alternative energy and transmission & distribution industries.

  • 68% of Attendees either specify or buy products and services
  • 54% of Visitors came looking for new products/technologies
  • 99% of Visitors intend to conduct business as a result of attending the event
  • 91% of Visitors find POWER-GEN Asia important to achieving their business objectives
  • 96% of Visitors said POWER-GEN Asia fulfilled expectations

Africa Oil & Gas Summit

Tuesday, September 8th - Wednesday, September 9th

Johannesburg, South Africa

The 4th Annual Africa Oil & Gas Summit provides a unique platform to hundreds of African oil and gas key decision makers to discuss the latest developments and opportunities, embrace innovative solutions, fresh ideas and best-in-class strategies to improve on overall business performance and investment. The event showcases insights and expertise from case studies and thought-leaders on how to remain and establish yourself in Africa’s exciting Oil & Gas market.

European Biomass to Power

Wednesday, September 16th - Thursday, September 17th

Berlin, Germany

ACI’s Annual European Biomass to Power Summit will be taking place in Berlin, Germany.

Building up on the success of its four previous editions, the conference will give updates on the European biomass market, and its new developments, as well as focusing on sustainability and commodity challenges. Over the two days, the event will give you in-depth look into case studies giving practical examples of planning, finance and technology strategies utilized for biomass cogeneration projects.

Once again, the conference will bring together senior executives from the entire value chain, such as power producers, regulatory bodies, raw materials providers and researchers, as well as other influential stakeholders.  Join us in Berlin to exchange your point of view with your peers and engage in excellent networking opportunities.


Wednesday, September 30th - Thursday, October 1st

Orlando, Florida

AEE is very pleased to bring the WORLD ENERGY ENGINEERING CONGRESS (WEEC) Orlando for 2015. Now in its 38th year, the WEEC is well-recognized as the most important energy event of national and international scope for end users and energy professionals in all areas of the energy field.

The WEEC is the one truly comprehensive forum where you can fully assess the "big picture" and see exactly how the economic and market forces, new technologies, regulatory developments and industry trend all merge to shape your critical decisions on your organization's energy and economic future. The annual event features a large, multi-track conference agenda, a full line-up of seminars on a variety of current topics, and a comprehensive exposition of the market's most promising new technologies.


Thursday, October 22nd - Saturday, October 24th

Nashville, Tennessee

Lorraine Renta, senior consultant at Navigant, along with other Navigant representatives, will be in attendance.  To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

The World’s Largest Conference For Women Engineers
2015 will see the return of WE—the world’s largest conference and career fair for women in engineering and technology—to Nashville, Tennessee USA. WE15, brought to you by the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), will attract a global audience of women at all stages of their engineering careers. From young collegiates just beginning to shape their careers to seasoned professionals seeking new opportunities to grow, thousands will gather in Music City. Plan now to join us for incredible networking, outstanding professional development, a thriving career fair and unbeatable inspiration. Reach out to reach up—and reach your goals—at WE15!

National Advanced Biofuels Conference & Expo

Monday, October 26th - Wednesday, October 28th

Omaha, Nebraska

With a vertically integrated program and audience, the National Advanced Biofuels Conference & Expo is tailored for industry professionals engaged in producing, developing and deploying advanced biofuels, biobased platform chemicals, polymers and other renewable molecules that have the potential to meet or exceed the performance of petroleum-derived products.

Attendees will include hundreds of professionals in key sectors including finance (venture, private and institutional equity); petroleum and petrochemical refining; pulp and paper milling; biofuels and biobased products manufacturing; agricultural processing; waste management; auto manufacturing; aviation; government/military; research and academia.

The National Advanced Biofuels Conference & Expo is a premier educational and networking junction for all industry stakeholders. From agriculture to project finance, forestry to biotechnology, this conference is a one-stop shop for compelling speaker presentations on a wide array of topics including:

  • Petroleum industry perspectives on advanced biofuels
  • Converting existing industrial assets into next-generation biofuels
  • Forging symbiotic agribusiness alliances
  • Aviation and military industry positions on biobased jet fuel
  • Venture capital and private equity viewpoints
  • Overcoming barriers to market entry
  • The national market outlook for biobased fuels and chemicals
  • Exceeding the performance of petroleum-based products
  • And more!

European Utility Week

Tuesday, November 3rd - Thursday, November 5th

Vienna, Austria

European Utility Week is well-known for its market leading conference programme, featuring over 300 high level speakers and covering all the major value streams. The newly developed 3-day conference programme consists of two elements, the Strategic Programme and the Case Study Programme. With the new interactive format, more utility representatives and more case-study presentations than ever before, both programmes promise to deliver highly valuable and engaging content designed for all levels of utility experts.

Click here for more information.

Australian Utility Week

Wednesday, November 25th - Thursday, November 26th

Sydney, Australia

Australian Utility Week is the region’s largest conference and exhibition for energy retailers, distributors  and water utilities focusing on the latest approaches, technologies and solutions to improve electricity and water networks’ efficiency in a cost-efficient, environmentally and customer friendly way. Energy retailers, distributors and water utilities will meet to exchange ideas on evolving business models, innovative technologies and project experiences as well as evaluating (joint) cooperation opportunities and new synergies between the electric and water utility industries.

Top-level speakers representing the utility industry from all over the world will present their views in different conference formats including case study presentations, round table discussions, technology workshops and panel sessions. Beyond the top quality learning opportunities presented at this event, an audience of 70+ utility companies plus 800+ attendees will ensure this event maintains its reputation as a world class networking event. Australian Utility Week 2015 will be held at Luna Park Sydney on 25-26 November. For more information, contact us at info@clarionevents.asia or visit our website at www.australian-utility-week.com.


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