Sunday, October 23rd - Wednesday, October 26th

Sacramento, California

The Geothermal Energy Association (GEA) brings you the newly branded GEA GEOEXPO+ (Geothermal Trade Show and Marketing Forum). Meet and mingle with 90 exhibitors leading innovation in 2016, and walk the sprawling GEA GEOEXPO+ Hall Floor to see the latest advancements in technology, projects, services, development, and more. This event is held in conjunction with the GRC Annual Meeting.

NEW GEA Marketing Forum Sessions

  • Deploying Geothermal Developing in Latin America & the Caribbean
  • Finance, Grant and Investment Workshop
  • Exhibitors Leading Innovation Session
  • Agency Briefing
  • USEA-East Africa Geothermal Partnership Session
  • Global Geothermal Alliance Working Session

NEW GEA Match Making Session (limited seating)

Meet with representatives from IADB, USTDA, OPIC, Ex-Im Bank, and ITA one-on-one at the match making session. Meetings will be arranged prior to the event. RSVP to with your agencies of interest. After receiving the agency list, you will receive an email with available times. Priority slots will be given to GEA members and 2016 exhibitors, but all are welcome to apply.

Click here to register. For more information contact, +1 (202) 454-5261.

GRC Annual Meeting & GEA GeoExpo+

Sunday, October 23rd - Wednesday, October 26th

Sacramento, California

The GRC Annual Meeting & GEA GeoExpo+ is the industry’s largest annual gathering of leading geothermal energy scientists, producers, renewable energy industry stakeholders, regulators, utilities, and key associated business leaders. The four‐day event will offer technical, policy, and market conference sessions, educational seminars, tours of local geothermal and renewable energy projects, a trade show and numerous networking opportunities.

The Tech Expo Conference & Exhibition

Monday, October 24th - Tuesday, October 25th

TTE5810x110 (2)
 London, United Kingdom

Register online and save 20% on Explore & Engage passes using code TTE20

Now in its second year, The Tech Expo Conference & Exhibition is designed to explore, educate, and engage our audience in the contextual use of emerging technologies. Topics covered include contextual tech, augmented reality and virtual reality (mixed reality), IoT, FinTech, and 3D printing and robotics. This event provides an opportunity for businesses, marketers, developers, and designers to engage with next-generation technology and innovations to explore how to reach higher-level solutions by bringing emerging technologies into context. For full event details and to register to attend The Tech Expo 2016, click here.

Outage Response & Restoration Management Conference

Tuesday, October 25th - Thursday, October 27th

ORRM 580x110
New Orleans, Louisiana

The 16th Annual Outage Response & Restoration Management conference will provide vital information for utility professionals to share strategies and lessons learned from major storm events. Topics to be covered include but are not limited to: mobile hardware tools, technologies for damage assessments, geospatial technologies, crew mobilization, workforce and contractor management, weather forecasting, logistical execution of resources, improved ETR, cyber awareness, and physical security. Attendees will uncover how to meet the needs of customers and regulators and streamline emergency management processes. Click here for more information or to register.

Hydro Plant Maintenance & Reliability

Tuesday, October 25th - Thursday, October 27th

Hydro 580x110
Nashville, Tennessee

The 6th Annual Hydro Plant Maintenance conference will showcase the latest innovations with regard to asset categorization, methods for rehabilitation and replacement of assets, overcoming challenges associated with skilled labor retention and recruitment, and utilizing asset specific systems. This event will build upon its former success and continue to be the preeminent peer-driven and plant level meeting for operations and maintenance. Click here for more information or to register.

Microgrids Convergence

Tuesday, October 25th - Wednesday, October 26th

San Mateo, California

Register online and save 15% using code 1629MEDIA15

Peter Asmus, principal research analyst at Navigant Research, will present: Microgrid Market Segments Overview Tuesday at 11 a.m. To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

Infocast’s Microgrids Summit, now in its 9th edition, returns to the San Francisco Bay Area this year as the Microgrids Convergence Conference. Both new and established microgrid customers will come together with renewable energy developers, microgrid enabling companies, utilities, system integrators, software providers, storage companies, and financiers to explore business models for developing microgrids for campuses, cities, communities, critical facilities, defense, government, ports, remote, utility-tied, and water/wastewater. The conference will also explore opportunities in the Microgrids, Smart Cities & Advanced Transportation Nexus. Click here for more information or to register.


Tuesday, October 25th - Thursday, October 27th

Moscow, Russia

POWER-GEN Russia, formerly known as Russia Power, will continue its established legacy of addressing the key issues affecting the region's power sector. This essential event delivers a world-class exhibition floor combined with a multi-track conference program devised by experts in the field of electric power generation. Click here for more information or to register.

Driverless Cities

Wednesday, October 26th - Friday, October 28th

San Mateo, California

Register online and save 15% with discount code 1653MEDIA15

Infocast’s Driverless Cities event will highlight the latest activities of regulators, modern designs for smart city planning, cutting-edge technologies and applications for connectivity, and paradigms for allocating funding. The summit will also feature early adopters for urban mobility, and will be an essential opportunity for OEMs, startups, solutions providers, suppliers, insurance providers, and investors to track the adoption timeline as well as target market growth opportunities surrounding autonomous vehicles. Click here for more information or to register.

Colorado Cleantech Awards Celebration

Wednesday, October 26th

Denver, Colorado

Navigant will be in attendance (details to come). To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

The Colorado Cleantech Awards Celebration brings the cleantech community together to honor the creativity, innovation, and dedication to a cleaner energy future put forth by Colorado’s entrepreneurs, educators, corporate innovators, volunteers and policymakers.  Bigger and better than ever, we invite you to join us in celebration of the best and brightest in Colorado’s cleantech ecosystem. Now in it’s 7th year, this much-anticipated annual event offers even more in 2016.

CCIA’s annual Innovative Energy Review magazine is the state of Colorado’s only clean energy journal dedicated to promoting the trends, companies, and overall state of energy in the region. Scheduled for release in October 2016, stories from NREL, the Cleantech Group, E Source, Navigant and others highlight Colorado’s technologies and investments that are having an impact on the local, national and global cleantech landscape.


Indiana Energy Conference

Thursday, October 27th

Indianapolis, Indiana

Michael Rutkowski, managing director at Navigant, will present: Policy and Practicality: Sparring Over Distributed Generation Thursday at 10:15 a.m.  Radha Soorya, associate director at Navigant, will also be in attendance. To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

The Indiana Energy Conference is an annual gathering that brings together decision makers from a broad spectrum of business sectors including utilities, government, large-volume users of energy, and academia. Industry leaders focus on current and future challenges facing the energy market. Join these leaders and your fellow stakeholders for a first-rate conference.

  • Hear from the industry’s leading experts as they focus on the latest energy issues
  • Network with industry specialists from companies all over the country
  • Learn about advancements in energy issues and develop a resource library
  • Take advantage of opportunities to question the experts and voice your opinions

Utility Analytics Week

Monday, October 31st - Wednesday, November 2nd

Atlanta, Georgia

Eric Smith, director at Navigant, will be in attendance. To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

As analytics progress in the utility industry, so does the need for greater return on investment while gaining maximum strategic advantage and value. Each session at Utility Analytics Week offers attendees inside expertise on the challenges facing the utility industry today. Learn new methodologies and techniques that you can begin using immediately. Utility Analytics Week will help you ignite your program while helping you tackle the most challenging analytic hurdles.

Unlocking Solar Capital: Africa

Tuesday, November 1st - Wednesday, November 2nd

USC Africa Banner 580x110 (F)
Nairobi, Kenya

Unlocking Solar Capital: Africa is the unique international platform and two-day conference focusing on unlocking capital for new solar project development in Africa. This event will connect solar project development, finance, and investment in the three leading solar electrification segments (on-grid solar, microgrids, and off-grid lighting and household electrification). Click here for more information or to register.

Smart Home Summit

Tuesday, November 1st - Wednesday, November 2nd

Palo Alto, California

Register online and save 15% using discount code nr15

Paige Leuschner, research analyst at Navigant Research, will participate in Analyst Breakfast Briefings Wednesday at 7:30 a.m. and moderate: Interoperability & UX & UI Wednesday at 2:40 p.m. To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

Attend the Smart Home Summit, where you’ll meet key stakeholders, forge strategic partnerships, and cash in on the smart home by bringing interoperability to life and learning from the success and failure of the ecosystem’s best and brightest.

The creators of the Jetsons should have been paid for a lot more than just cartooning. Hanna-Barbera’s pre-apollo era sitcom imagined a future that looks alot like our gadget-filled present. Although we don't have flying cars or self-propelling space suits, technologies today are making our home smarter and more connected. As these technologies are changing the way we live in our homes, KNect365’s Smart Home Summit is launching at a pivotal time in our journey into The Jetsons’ era. Go to our site to learn more about the Smart Home Summit.

Leaders In Energy Reform

Wednesday, November 2nd

580x110 LeadersInEneregy 2016
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Leaders in Energy Reform Summit will outline critical action points and provide solutions on how to meet the Middle East’s power needs through policy reform, diversification, increased efficiency, and privatization. Attendees will learn about improving efficiency and increasing the role of private investment, which will be critical to the reform and success of the region’s power sector. Themes covered include:

  • Policy Reform & Efficiency: Driving energy efficiency and conservation by cutting subsidies and improving technology
  • Diversification: Reducing consumption of fossil fuels through diversification of the energy mix including renewable and nuclear energy
  • Private Finance: Engaging the private sector to finance, build, and operate power supply

Get the opportunity to outline reform and efficiency plans with the region’s top power companies, government stakeholders, and investors in a forum where strategies are built to provide technical and financial solutions to the most important energy market challenges in today’s economy.

International Lithium & Graphite Conference: Minerals for Automotive

Thursday, November 3rd - Friday, November 4th

Shenzhen, China

The 2016 International Lithium & Graphite Conference: Minerals for Automotive is organized by China’s Baiinfo in association with Metal Events Limited. This is a one-and-a-half-day conference looking at the market developments for lithium and graphite. The event focuses on the vital role these two materials are playing in the development of battery technology in the automotive sector for hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and electric vehicles (EVs). Click here for information or to register.

AMO Energy Symposium

Thursday, November 3rd - Friday, November 4th

Toronto, Ontario

Peter Asmus, principal research analyst at Navigant Research, will present: Micro to Virtual at 2:20 p.m. on Thursday. To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

Join the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) for the AMO Energy Summit. During the event, municipal energy champions will come together to discuss ideas, opportunities, best practices, and practical tools as they explore and shape Ontario's energy future. This two-day event will help you build your municipal plan for adapting to and adopting new ideas that will benefit both the climate and the economy of your home area. Click here for more information or to register.

Low-Power 2016

Thursday, November 3rd - Friday, November 4th

Las Vegas, Nevada

Low-Power 2016 is an international conference highlighting the latest developments in low-power functionality and systems in portable and mobile electronics, medical and wellness devices, wearables, sensing, instrumentation, and energy management. Conference topics will include designing for low power, wireless charging, energy harvesting, low-power sensing, enabling smart and mobile apps, embedded electronics, power for mobility and the Internet of Things, new market opportunities, and certification and testing. Click here for more information or to register. 

Utility-ing in the Smart City - Making Sense of Business Models and Pain Points

Friday, November 4th

100% Online

Eric Woods, research director at Navigant Research, will present during this webinar. To schedule a meeting, Please Contact Us.

Join Navigant Research for a webinar on Utility-ing in the Smart City - Making Sense of Business Models and Pain Points. As urbanization rises, the role of energy in the smart and sustainable city equation will continue to be critical. In this webinar, a panel of experts will look at a relevant approaches, pain points, and drivers related to utilities and smart city initiatives. Joining this session to learn which technologies and business strategies best support utilities in smart cities. Attendees will also learn about the demand for smart energy in the context of smart cities and collaborative approaches toward smart energy and smart cities.

International Water Conference

Sunday, November 6th - Thursday, November 10th

San Antonio, Texas

The International Water Conference (IWC) is a strong educational conference, founded with an emphasis on commercial-free discussions on technology. The IWC presents the latest in scientific advances and practical applications in this field, cutting across a wide range of industries, technologies, and functional areas. As the preeminent international technical forum in the field, the IWC brings together end users, researchers, practicing engineers, managers, educators, suppliers, and contractors. It is dedicated to advancing new developments in the treatment, use, and reuse of water for industrial and other engineering purposes. Attendees come to learn unbiased details about the latest applications available in the industry, get educated on current technology, and hold wide-ranging discussions with their peers active in water treatment.

Operational Excellence in Oil and Gas

Monday, November 7th - Wednesday, November 9th

Houston, Texas

Register online and save 20% with code VIP_Navigant

Navigant will sponsor and present during this event. Lee Laviolette, managing director at Navigant, will serve as chair. To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

Forward-thinking oil and gas companies are making changes now to set themselves on a more sustainable path. Those who make the commitment to cost excellence, reliability, and operational efficiency will emerge leaner, more nimble, and more competitive. Join Navigant, along with 250 heads of operations from North America's oil and gas industry, at the 7th Annual Operational Excellence in Oil and Gas Summit in Houston, Texas. Some topics that will be covered at the conference include:

• Improving workforce efficiency
• Achieving cost excellence
• Rethinking cost and complexity across your entire value chain
• Applying Lean principles to manage your operating expenses
• Maintaining asset integrity in today's low $/barrel environment


Monday, November 7th - Friday, November 11th

Singapore, Singapore

Designed for the global electric power and energy industry, POWER WEEK provides five days of networking opportunities, consisting of a two-day conference, plus three workshops, multiple case studies, expert views, and valuable insights on market outlook. Meet industry peers from electricity regulators, national power companies, renewable and independent power producers, investors, and suppliers. With the vast range of participants at this exclusive event, learn about the success strategies and pitfalls of well-known power projects. Attendees can also gain valuable insight on policy and regulations, technology innovations for generation/transmission/distribution, environmental impacts, fuel supply sources, power trading, investment and financing, power contracts and negotiations, and much more.

PLMA Conference

Monday, November 7th - Wednesday, November 9th

Delray Beach, Florida

Dan Bradley, managing director at Navigant, will present: Minimizing Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Acquisition Cost through Descending Clock Auctions Monday at 1 p.m.

Robin Maslowski, associate director at Navigant, will serve as co-chair of the PLMA Women in Demand Management Meetup Monday at 4:30 p.m. and as co-chair of the afternoon sessions Tuesday afternoon. She will participate in the panel discussion: Defining the Evolution of Demand Response: From 1.0 to 3.0 and Beyond Wednesday at 1 p.m.

Brett Feldman, principal research analyst at Navigant Research, will present: Demand Response Management Systems: Current Implementations and Future Trends Tuesday at 11 a.m.

Stuart Schare, managing director at Navigant, will present: Smart Thermostats, Peak Demand and the Law of Unintended Consequences Wednesday at 9 a.m.

Peter Steele-Mosey, associate director at Navigant, will present: Empowering Voluntary DR with Rates and Technology Wednesday at 11:30 a.m.

To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

At the 34th PLMA Conference, Gain real-world insight from practitioners and energy utilities active in the demand response marketplace. More than 150 demand response industry professionals are expected to attend from energy utilities and government agencies as well as industry allies, including consultants, manufacturers, and service providers.

HOMER International Microgrid Conference

Monday, November 7th - Tuesday, November 8th

New York, New York

Register online and save 10% with code MCR10-NavigantResearch

Join HOMER Energy and other industry leaders in New York City for the 4th Annual HOMER International Microgrid Conference – our largest yet and the first HOMER conference in the United States. This event offers an in-depth, methodical examination of the key imperatives for implementing cost-effective microgrids within grid-tied, remote, and off-grid environments. The program is closely tailored to walk attendees through the process of planning and deploying a successful project. Click here for more information or to register.

Grid Modernization Summit

Monday, November 7th - Thursday, November 10th

Washington, DC

Robert Wilhite, managing director at Navigant, will present: Regulatory Policy & Distributed Energy Resources Tuesday at 10:15 a.m. Mackinnon Lawrence, senior research director at Navigant Research, will also be in attendance. To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

Hosted by SGIP, the Grid Modernization Summit promises to be filled with the latest in grid modernization and networking opportunities for non-members, members, and guests to create connections, advance transformation, and share solutions. With a speaker program composed of utility, vendor, and industry senior executives, FERC, government, regulators, national labs, and consultants, the 2016 Grid Modernization Summit’s theme is Accelerating Transformation. Like last year, the conference will include a wonderful combination of industry thought leadership and SGIP face-to-face committee and technical working group meetings, all open to members and non-members alike. Click here for more information or to register.

The Expanding Role of Data in Transportation

Wednesday, November 9th

AM Webinar
100% Online

Sam Abuelsamid, senior research analyst with Navigant Research, and Lisa Jerram, principal research analyst with Navigant Research, will host this event. To schedule a meeting after, Please Contact Us.

This free 60-minute webinar, The Expanding Role of Data in Transportation, will feature insight on consumer-facing transportation data services. The presentation will examine usage-based insurance, concierge services, predictive diagnostics, advertising, fleet management, OTA updates, and data streaming. Additional discussion points include cyber security and infrastructure data services for transportation, including traffic management, data delivery, data aggregation and analytics. Click here for more information or to register.

European Utility Week

Tuesday, November 15th - Thursday, November 17th

Barcelona, Spain

Eric Woods, research director at Navigant Research, will serve as chairperson of: Smart Cities & The Energy Transformation: Creating a Scenario for Success and will moderate: What is The Role of the Cities in the Energy Transition Tuesday at 4:40 p.m.

Kathleen Gaffney, managing director at Navigant; Mark Livingstone, director at Navigant; Stuart Ravens, principal research analyst at Navigant Research; Roberto Rodriguez Labastida, senior research analyst at Navigant Research; Felix Leworthy, associate director of business development at Navigant Research; and Maria Freiria, director of business development at Navigant Research, will also be in attendance.

To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

At European Utility Week, we are passionate about fulfilling our role to help the smart energy industry drive efficiencies in meeting sustainable development goals. As the premier business, innovation, and information platform connecting the smart utility community, we focus on showcasing and promoting regional and global developments in grid optimization, renewables, energy storage, smart metering, smart cities, smart homes, energy services and efficiency, intelligent buildings, data management, analytics and IoT, cyber security, smart gas and smart water. The event serves as an annual meeting point for the community and is attended by 12,000 international visitors, 350 speakers, and 600 exhibitors. Click here for more information or to register.

MnSEIA – Midwest Gateway to Solar

Tuesday, November 15th - Wednesday, November 16th

Minneapolis, Minnesota

MnSEIA -Midwest Gateway to Solar will highlight Minnesota’s solar explosion. The event will address the industry’s future challenges and discuss how to make solar more successful in the years to come. This two-day working conference will bring together solar industry practitioners from all over the country. Click here for more information or to register.

Smart City Expo World Congress

Tuesday, November 15th - Thursday, November 17th

Barcelona, Spain

Eric Woods, research director at Navigant Research, will be in attendance. To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) is the international summit of discussion about the link between urban reality and technological revolution. Since its first edition in 2011, it has become a referential global event to support the development of our cities. This professional, institutional, and social meeting point is a leading platform of ideas, networking, experiences, and international business deals that gathers together the highest level of stakeholders in the context of urban development. This year, SCEWC intends to increase the presence of organizations, exhibitors, and visitors from all over the world to keep generating synergies, sharing knowledge, provoking discussion, promoting out-of-the-box thinking, and inspiring a call for actions. Click here for more information or to register.

TransForum East

Tuesday, November 15th - Wednesday, November 16th

Washington, DC

Radha Soorya, associate director at Navigant, will be in attendance. To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

TransForum East brings together electric transmission executives who operate, plan, build, regulate, and invest in electric power transmission systems in Eastern North America. The event focuses on the most critical issues facing our industry today. Delivered by the electric power transmission industry’s heaviest hitters, the presentations, discussions, and conversations will help you to maximize efficiency, reduce costs/risk, and leverage your industry resources. Click here for more information or to register.

CoRE Tech

Wednesday, November 16th - Thursday, November 17th

New York, New York

CoRETech is a unique gathering of the world’s most proactive, visionary corporate real estate and facilities executives who will come together to focus on innovative automation and technology strategies to help achieve their organization's real estate goals. This is the world's most recognized event for corporate real estate and facilities focused on technology, automation, and innovation, featuring:

  • World class speakers and true thought leaders
  • A leading-edge education program
  • Executive briefings and tours of the most tech-centric projects in New York City
  • A tech showcase featuring the industry's most innovative solutions

Next Generation Cyber Security for Utilities

Wednesday, November 16th - Friday, November 18th

Washington, DC

Brian Harrell, director at Navigant, will present: The Value of Physical and Cyber Security Convergence. To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

Next Generation Cyber Security for Utilities is a three-day national conference on preventing, protecting, monitoring, and responding to cyber attacks affecting the electric power sector. Attendees will come away with an understanding of the landscape of cyber security threats currently facing utilities, learn how to prepare for upcoming compliance requirements, and gain awareness of ways to analyze and compare the capabilities of various cyber security defenses. To register, contact James M. Boylan at +1 (414) 221-1700 x168 or

Project Financing in Oil & Gas

Monday, November 21st - Tuesday, November 22nd

London, United Kingdom

SMi is delighted to announce the return of its third annual Project Financing in Oil and Gas conference. This meeting will offer all parties involved in financing oil and gas projects the perfect platform to dissect key challenges and the latest developments in the industry. This two-day conference will provide in-depth analysis on effective financing strategies for oil and gas projects spanning from upstream to downstream. Not only will it provide attendees with an outlook of projects in the pipeline but it will also explore the financial security of existing projects and how this can be maximized. Special focus will be on due diligence, gas infrastructure financing, and the expanding and evolving LNG and FLNG markets.

Microgrid Global Innovation Forum

Tuesday, November 22nd - Wednesday, November 23rd

Lisbon, Portugal

The 3rd Annual Microgrid Global Innovation Forum focuses on the latest technology advances and business models for the deployment of hybrid renewable energy microgrids in grid-connected and off-grid (remote, rural, and island) environments. Now in its third year, the event brings together industry professionals from around the world for a series of in-depth presentations and interactive panel discussions focused on the most recent technology advances, case studies, and lessons learned to date in microgrid optimization and deployment.

A technology-neutral, open industry event, the forum is intended for microgrid project developers, owners, and entrepreneurs, as well as utility and energy provider professionals and individuals at renewable energy companies, power control system vendors, energy storage companies, regulatory and NGOs, academic institutions, and financial companies. For full information, click here, email, or call +1.815.310.3343.

West African Power Industry Convention

Wednesday, November 23rd - Thursday, November 24th

Lagos, Nigeria

The West African Power Industry Convention (WAPIC) brings together senior decision makers from utilities, governments, large power users, independent power producers (IPPs), consultancies, contractors, and regulators to source the latest solutions and technologies to meet the needs of their organizations. The event offers numerous networking opportunities and meeting places for exhibitors, delegates, and visitors to conduct meetings, create business opportunities, and meet new prospects or suppliers. This 13th edition of WAPIC promises to be even bigger and better, offering you more over the two days. Click here for more information or to register.

Australian Utility Week

Tuesday, November 29th - Wednesday, November 30th

AUSUW16 - Navigant Research banner
Sydney, Australia

Utilities can book delegate passes at a special rate of $150.

Australian Utility Week 2016 is a large-scale expo dedicated to building digital futures. The event is now in its 14th year and will attract 1,500 utility professionals from the electricity, gas, and water sectors. The speakers are a mix of Australian and international utility leaders, smart grid technology innovators, and R&D professionals. It’s the largest event of its kind in Australia and the only event that focuses exclusively on digital and customer-facing innovations. Click here for more information or to register.

SmartSec Europe

Tuesday, November 29th - Wednesday, November 30th

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The third annual SmartSec Europe 2016 draws together more than 120 IT and OT cybersecurity leads from European TSO and DSO organizations. This techno-commercial program provides a comprehensive review of the latest utility cybersecurity investment strategies, regulatory and standards activity, technical implementation experiences, and future technology innovation and partnership requirements. The case-study-focused agenda is complemented by a series of intimate round table discussions, a technology innovation panel session, a live demo lab of the latest tools, a solution zone displaying state-of-the-art, utility-specific cybersecurity solutions, and an evening networking reception. Click here for more information or to register.

Smart Summit Asia

Wednesday, November 30th - Thursday, December 1st

smart summit asia
Suntec, Singapore

Smart Summit Asia is a two-day conference and exhibition covering the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem and its impact on the digital society. With three in-depth event tracks and over 100 leading speakers, no other IoT event covers the smart home, smart cities, and industrial IoT in as much detail. Co-located with a joint networking exhibition, each track (summit) features over 20 unique and topical sessions. Gain unique insight from industry heavyweights and hear case study examples from major contributors. Click here for more information or to register.

International Conference and Exhibition on Automobile Engineering

Thursday, December 1st - Friday, December 2nd

Valencia, Spain

The 2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Automobile Engineering is an automotive engineering expo comprised of 11 scientific sessions and 100 sub-sessions designed to offer a comprehensive review and discussion on the current topics and issues of automotive engineering and the auto industry. This event covers all fields of automotive engineering and is a platform for global networking, bringing together renowned speakers, researchers, and business people for enlightening interactive sessions, a world-class exhibition, and poster presentations. Click here for more information or to register.

Smarter Procurement for Community Solar Solutions

Thursday, December 1st

100% Online

Andrea Romano, managing consultant will present: Community Solar Competitive Landscape and Procurement Thursday at noon. To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

The Community Solar Value Project hosts periodic online webinars, podcasts, and events. A series of free, lunchtime webinars in 2016 explores innovations that are expected to grow quickly in the utility-driven community-solar market. We welcome members of our team and guest experts to discuss better solar project design and procurement, ways to address solar variability by using demand response and storage companion measures, program design for targeted customer appeals, and win-win programs for low-income communities.


Sunday, December 4th - Tuesday, December 6th

Cairo, Egypt

The 2016 edition of Electricx will be the largest in the 26 year history of the power exhibition. The event will be a truly international gathering of more than 10,000 power distributors and retailers, consultants, government representatives, electrical engineers, and purchasers from Egypt. Demand for electricity is growing rapidly in Egypt at an estimated additional 1,500 to 2,000 MW per year due to rapid urbanization and economic growth. It was also announced that Egypt is the largest importer of gensets in Africa – 58.6 million units annually and 30 GW of capacity is now planned to be installed every year until 2020. For further details on the exhibition, contact or click here.

Solar-Tec Exhibition

Sunday, December 4th - Tuesday, December 6th

Cairo, Egypt

Solar-Tec Exhibition attracts thousands of regional utilities and regulatory authorities, leading developers, contractors, consultants, system integrators, project managers, and distributors who are constantly sourcing the latest solar technologies from both the local and international markets. The transition toward renewable energy is making a shift in Egypt’s economy, especially with the 2030 Vision being announced. In the next few years, Egypt will install over 6.5 GW of solar power capacity with investments totaling more than $30 billion. For more details on this event, please contact or click here.

ASEAN Solar + Energy Storage Congress & Expo

Monday, December 5th - Tuesday, December 6th

Manila, Philippines

ASEAN Solar + Energy Storage Congress & Expo 2016 is the largest conference focusing on the energy storage market in ASEAN, especially for the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Cambodia. The event will gather participants from governments, utilities, energy developers, project owners, and energy storage manufacturers to discuss applications, opportunities, and challenges for energy storage development in the ASEAN market. Click here for more information or to register.

Smart Cities Summit

Tuesday, December 6th - Wednesday, December 7th

Boston, Massachusetts

Register online and save 15% using discount code nr15

Tom Mahowald, director at Navigant, and Ken Horne, director at Navigant, will be in attendance. To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

Attend the Smart Cities Summit to explore how to create successful collaboration between public and private sectors; the ways in which to fully leverage Internet of Things (IoT) data; and the monetization opportunities that will help boost infrastructure, increase investment, make cities sustainable, and improve the quality of life for all. The world's population is urbanizing and expanding faster than ever. Municipalities all over the world are facing increasing pressures to grow, innovate and transform infrastructure, attract more investment, become more sustainable, and improve the quality of life for all. With increasing urbanization putting more pressure on governments to innovate, the smart city is a hugely attractive principle for city officials, citizens and the private sector, and education is needed now. Go to our site to learn more about the Smart Cities Summit.

Renewable Energy World International

Tuesday, December 13th - Thursday, December 15th

Orlando, Florida

Karin Corfee, managing director at Navigant, will participate in the Perspectives on Renewable Energy Growth and Grid Integration: Technology VS Policy panel discussion Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. Corfee and Andrea Romano, managing consultant at Navigant, will participate in the Regulatory and Policy Drivers for DER in the U.S. and Abroad panel discussion Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

Renewable Energy World International has a proven track record as renewable energy’s leading conference. Featuring insightful discussions and presentations during technical sessions related to technology, markets, business strategies, and policy, this event covers the wind, solar, biomass, hydro, geothermal, ocean/tidal/wave, biopower, bio-fuels, hydrogen, and energy sectors. There has never been a better time to be a part of the exciting, ever-growing world of renewable energy.

POWER-GEN International

Tuesday, December 13th - Thursday, December 15th

Orlando, Florida

Jay Paidipati, director at Navigant, will present: Winning Business Models for Energy Storage during the Bringing Energy Storage to Market panel discussion Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

POWER-GEN International, the world's largest power generation event, is the industry leader in providing comprehensive coverage of the trends, technologies, and issues facing the generation sector. More than 1,400 companies from all sectors of the industry exhibit each year to benefit from the exposure to more than 20,000 attendees. Displaying a wide variety of products and services, POWER-GEN International represents a horizontal look at the industry with key emphasis on new solutions and innovations for the future.

Power Southeast Asia

Thursday, January 12th - Friday, January 13th

Manila, Philippines

The 5th edition of the Power Southeast Asia Conference and Exhibition 2017 builds on the resounding success of past events in Indonesia and Myanmar. With strong support from local partners and utilities, we aim to bring together 40 power utilities and independent power producers, 50 speakers, and 300 senior delegates to discuss the latest developments in the Philippines' power sector and share insights into its future prospects and the evolving energy mix. Click here for more information or to register.

World Future Energy Summit

Monday, January 16th - Thursday, January 19th

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

The World Future Energy Summit (WFES) is the world’s most influential event dedicated to advancing future energy, energy efficiency, and clean technology.  Held each year at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, WFES is hosted by Masdar Institute. The WFES 2016 exhibition and conference brought together 600 companies from 32 countries and more than 30,000 attendees from 150 countries. For more information or to register, click here.

Solar Expo

Monday, January 16th - Thursday, January 19th

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

With the Middle East and North Africa region set to tender 4 GW of solar projects in 2016, the industry will see continued growth with increased interest in clean, reliable, and cost-effective energy solutions. The World Future Energy Summit (WFES) Solar Expo 2017 will deliver opportunities to build stronger networks with a high-profile audience of investors, partners, government officials, and buyers. It’s the ultimate place to make connections and secure business in new markets. For more information or to register, click here.

Smart Cities International Symposium and Exhibition

Tuesday, January 24th - Wednesday, January 25th

Chicago, Illinois

The Smart Cities International Symposium and Exhibition brings together thought leaders and practitioners from around the world to explore the most recent technology advances, business models, and lessons learned to date in making the smart city a reality. Expert speakers will examine the experiences of municipal governments who are pushing the envelope and moving toward actual implementation of the smart city vision. The emphasis is on implementation strategy, case studies, best practices, and the development of compelling business models for transitioning to the 21st century smart city.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Leveraging the smart energy grid for other municipal applications
  • Smart lighting advances, platforms, and business models
  • Smart transportation and parking
  • Environmental monitoring and waste management
  • ​IoT applications and communications networks for enabling the smarter city
  • Learning from the leaders: key smart city developments around the world and more

Advanced Automotive Battery Conference

Monday, January 30th - Thursday, February 2nd

Mainz, Germany

Make plans to participate in the seventh European Advanced Automotive Battery Conference (AABC) event, where chief battery technologists from major European automakers will present their development trends and projected battery needs, and key suppliers will share their latest offerings and roadmaps for the future. In January 2016, 600 delegates from more than 30 countries took part in stimulating discussions on battery chemistry, engineering, and design, as well as high-volume and specialty automotive applications. Attendance increased more than 30 percent in 2016, and with expanded coverage of raw materials and lead-acid, even greater participation is expected in 2017. See what your colleagues thought of the 2016 event with this testimonial video.

Smart Cities UK Conference, Expos and Awards

Wednesday, February 1st - Thursday, February 2nd

Smart Cities Ad Banner
London, United Kingdom

Smart Cities UK 2017 Conference, Expo and Awards will lead the way on addressing best practice examples of smart transformation from across cities within the United Kingdom while disseminating guidance and information within waste, energy, transport, security, and other key smart sectors. Click here for more information or to register.

Floating LNG

Monday, February 13th - Tuesday, February 14th

London, United Kingdom

SMi’s 5th annual Floating LNG conference will provide attendees with strategic insight on the latest developments within the floating LNG market to optimize activities and ensure project sustainability and success. The two-day program will also equip attendees with the tools to overcome the logistical, financial, technological, and economic challenges associated with floating LNG deployment and ensure succinct transition from design to operation. Click here for more information or to register.

Next-Generation Energy Storage

Tuesday, February 14th - Thursday, February 16th

San Francisco, California

Register today for Cambridge EnerTech’s 7th Annual Next-Generation Energy Storage 2017. Breakthroughs in new battery chemistries, novel electrode and electrolyte materials, and system integration for large-scale applications have paved the road toward an emerging stationary market with unlimited potential. Will lithium ion and alternative-chemistry batteries deliver on the promise of power, energy, cost and safety? Next-Generation Energy Storage convenes leading experts in the fields of battery materials, systems design and integration, and manufacturing and commercial applications, along with utility planners, electrical, transmission, distribution, modeling, and protection engineers, who address emerging issues driving this pivotal time in the battery industry.

Solar Middle East 2017

Tuesday, February 14th - Thursday, February 16th

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Solar Middle East provides the ideal platform for international companies and regional decision makers from across the Middle East, North Africa, and the rest of the world to conduct business, network, and share ideas. The 2016 edition welcomed 134 exhibitors from 21 countries and over 5,500 visitors from 114 countries, making it the region’s largest solar trade event. Running alongside the exhibition is The Solar Agenda, a conference that brings together government officials, academics, and senior executives to discuss key issues in the regional industry, driving growth through the transference of knowledge. In addition, the exhibition offers a comprehensive program of technical seminars. These free-to-attend seminars are run by manufacturers and suppliers to provide visitors with the opportunity to learn the technical details of new products and services in the market and keep up-to-date with the latest trends. For further information please contact or click here.

Middle East Electricity

Tuesday, February 14th - Thursday, February 16th

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Middle East Electricity is the largest international trade event for the power industry, covering the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity, including renewable and nuclear energy sectors and the lighting industry. Each year Middle East Electricity welcomes more than 1,500 international exhibiting companies and over 21,000 senior level industry decision makers from 130 countries. The event serves as the world’s leading platform for the power industry to come together, conduct business, share ideas, and network at the highest level. Middle East Electricity drives innovation in the international industry by providing a forum for the world’s thought leaders, government policy makers, academics, and senior executives to meet and discuss the latest issues and challenges faced by the power sector. For further details, contact or click here.

Carbon Dioxide Utilization Summit

Wednesday, February 22nd - Thursday, February 23rd

San Antonio, Texas

ACI’s 8th Carbon Dioxide Utilization Summit will follow on from our successful series of conferences focusing on the re-use of greenhouse gas CO2 and converting this into profitable sustainable materials. The two-day conference brings together senior experts from various CO2-emitting industries to discuss the sustainable, technological, and commercial aspects of CO2 utilization in North America and across the globe. With technology comparisons focusing on economic, environmental and social indicators, our panel of speakers will highlight knowledgeable insights from pilot stage to full-scale entities. Click here for more information or to register.

Storage Week

Wednesday, February 22nd - Friday, February 24th

storage week
San Francisco, California

William Tokash, senior research analyst at Navigant Research, will present: State of the Market: Where Are the Projects Going to Be? Thursday at 11 a.m. To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

Now in its ninth year, Storage Week is the global business hub to drive the development of energy storage projects and teams. Join policymakers and senior executives at the forefront of a wave of storage deployment to explore new domestic and international market opportunities, storage valuation and project evaluation methodologies, and ways to optimize storage projects and teams. The road to bankable revenue flows is opening for both grid connected and behind-the-meter applications, with billions of dollars of investment expected in the next few years. Come to Storage Week to learn how to make full-scale project deployment a reality.

Distributed Wind 2017 Business Conference & Lobby Day

Tuesday, February 28th - Thursday, March 2nd

DW 17 banner
Washington, DC

Whether you want to learn about distributed wind or are already committed to the industry, Distributed Wind 2017 is the annual business conference for the industry. For the sixth year in a row, DWEA has focused on making this the premiere event with educational sessions that discuss new strategies and approaches for market opportunities. Plus, for those interested in making a difference on Capitol Hill, there will be a full day of lobbying on behalf of distributed wind. Click here for more information or to register.

Water-Energy Nexus Conference

Tuesday, February 28th - Wednesday, March 1st

Los Angeles, California

Amul Sathe, director at Navigant, will present during this event (details to come). To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

Organized by the Smart Grid Observer, the Water-Energy Nexus Conference will bring together professionals from across the energy and water industries to examine the latest technology advances and business strategies for optimizing the water-energy interdependency. Southern California is a key region driving forward thinking and progressive policies regarding the water-energy nexus, and a high level of interest and participation in this forum is anticipated. Click here for more information or to register.

Battery Japan

Wednesday, March 1st - Friday, March 3rd

Tokyo, Japan

Battery Japan, the world's largest show for rechargeable batteries, is the leading international exhibition showcasing various components, materials, devices, and finished rechargeable batteries for R&D and manufacturing. Attendees can find products and technologies to solve research and production issues, compare the latest technologies from around the world, and conduct face-to-face business meetings with key industry leaders. For more information or to register, click here.

Internet of Energy

Tuesday, March 7th - Wednesday, March 8th

Navigant web banner
Cologne, Germany

Register online and save 15% using code IOENAV15

The Internet of Energy is Europe’s only forum on the Internet of Things (IoT) in energy, focused on how to unlock the potential of emerging connected technology. Through early adopter case studies, workshops, and panel debates, discover how IoT is enabling a new degree of efficiency, improving grid reliability, and opening up new business models and revenue streams. With the start up showcase and 15+ hours of networking, make new partnerships and be inspired by others working in the same industry.

Wearable Technology Show

Tuesday, March 7th - Wednesday, March 8th

WTS UK 2017 Banner (580 x 110)
London, United Kingdom

The Wearable Technology Show (WTS2017) will be the largest dedicated smart technology exhibition and conference under one roof. Combining IOT Connect, SenseFlex, Digital Health, Augmented Reality and VR, and the Smart Home Show, WTS is five great shows under the umbrella of one. If you want to develop a smart and wearable strategy in your business, network with the supply chain, or reach a high quality audience of early adopters, buyers, and distributors, then you need to be at WTS2017.

International Renewable Energy Storage Conference

Tuesday, March 14th - Thursday, March 16th

Düsseldorf, Germany

Ian McClenny, research associate at Navigant Research, will present: Monetizing Distributed Energy Storage Thursday at 11 a.m. To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

The established International Renewable Energy Storage Conference (IRES 2017) presents the latest research results and development experience for renewable energy storage. Presenters analyze and discuss the applicability and need for storage in the power, heating and transport, and mobility sectors. The latest technological improvements as well as the framework conditions for the use and integration of energy storage systems are explored, while particular attention is given to the applicability in decentralized energy supply systems.

International Battery Seminar & Exhibit

Monday, March 20th - Thursday, March 23rd

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Register for the 34th Annual International Battery Seminar and Exhibit. The 2016 program united 700 battery industry professionals from around the world with particularly strong representation from China, Japan, and South Korea. Spanning four days in 2017, the expanded meeting agenda will include nine pre-conference workshops, eight conference tracks divided into four streams, 120+ technical presentations, an exhibit hall of 70+ companies, breakout discussion groups, and dedicated poster viewing and networking sessions. Thought leaders will present best practice case studies and joint partner presentations relevant to the technologies, research, and regulatory issues of battery technology advancements. The agenda will feature compelling talks, significant new developments, and important announcements. In fact, Sony chose the 1991 International Battery Seminar as the platform to first announce its lithium ion technology.

China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition

Monday, March 20th - Wednesday, March 22nd

Beijing, China

The 17th China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (cippe) is an annual gathering for the petroleum and petrochemical industry. With a magnificent exhibition space, 2,000 exhibitors, and over 80,000 professional visitors from 65 countries and regions, cippe has become the largest petroleum exhibition in the world. Click here for more information or to register.

Power & Electricity World Africa

Tuesday, March 28th - Wednesday, March 29th

Power banner 580x110px-01
Johannesburg, South Africa

Beginning in 1997, Power & Electricity World Africa started as a small conference. It is now both a conference and an exhibition and takes up four massive halls. Now in its 20th year, this event has grown to become Africa’s most successful and well-attended power and electricity conference and exhibition. For two decades, Power & Electricity World Africa has become the undisputed leader. It is an unrivalled platform for the continent’s power industry to come together to learn, to network, and to do business. Click here for more information or to register.

Group Exhibit Hydrogen + Fuel Cells + Batteries

Monday, April 24th - Friday, April 28th

Hannover, Germany

The Group Exhibit Hydrogen + Fuel Cells + Batteries is Europe’s largest and most important industry exhibition, dating back to 1995. This large exhibition area is located in the energy trade fair of HANNOVER MESSE and thus puts its participants at the center of the world’s largest event for industrial technology. International corporations and research institutions will showcase the full spectrum of hydrogen and fuel cell-related technology and batteries, including stationary, mobile and portable fuel cells, components, fuel cell applications, test systems, hydrogen production, transport, storage and infrastructure, reformers, and more.

CxEnergy Conference & Exposition

Monday, April 24th - Thursday, April 27th

CxEnergy 2017 Banner 580_110
Orlando, Florida

Register online and save 10% on registration with code NAVIGANT10

Presented by the AABC Commissioning Group (ACG), the Energy Management Association (EMA), and the Associated Air Balance Council (AABC), the CxEnergy Conference & Expo has become the go-to event for commissioning, test and balance, and energy management professionals. The conference again offers a broad range of topics over a day and a half of concurrent educational sessions while providing plenty of structured time to visit carefully targeted vendors in the expo hall and network with colleagues, speakers, and other experts. CxEnergy’s exposition hall showcases the variety of companies providing leading-edge commissioning and energy management products and services. The exhibitors’ product lines range from controls, instruments, and metering devices to consultative services in engineering and enterprise energy management. CxEnergy also offers pre-conference certification opportunities for Commissioning Authority (CxA) and Energy Management Professional (EMP). For questions, please contact ACG Headquarters at or call 202-737-7775. Click here to register today.

Energy Storage World Forum

Monday, May 8th - Friday, May 12th

Berlin, Germany

The Energy Storage World Forum is the first full conference on energy storage to take place in Europe and Asia since 2010. This event will present more than 60 new research topics, including in-depth technical and strategic content. More than 80 percent of the event's speakers will be from leading users of energy storage technologies, including transmission system operators, distribution system operators, independent power producers, and more. Click here for more information or to register.

Saudi Power

Sunday, May 14th - Tuesday, May 16th

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Now in its 20th edition, Saudi Power has grown to become the epicenter of Saudi Arabia’s power industry. It is the platform where a rapidly evolving and constantly growing power sector meets to network, discover new products, and compare views on shared opportunities and challenges. Saudi Arabia’s willingness to move beyond oil is a clear sign that the kingdom has the courage and commitment to embrace new economic and geopolitical realities. Vision 2030 represents a major restructuring within the highest echelons of central government, including the formation of a new Energy Ministry. With plans to spend nearly $14.7 billion for the transmission of electricity and $13.7 billion for the distribution of electric power over the next 10 years, the Saudi government is encouraging involvement of the domestic and foreign private sector in power plants as well as transmission and distribution networks. Click here for more information about Saudi Power.

Battery Power

Wednesday, May 17th - Thursday, May 18th

Dallas, Texas

Battery Power 2017 is an international conference highlighting the latest developments impacting batteries and power management in portable devices, including smart phones, laptops/tablets, medical devices, wearables, and military applications. Conference topics will include new battery designs, improving power management, predicting battery life, regulations and standards, safety and transportation, battery authentication, charging technology, emerging chemistries, R&D, and market trends. Join leading OEM design engineers and system engineers involved in battery-powered products and systems to discover what is driving innovation, capabilities and features, application trends, and performance improvements. Battery Power 2017 will provide you with the most up-to-date developments and technologies in the portable, mobile, consumer battery, and power management market. If you are involved in the battery industry or if your products and systems run on batteries, this is a must-attend event.


Tuesday, May 23rd - Thursday, May 25th

São Paulo, Brazil

ENERSOLAR + Brazil – International Fair of Technologies for Solar Energy reaches its sixth edition featuring the latest technologies, products, and services for the sector of sustainable, renewable, and clean energy. Organized by Cipa Fiera Milano, the fair takes place every year in the month of May, along with ECOENERGY – Congress of Clean and Renewable Technologies for Power Generation, which will hold its 7th edition in 2017. Click here for more information or to register.


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