World Congress of EneryWise-2014

Tuesday, September 16th - Thursday, September 18th

Taiyuan, China

BIT's 2nd Annual World Congress of EneryWise-2014 (WEW-2014) will be held at September 16-19, 2013 in Taiyuan, China.

WEW-2014 is focused on how to make energy work efficiently and optimize our planets precious resources. It aims to provide energy saving solutions that reward people financially, operationally and environmentally for the sustainable use of resources. It gives you all the choices you need to make your home or business more energy-efficient. And it increases energy economic efficiency, prevents environmental problems getting worse, and reduces r energy usage and carbon emissions.

The WEW-2014 conference includes Global Green Economy and New Energy Finance; New Energy; IOT, Cloud Computing and Its Applications; Clean Technologies and Zero Emission; Smart Energy Investment, Matchmaking, Alliance and Partnership. In addition to the outstanding scientific program, delegates have the opportunity to enjoy the culture and sights of Taiyuan during an optional post-conference tour.

The Battery Show

Tuesday, September 16th - Thursday, September 18th

Novi, Michigan

Taking place in Novi, Detroit, Michigan, The Battery Show 2014 is the premier showcase of the latest advanced battery technology. The exhibition hall offers a platform to launch new products, make new contacts and maintain existing relationships. With more qualified buyers and decision makers than any other event in North America, The Battery Show 2014 is the key to unlocking your future business opportunities.

The Battery Show is attended by technical leaders, scientists, engineers, project leaders, buyers and senior executives concerned with advanced energy storage and will host the very latest advanced battery solutions for electric & hybrid vehicles, utility & renewable energy support, portable electronics, medical technology, military and telecommunications.

Northeast Energy Summit

Wednesday, September 17th - Friday, September 19th

Boston, Massachusetts

Brett Feldman, senior research analyst at Navigant Research, will be in attendance.  To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

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Infocast’s Northeast Energy Summit 2014 will examine how the extreme weather from the polar vortex impacted gas and power markets, and how the lessons learned are driving changes to market rules and regional policies. It will bring policy-makers together with utility, IPP, gas supply and DR executives to explore the opportunities to solve resource adequacy problems. They will assess how changing gas flows and supplies from the Marcellus will impact Northeastern energy market, the impacts of centralized capacity market changes on project economics and market operations, as well as whether the contemplated market changes will trigger the massive build out needed. These key stakeholders will examine how DR, microgrids and other potential game-changers will affect the demand side of the market, and whether additional transmission assets and inter-market trading will provide relief. Finally, financiers will provide their perspectives on financeability of projects in the Northeast market.

Desert Solar Saudi Arabia

Wednesday, September 17th - Thursday, September 18th

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The perfect way to discover, evaluate and build partnerships in the Saudi Arabia solar market! Following upon the success of this event in November 2013, Solarplaza will again organize the Solar Trade Mission Saudi Arabia from 14 to 18 September.  A few highlights for Desert Solar Saudi Arabia:

> To travel for a week with 25 to 30 high-level delegates, all focused to do business in Saudi Arabia, is a proven method and truly unique experience to establish life-long valuable business relations
> Meet key-stakeholders Saudi Aramco and K.A. CARE in interactive private meetings, exclusive for the trade mission delegation
> Learn all about the investment environment and opportunities during a half-day finance workshop with experts from the local finance community
> Expand your network with countless new contacts during a two-day conference, attended by over 150 local business executives
> Socialize with future partners and investors during exclusive network dinners, lunches and a project visit

ICS-ISAC Fall Conference

Wednesday, September 17th - Saturday, September 20th

Atlanta, Georgia

Bob Lockhart, research director from Navigant Research, will be in attendance. To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

The ICS-ISAC Fall Conference (#SARACon) provides a forum for you to learn solutions to Cyber-Physical and Control System cybersecurity challenges with an agenda based on the four components of the Situational Awareness Reference Architecture (SARA): Identity, Inventory, Activity, and Sharing.  During three days of panel discussions and presentations from national and international leadership as well as the Saturday training sessions you will get straight answers to your tough questions about cybersecurity and develop knowledge that you can take to further enhance your organization’s cybersecurity posture.

Connect with us in the ICS-ISAC LinkedIn Group & on Twitter:  @ICSISAC  #SARACon

China Smart Grid Forum

Thursday, September 18th - Friday, September 19th

Beijing, China

Following its successful 2013 forum, the 7th China Smart Grid Forum 2014 (CSGF) will draw over 200 participants, bringing together with industry, government and association to achieve the commercial and technical excellence across the whole value chain. The 7th CSGF2014 will bring industry thought leaders and a focused group of audience together to discuss the policy & the regulatory landscape, smart grid standardization, customer-side issues (billing, metering & CRM), ICT, smart distribution and smart integration of renewable.

Click here for more information.

4th Annual World Congress of Bioenergy

Sunday, September 21st - Tuesday, September 23rd

Qingdao, China

The 4th Annual World Congress of Bioenergy (WCBE-2014) will be held in Qingdao, China during September 21~23, 2014. The conference will showcase outstanding achievements in the field of bioenergy. The organization committee cordially invites you to join us.

The 4th Annual World Congress of Bioenergy agenda will cover Bioenergy Economy and Sustainability, Applications, Commercialization, Biorefineries of Bioenergy, Biomass Conversion Technologies, Feedstock Landscape. The congress will feature “Roadmap toward 2020" as the theme with a focus on bioenergy and looking forward to the new era. For more details about our congress, please refer to our website.

International Conference of Environment-2014

Sunday, September 21st - Tuesday, September 23rd

Qingdao, China

BIT's 4th Annual
International Conference of Environment-2014 (ICE-2014) will be an international event focus on the core knowledge and major advances in the ever-expanding field of environment by attracting experts on a global scale. The scientific program will continue the tradition to focus on Global Environmental Management, a major portion of the program will be concentrate on Global Environment Sustainable Development, Environmental Scientific Research, Global Pollutant Best Management Practice, Capacity Building for a Clean World with oral presentations.

This year ICE-2014 will have an excellent program both the scientific as well as the social part of the event by adding Business Events including Eco-City and Leading Industry Briefing, Technology Transfer Matchmaking, Executive Round Table, Eco-Investment and Project Road Show.  For the first time, Environment Device and Equipment Briefing & Expo will provide an ideal space to show your Inventions, Techs and Product.

New Energy Forum

Sunday, September 21st - Tuesday, September 23rd

Qingdao, China

As a unique annual energy event in BIT Congress, New Energy Forum 2014 aims to provide the opportunities to meet and network with industry peers, share knowledge, benefit from thought-provoking presentations from internationally reputed industry experts and use of the conference experience as a source of innovative ideas to implement in your workplace as well as to fuel a beautiful world of cleanness and sustainability.

  • New Energy Economic Leadership Summit - the Most Advanced Authoritative Keynote Report
  • 7 Blocks Covering the Widest and Hot Fields of New Energy Industry
  • 30+ Exhibitors from Leading New Energy Companies, Entrepreneurs and Research Institutes
  • 200+ Oral Presentations over 50 Countries Gather Here to Share Experience and Result
  • Selected Business Events, Social Activities, Workshops and Training

Low Carbon Earth Summit-2014

Sunday, September 21st - Tuesday, September 23rd

Qingdao, China

BIT's 4th Low Carbon Earth Summit-2014 (LCES-2014) will be convened in Qingdao, China, on September 21-23, 2014. With the theme of "Green Action for Sustainability", this summit will comprise ten professional parallel forums including Climate Change Adaptation, Low Carbon Economy & Finance, Low Carbon Technologies for Climate Mitigation, Low Carbon City, and Carbon Trade, etc. Except for the parallel forums, we also will arrange several attractive Workshops and Training courses, Business Events and Social Activities during or after the conference.

The main objective of LCES-2014 is to provide a comprehensive global platform for experts and participants from government, enterprise, academia and other organization in the related field to exchange ideas and present results of ongoing research in the most state-of-the-art areas of Climate Change, Investment Financing and the Low Carbon Technology. Our delegates can discuss the new ideas and application experiences face to face, to establish business or research relations and to find global partners for future collaboration.

Telecoms for Smart Grids

Monday, September 22nd - Tuesday, September 23rd

London, United Kingdom

Richelle Elberg, senior research analyst at Navigant Research, will be in attendance.  To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

SMi’s 4th annual Telecoms for Smart Grids conference will address the current development of both UK and European communications infrastructures for Smart Grid development and Metering deployment, Data Communication infrastructure and integration, Substation Automation, Distribution Network Upgrades and Business Process Management. The two-day conference program will feature case studies delivered by senior decision makers from an array of major UK and European utilities.

Microgrid Deployment Workshop - Fall 2014

Monday, September 22nd - Tuesday, September 23rd

Barcelona, Spain

Peter Asmus, principal research analyst at Navigant Research, will present: Categories of Microgrids and Market Trends at 8:30 am on Monday.  To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

The Microgrid Deployment Workshop - Fall 2014 is a two-day program that carefully examines the business models, optimal technology mix, and critical steps for successfully deploying microgrid systems in remote, island, and off-grid environments. The emphasis is on refining the business model as well as effectively planning, designing, and deploying microgrids.

The Workshop will bring together project and technology developers, system owners and utilities, and other energy professionals from across the industry for in-depth information sharing and networking.

Biomass Pellets Trade & Power

Tuesday, September 23rd - Thursday, September 25th

Seoul, South Korea

With Japan and South Korea's march towards clean energy PLUS growth in the production and trade of biomass pellets and fuel, the industry is abuzz.  The 5th Biomass Pellets Trade & Power returns to South Korea and promises to bring the best-of-breed of expert speakers from across the spectrum and globe to deliberate on 'Enabling the Growth of Biomass to Power & Heat'.

At 5th Biomass Pellets Trade & Power you'll obtain updates on:

  • Drivers for North Asian Utilities' Growing Appetite for Biomass Imports
  • Developments in FIT & RPS & Expectations on Demand
  • How Trading Companies are Coping with the Utilities' Requirement
  • Ensure Supply Security through Biomass/Pellets Production Investment
  • Global Wood Pellets Supply Market Updates & Trends (Australia, USA, Canada, Russia)
  • SE Asia's Wood Pellets & Non-Woody Biomass Supply Outlook
  • Specifications & Handling of Wood Pellets & Non-Woody Biomass
  • Executing Large-Scale Biomass Co-firing & CHP
  • Utilization of Biomass in Industrial Power/Cogeneration Plants (Cement, Pulp & Paper, Steel, etc)
  • Technological Advances & Economics of Bio-Coal & Palm Pellets

Batteries 2014

Wednesday, September 24th - Friday, September 26th

Nice, France

The market for batteries and their components has experienced strong double-digit growth for 10 years and several positive factors should ensure that the rally continues.  Firstly, this growth is based on a continuously changing portable electronics market (laptops, smartphones tablets and now hybrids computers). Secondly, the electrification of the automobile still remains a strong driver. While electric remains a niche, it is a massive one for batteries.

On the other hand, this new market causes the lines to shift and converts the value chain: automakers, not familiar with batteries or power electronics components, want to bring in local suppliers which offer new opportunities to European and American companies compared to their Asian competitors.  On top of that, the energy storage applications are more promising.

For 16 years, the Batteries 2014 event still remains one of the World's most attractive events and the meeting place of technologies (lead acid, NiMH, Li-ion Post), applications (from micro batteries to large format batteries) and of the value chain (chemists OEMs and end users). Batteries 2014 will focus on battery market issues, latest trends, and will allow you to meet new partners and clients!

World Bio Markets Brasil

Thursday, September 25th - Friday, September 26th

Sao Paulo, Brazil

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World Bio Markets Brasil - at a time when the world is talking about energy security and consumer product demand is growing every day, Brazil could not be in a better position.

Biofuels Innovation: Increasing profit through process optimization and new product identification

One of the most established biofuels industries in the world is currently dividing its focus increasing efficiency while reducing costs, and diversifying revenue streams through new products. We've designed two dedicated days to discuss the solutions for both the ethanol and diesel industries.

Bio-based Chemical Innovation: Feedstock flexibility, the Green Revolution and product design

Consumer product demand is growing each day both in volume and quality. Basil is in an ideal situation to capitalize on both, with its abundant supply of sustainable feedstock.  The Bio-based Chemicals Innovation Spotlight Focus Day, which opens the 4th annual World Bio Markets, is bringing together the biggest players in the Brazilian chemicals market to reveal the true potential of the market and how to capitalize on it!

GRC Annual Meeting & GEA Geothermal Energy Expo

Sunday, September 28th - Wednesday, October 1st

Portland, Oregon

With the international geothermal power market booming, with a sustained growth rate of 4% to 5% and almost 700 projects currently under development in 76 countries, the GRC Annual Meeting & GEA Geothermal Energy Expo is expected to be an exciting international gathering of geothermal companies, academics, financiers, policy leaders, students, and other individuals. The international geothermal community is marking their calendars to attend or exhibit at the event, to be held from Sept. 28 to Oct. 1 at the Oregon Convention Center, Portland, Oregon, USA.

Click here for more information.

Next Generation Solar PV Finance

Monday, September 29th

New York, New York

The US solar industry is tipped for huge, exponential growth in the next few years, representing an excellent investment opportunity and it’s not just utility scale projects! There is a huge potential distributed market set to disrupt traditional business models as the solar industry deploys technology across America’s rooftops and behind the meter.

Low panel prices, proven projects, experienced developers and operators, as well as maturing technology and balance of systems, present a fantastic opportunity for investors seeking long-term returns.

Join the second conference in PV-Tech’s PV Finance Series, Next Generation Solar PV Finance, and meet with a wide variety of investors providing debt, equity, tax equity, YieldCos and securitization of solar assets as well as innovative solar companies changing the way they are financed.

EUCI Conference: Microgrids and Smart Communities

Monday, September 29th - Tuesday, September 30th

San Jose, California

Save 15% with registration code: NMASC9 

The Microgrids and Smart Communities conference will address microgrid drivers and initiatives at the national, state, and utility levels; regulatory and policy initiatives that encourage micro grid development; financing opportunities and challenges, and technical aspects. It will introduce the concept of the "Smart Community" and address what the role of a microgrid is within this concept. Case studies, presentations, and panel discussions all will be implemented in communicating this information.

Find out more information and register here.

Transmission Summit West

Tuesday, September 30th - Thursday, October 2nd

San Diego, California

The 6th Annual Transmission Summit West will once again provide the clearest window into leading utility and merchant transmission executives’ plans for new projects, partnerships and business strategies. They will address the business models, financing trends, strategies and practical lessons being learned in project execution and construction management for new transmission builds and upgrades. The Summit is the place to meet and network with other key stakeholders and find solutions to the problems facing the transmission business.

Two distinct events are featured on this three-day program:

The Transmission Executive Forum West, September 30, 2014, will address "Impacts of Distributed Resources, Alternative Technologies and the Evolving Generation Portfolio on Transmission Operations." Key industry executives will discuss the Quadrennial Energy Review, and how they are dealing with the addition of distributed resources and the loss of coal-fired generation. It will also focus on how emerging security guidelines and the findings of the FERC/NERC study on the September 2011 reliability event will drive reliability and resiliency.

The Transmission Summit West 2014, October 1-2, 2014, will focus on "Transmission Expansion in the West—Emerging Opportunities and New Business Models." Leading regulators, utility and merchant transmission executives will discuss how the new planning, cost allocation and competitive processes are driving the creation of new opportunities and business models for transmission. They will examine the future of merchant transmission and regional projects, the development of new processes to ease siting and permitting difficulties, and emerging new risk allocation and mitigation methods for transmission construction. Finally, it will explore how the introduction of new financing and business models are fundamentally changing the transmission landscape.

SolarTech West Coast

Tuesday, September 30th - Wednesday, October 1st

Los Angeles, California

California continues to be a leading solar market in the United States. A plethora of sunny days combined with supportive solar policies have created an ideal solar market. Each market segment—utility-scale, residential and commercial—can boast a number of beneficial programs and incentives.

The U.S. is among the top countries in the world in electricity generated by the Sun and several of the world's largest utility-scale installations are located in the desert Southwest. There are plans to build many other large solar plants in the United States. While the U.S. has no national energy policy, many states have set individual renewable energy goals with solar power being included in various proportions. Governor Jerry Brown has signed legislation requiring California's utilities to obtain 33 percent of their electricity from renewable energy sources by the end of 2020.

Focusing on recent technology and commercial market developments within PV, CSP, CPV, OPVC, BIPV, Thin Film and solar thermal, SolarTech West Coast 2014, is a strictly B2B conference and exhibition.

Solar Securitization

Tuesday, September 30th

New York, New York

Lucas Porter, senior consultant at Navigant, will be in attendance.  To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

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The dramatic growth of the solar industry and its estimated need of over $70 billion in capital by 2020 combined with the ongoing search by investors for high yields and stable returns are driving an increasing interest in solar-backed securities. What will it take for the solar industry to deliver a multi-billion dollar flow of consistent securitized product with a good story behind it? How big will investors’ appetite for this product be?

Solar Securitization 2014 has assembled the most knowledgeable group of insiders to answer these questions and educate investors and the solar industry on the evolving market in solar asset-backed securities. The program will provide investors with insight into the solar industry and its players, an assessment of solar securitization risks and an examination of the product characteristics of a solar asset-backed security. It will provide the solar industry with a down-to-earth look at the requirements to bring a securitization product to market, an update on the work by rating agencies and the views of investors on this new asset class.

Advanced Renewable Energy Project Finance & Analysis

Wednesday, October 1st - Thursday, October 2nd

Boston, Massachusetts

Brett Feldman, senior research analyst at Navigant Research, will be in attendance.  To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

Save 15% with registration code: 1487Media15

Tax incentive and public policy changes are complicating renewable energy project finance. Now, more than ever, the profitability of a renewable energy project is ultimately tied to being able to accurately assess the risks associated with the project, analyze the impacts of project structures on obtaining financing, and model the trade-offs of pursing various equity and debt financing strategies. New structures are needed and due diligence is becoming stricter. Only the best informed and structured projects will be realized.

Participants at Advanced Renewable Energy Project Finance & Analysis will take away sample term sheets, analysis tools, and most importantly, the knowledge to use them effectively.

Solar O&M

Wednesday, October 1st - Thursday, October 2nd

San Diego, California

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Over the past decade, the solar industry has been busy signing PPAs and getting projects installed and commissioned. Its success has led to a rapidly growing base of long-lived solar assets. Asset owners and the financial community are now focusing on the risks and performance of these assets. As the industry gains experience with these assets, it is turning its attention to developing asset management and O&M best practices that will support the industry going forward. Getting things right means better financial results and a better industry.

Solar asset owners, investors, lenders and the O&M community will gather at Solar O&M 2014 to explore the latest developments in the ongoing effort to organize the industry to meet the challenges of operating and maintaining its expanding asset base. From the strategic factors shaping the O&M landscape to best practices on the ground, the event will provide the information and insight needed to better manage the industry’s assets and maximize its investments.

World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC)

Wednesday, October 1st - Friday, October 3rd

Washington, DC

Brett Feldman, senior research analyst at Navigant, and Vijeta Jangra, senior consultant at Navigant, will be in attendance.  To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

AEE is very pleased to bring the WORLD ENERGY ENGINEERING CONGRESS (WEEC) once again to Washington, DC for 2014. Now in its 37th year, the WEEC is well-recognized as the most important energy event of national and international scope for end users and energy professionals in all areas of the energy field. The 2014 WEEC featured Keynote Speaker will be President Bill Clinton.

The WEEC features a large, multi-track conference agenda, a full line-up of seminars on a variety of current topics, and a comprehensive exposition of the market's most promising new technologies. The WEEC conference and expo explore the complete spectrum of technologies and services of greatest importance to our delegates in attendance, including topics such as:

  • Energy efficiency and energy management
  • Renewable, green and alternative energy
  • Combined heat & power / cogeneration / distributed generation
  • Smart grid and electric metering innovations
  • Integrated building automation & energy management
  • Lighting efficiency
  • HVAC systems and controls
  • Thermal storage and load management
  • Boilers and combustion controls
  • Geoexchange technologies
  • Solar and fuel cell technologies
  • Applications specific to federal energy management programs
  • Energy services, energy procurement and project financing

Learn more at the WEEC show website and be sure to follow us at #weec and @AEE.

Volt/VAR: Regulation and Optimization

Thursday, October 2nd - Friday, October 3rd

Denver, Colorado

Save 15% with registration code: VVNAV

Coordinated control of voltage and reactive power through the use of capacitor banks and regulators is one way that utilities can control demand and increase system efficiency. Of course, all of this must be managed by a sophisticated system of automatic controls. These types of advanced Volt/VAR projects are gaining in popularity, and many leading utilities have included Volt/VAR control as part of their overall smart grid road map. This type of demand management north of the meter has a multitude of system benefits, and customers and regulators will be able to see a tangible, positive impact on reliability as a result of smart grid technology implementation.

This conference will discuss the business case, the technical considerations, and the benefits of distribution system optimization by controlling voltage and reactive power. Click here for more information.

Solar Project Due Diligence: Financial, Legal, and Technical Requirements

Monday, October 6th - Tuesday, October 7th

Newport Beach, California

Save 15% with registration code: SGKNA

This instructional symposium will focus on the core financial, technical and legal areas of due diligence for PV projects. The due diligence "blueprint" is applicable to commercial as well as large residential-scale projects. It will cover aspects of solar project development not tackled by other solar programs that focus strictly on a single due diligence issue, such as financing.

The program will provide essential guidance to those who wish to inform themselves and their staff on how to gauge the soundness of the prospective project or partner they're evaluating in concert with their finance structuring and arrangement(s). Click here for more information.

WindTech LATAM

Tuesday, October 7th - Wednesday, October 8th

Mexico City, Mexico

Welcome again! WindTech LATAM 2014, a strictly business to business conference and exhibition, is designed to facilitate robust commercial networking and business connections along strong knowledge sharing and promoting technical development within the Mexican and LATAM wind industry.

How will WindTech LATAM 2014 differ from the previous edition? This year we have secured top energy buyers and end-users of wind installations in Mexico to maximize business opportunities between producers and their clients. We also provide a business meeting room for companies wishing to discuss their business deals in a quiet and friendly atmosphere. Another novelty will be detailed case studies for top Mexican lawyers who daily help companies avoid unnecessary expenses. Day 2 of the event will feature detailed technical presentations from seasoned experts sharing their invaluable knowledge and venture into small wind opportunities in Mexico and LATAM.

Solar O&M Europe

Tuesday, October 7th - Wednesday, October 8th

Milan, Italy

This two-day conference and exhibition is focused on management and maximization of financial returns of solar PV assets, through optimized O&M and Asset Management

At Solar O&M Europe, over 250 asset managers, asset owners, investors and service providers will come together at Europe’s largest Solar O&M and Asset Management conference. This event will provide you with an unparalleled networking opportunity as well as a unique chance to deepen your insights into the different aspects of optimizing solar power plant performance, portfolio management and maximizing returns.

The Smart Building Conference - London

Tuesday, October 7th

London, United Kingdom

Following the success of its London debut in 2013, the Smart Building Conference returns to the UK to the QEII Conference Center on 7 October 2014.

Having drawn more than 150 delegates as well as global media to its inaugural London event and to ISE 2014 in Amsterdam, the Conference will repeat its successful twin-track formula of split residential and commercial tracks.

The 1-day plenary sessions will provide delegates with key insights needed to meet their smart building business and design objectives. Different industries are encouraged to integrate and work together, creating an assimilated infrastructure of various technologies and expertise that make buildings smart.

As a brand new feature for the Smart Building Conference, a full-day workshop will take place on the following day on 8 October 2014.

The Smart Building Conference @ London is the perfect opportunity for building technology manufacturers to raise brand awareness among the construction industry’s most forward-looking stakeholder groups.

Water Management for Mining

Tuesday, October 7th - Thursday, October 9th

Denver, Colorado

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The mining industry is facing a water crisis! Population growth, drought and high demand have substantially increased competition for water and are creating dire conditions in many states nationwide, resulting in rapidly escalating water prices, and in some cases unavailability of water altogether. Sourcing, recycling and the disposal of water has become a huge issue for mining companies –requiring extensive thought, planning, and the execution of strategies to address. As a result of these challenges mining companies are now struggling to cost effectively comply with increasingly stringent standards for reuse and discharge.

Infocast’s Water Management for Mining Summit brings together mining companies, water technology companies, regulators, water infrastructure specialists and experts from other water management spectrums. Attend to dig into regulatory issues, discuss best practices, meet and brainstorm new approaches and technology solutions for water management and treatment that will help maximize efficiencies, create sustainability, and cut the total costs of ownership.

SolarTech Mexico

Tuesday, October 7th - Wednesday, October 8th

Mexico City, Mexico

SolarTech Mexico 2014 is a strictly business to business conference and exhibition designed to facilitate robust commercial networking and business connections along strong knowledge sharing and promoting technical development within the Mexican and LATAM solar industry.

How will SolarTech Mexico 2014 differ from the previous edition? This year we have secured top-buyers and end-users of PV and solar-thermal installations in Mexico to maximize business opportunities between producers and their clients. We also provide a business meeting room for companies wishing to discuss their business deals in a quiet and friendly atmosphere. Another novelty will be detailed case studies from top Mexican lawyers with advice how to avoid unnecessary expenses during project development, grid connection and operation. Day 2 of the event will feature comprehensive technical presentations from seasoned experts sharing their invaluable know-how. Third addition to the agenda will be a discussion on small-scale solar grid connection - what and how needs to be done to use your installation without worry.

POWER-GEN Middle East

Sunday, October 12th - Tuesday, October 14th

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Celebrating its 12th anniversary, POWER-GEN Middle East and co-located WaterWorld Middle East is renowned for delivering a world-class conference and exhibition attracting key stakeholders – government officials, academics, senior management and professionals from government and private industries around the globe.

Together, the conference will gather world-class speakers to address strategic and technical issues and share information about exciting new developments in the power industry in response to the exponential growth and vitality in the MENA region.

Running concurrently, the exhibition floor will showcase leading companies from around the globe with a comprehensive display of revolutionary products and pioneering design solutions to achieve long term sustainable energy supplies.  POWER-GEN Middle East is expected to attract:

  • 4,000+ expected attendees
  • 2,900+ visitors , 850+ delegates, 150+ exhibitors, 175+ chairs and speakers
  • 65+ countries represented from around the globe

Don’t miss the chance to keep abreast of the latest developments and help define the power sector of the future.  For further information, click here.

Energy from Waste

Monday, October 13th - Tuesday, October 14th

London, United Kingdom

SMi's 7th annual conference on Energy from Waste will provide attendees with a complete view of the field. Focusing on an update on the regulatory framework, financing models, CHP and district heating projects, feedstock in the supply chain and case studies from UK, Central Europe and Africa, this informative event will bring together key leaders in the field to provide attendees with an in-depth look into current status of Energy from Waste.

This event will provide the ideal platform for learning about new advances in the field, presenting attendees with the latest information from technical and market updates in this fast increasing sector. The two-day conference will explore the market and provide the perfect platform for attendees to discuss current issues, technologies and innovations in Energy from Waste.

Demand Response World Forum

Monday, October 13th - Wednesday, October 15th

Costa Mesa, California

Lauren Callaway, research analyst at Navigant Research, will present in the session: The Future of Residential Demand Response and BYOT at 4:00 pm on Tuesday.  Brett Feldman, senior research analyst at Navigant Research, is on the Program Advisory Group for the World Forum and will also be in attendance.  To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

Organized by the Smart Grid Observer, the Demand Response World Forum, October 13-15, 2014 in Costa Mesa, CA, will bring together professionals from around the world to explore the latest auto-DR technologies and strategies for meeting the changing energy landscape of the 21st Century. Technology innovators and business leaders will discuss the evolving role of ADR in enabling an integrated and flexible network that is responsive to a wide range of energy resources, marketplace entities, and customer energy demand and generation.

Topics at Demand Response World Forum include:

    • Recent Order 745 ruling and new EPA carbon emission guidelines
    • DR Enabled Thermostats for Residential & Commercial Customers
    • Strategies for Improving Demand Response Program Performance
    • Virtual Power Plants: The Reality and the Myth
    • Building an Open and Interoperable Smart Grid Field Device Platform
    • The Emerging Role of SaaS-Based Intermediaries as Facilitators for DR
    • The Future of Active Demand Management
    • Implementing Open ADR 2.0b
    • Harnessing the potential of DER for utility benefit

A full-day, pre-conference Workshop on "Implementing Automated DR Programs" will be held on Monday, October 13.  The instructor is James Zuber, Chief Test Architect and Co-Founder, QualityLogic.

Future Cities ASIA

Monday, October 13th - Wednesday, October 15th

Hong Kong, China

Future Cities Asia is bringing together city authorities, government agencies and the private sector to discuss integrated citywide solutions that will drive and foster convergence in the smart city space.

5 reasons why you must attend Future Cities Asia:

  1. Assess and review the business case for why cities should want to become smart
  2. Understand why the focus is on cities and what smart means to different cities
  3. Get the verdict on whether the smart city is genuinely our future or whether it’s just empty hype
  4. Learn what future technologies will be needed and how in future cities
  5. Do smart cities need smart citizens, and if so, what are the implications for your organization?

Solar Energy UK (SEUK)

Tuesday, October 14th - Thursday, October 16th

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Now in its 5th year, Solar Energy UK (SEUK) has established itself as the no.1 UK exhibition for all professionals within the solar industry, attracting over 170 exhibitors and 2,424 unique visitors last year from 42 countries.

The UK solar industry is changing, becoming more dynamic, maturing and opening out. SEUK is the only solar-focused UK expo to reflect all of these elements, providing the best space for networking, business development and also hosting current and cutting-edge seminars and feature areas aimed at getting the industry buzzing and doing business.

Marine Warranties & Insurance in Offshore Wind Projects

Tuesday, October 14th - Wednesday, October 15th

London, United Kingdom

Register your place here and SAVE £100!

This seminar has been designed for offshore wind farm project owners, developers, engineers, contractors, marine warranty surveyors and insurers.

  • Understanding the role of Marine Warranty Insurers and receive clarification of the roles and responsibilities of various stakeholders in the process
  • Case study examples and lessons learnt on managing claims and disputes certification requirements and circulation of information
  • Latest guidelines for offshore wind farm infrastructure installation and offshore marine vessel construction
  • Insight into contract implications and how MWS impacts the current relationship between the contractor and owner
  • Learning how to identify differences in MWS contract structures and stakeholder management in offshore renewable and oil & gas projects
  • Future steps for cost reduction in offshore projects as a part of the Carbon Trust conclusion and suggestion panel

WADE Annual Conference and NYSERDA CHP Expo

Tuesday, October 14th - Friday, October 17th

Westchester, New York

Save the date for the World Alliance for Decentralized Energy (WADE) Annual Conference in conjunction with NYSERDA CHP Expo.

GEM Energy is an approved vendor in the NYSERDA CHP Acceleration Program which provides financial incentives for the installation of pre-engineered CHP systems. Find out more in CHP >> NYSERDA.

Click here for more information.

Korea Smart Grid Week

Tuesday, October 14th - Thursday, October 16th

Seoul, Korea

Eric Woods, research director at Navigant Research, will present: Smart Cities on Wednesday at 5:10 pm.  Brett Feldman, senior research analyst at Navigant Research, will present: Demand Response on Friday at 2:10 pm.  Charles So, manager of business development at Navigant Research, will also be in attendance.  To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

  • Official Language: Korean, English (Interpretation will be provided)
  • Main Events
    - Exhibition Opening Ceremony
    - Luncheon hosted by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
    - International Smart Grid Conference
    - SGIP-SGSF Joint Workshop
    - Korea Smart Grid Expo

Click here for more information.

Telematics Japan

Wednesday, October 15th - Thursday, October 16th

Tokyo, Japan

Telematics Japan 2014 is the number one forum for connected vehicle industry. It will give you the opportunity to network and share knowledge with pioneers and decision makers in the telematics space. This year Telematics Japan 2014 will include:

  • 30+ expert speakers to give you the knowledge that you need to succeed
  • 25+ interactive sessions to help you brain storm
  • 20+ hours of networking with top level executives from across the telematics value chain with targeted networking and coffee breaks. Exchange business cards with  hard-to-meet executives in a relaxed environment

If you want to get new ideas, fresh approaches and an action-plan of how to rev-up your telematics offerings, you simply can't miss this conference!

California Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Summit

Wednesday, October 15th - Thursday, October 16th

Sacramento, California

This Summit provides a balanced forum for businesses, academia, and government agencies to explore hydrogen and fuel cells through intelligent conversation, surprising presentations and thought provoking sessions. This year, we have expanded the Summit to cover two full days with a special focus on picturing the vision and promise of the technology contrasted by the advances already made, using hard data from industry developments in the real world. It will be held at the California Environmental Protection Agency.

Outage Response and Restoration Management

Monday, October 20th - Wednesday, October 22nd

Atlanta, Georgia

As the longest running meeting in the marcus evans Energy Series, the 14th Annual Outage Response & Restoration Management Conference will provide vital information and strategies for utilities to enhance their mutual assistance coordination, emergency management, distribution technology and reliability metrics. Attendees will uncover how to combine technology, logistics, assets and human behavior within the context of preparedness and emergency management through current storm and outage case studies. This conference will also provide actionable strategies to expedite restoration and meet the needs of customers, regulators, and all stakeholders.

Heads of transmission & distribution, outage management, and emergency preparedness from leading electric utilities will come together to share best practices regarding outage response and restoration management. Seating for the conference is limited to maintain an intimate, educational environment that will cultivate the knowledge and experience of all participants.

Public Consultation For Transmission Siting in Canada

Tuesday, October 21st - Wednesday, October 22nd

Toronto, Canada

Save 15% with registration code: PCNAV

As an attendee of this EUCI conference, you will hear best practice case studies from leading electric transmission professionals from across Canada. You will learn the strategies and methods they use to positively engage stakeholders and overcome project obstacles. Attendees will leave this conference with practical tools and techniques that can be immediately implemented within their organization to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their public consultation program.

Click here for more information.

eCarTec Munich

Tuesday, October 21st - Thursday, October 23rd

Munich, Germany

eCarTec Munich, the 6th International Trade Fair for Electric Mobility & Hybrid event, will be held at the Munich Trade Fair Center.

eCarTec Munich Topics:

  • Electric Vehicles - E-cars, E-motorcycles, E-buses, E-scooters, E-vehicles for transportation and storing, E-fun-vehicles, E-trucks, etc.
  • Powertrain & Electronics - Electric motors in general, Wheel hub motors, Drivetrains, Gearboxes, Control systems, Electrical safety, Electronics, etc.
  • Energy Storage Technology - Battery systems, Fuel cell systems, Condensers, Capacitors, etc.
  • Energy and Infrastructure - Energy provider electricity and hydrogen, Energy infrastructure and networks, Energy management, Mobility models
  • Maintenance and Spare Parts - Instruction, Further training, After sales, etc.
  • Mobility concepts & finance - Finance, Leasing, Venture Capital, etc.
  • MATERIALICA – Engineering and Subcontracting - Lightweight Design for New Mobility

Click here for more information.


Wednesday, October 22nd - Friday, October 24th

New Orleans, Louisiana

Noah Goldstein, research director, Jesse Foote, senior research analyst, and Benjamin Freas, research analyst at Navigant Research, will be in attendance.  To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

Greenbuild is the world's largest conference and expo dedicated to green building. The green building community gathers to share ideals and mutual passion at Greenbuild, sparking a contagious buzz throughout the week.

When industry leaders, experts and frontline professionals dedicated to sustainable building in their everyday work come together, the result is a unique and palpable energy.  Participants are invigorated and inspired.  They find themselves equipped to return to their jobs with a renewed sense of purpose.

Greenbuild features three groundbreaking days of inspiring speakers, invaluable networking opportunities, industry showcases, LEED workshops and tours of the host city's green buildings.  Join thousands of other people who agree that green building is a good idea and good for business.

4th Annual Right of Way Processes for Electric Transmission

Wednesday, October 22nd - Thursday, October 23rd

Indianapolis, Indiana

Save 15% with registration code: ROWNA

Led by preeminent right of way experts, this conference will provide attendees with strategies and best practices throughout the right of way acquisition and management process, including route selection, surveying, appraisal, data management, stakeholder communications, negotiations, and construction management. Transmission owners and operators and right of way experts will discuss best practices and lessons learned from tackling these issues.

This conference is designed to help electric utilities, transmission developers, and right of way professionals efficiently and effectively navigate the right of way process. Attendees will receive updates on evolving right of way trends impacting the planning, design, acquisition, valuation, and management of electricity transmission projects. Click here for more information.

Safer Consumer Products

Wednesday, October 22nd - Friday, October 24th

San Francisco, California

Save 15% on registration with discount code 1416MEDIA15

Infocast has organized the 5th Safer Consumer Products Summit, the only meeting of its kind, to coincide with the next phases of the California SCP Regulations. The summit will bring representatives from the DTSC and other governmental decision makers together with nationally recognized consumer brands, manufacturers, OEMs, retailers and green chemistry experts to provide the timeliest information on California’s regulations and the rapidly evolving state, federal & international chemicals legislation landscape. The event will also provide the networking necessary to thrive in this new era of consumer goods. In the absence of TSCA reform, California’s Safer Consumer Products Regulations are the law of the land for companies who conduct consumer products business in the world’s eighth largest economy.

In addition to our market-leading summit, the Innovating for Safer Consumer Products Pre-Summit Forum will examine green chemistry, innovation and sustainability initiatives among academia, brand owners, chemical majors, OEMs and retailers, and will provide lessons learned from market pioneers on getting ahead of the regulatory curve via product and brand innovation.

3rd Energy Storage Australia 2014 (ESA 2014)

Thursday, October 23rd - Friday, October 24th

Sydney, Australia

Target 3000 MW scale of energy storage market! By 2030, Australia will reach to this target.  According to the changeable weather of Australia and green energy approach of local natural and culture environment, Australia is one of the most brisk energy storage markets all over  the World. With the accomplish of business scale trails, energy storage systems  implemented in areas of grid connected energy storage, community household energy storage system and business project oriented system are the developing  trends and strategic highland.  However, the business environment and fierce competition is turning tough with the maturity level of Australian market.

As such, the 3rd Energy Storage Australia 2014 (ESA 2014) to be held October 23rd-24th,  in Sydney Australia, will serve as a key platform for major key players to map out winning business development in Australia. Indeed, the event will focus on  the battery energy storage system in Australia, additionally, more than 300 industry heavyweights, including leaders from the state grid operators, private energy companies, wholesale distributors and retailers and household community project  owners as well as other executives will gather here to discuss the hot topics  around the relevant grid connected, off-grid, household energy storage system,  new business model of players in this industry and further market trends and  investment prospect sharing. ESA 2014 will help you to better gauge the pulse  of Australian energy storage market and keep moving and exploring your market  sharing in this emerging World!

Power Plant Management & Generation Summit

Sunday, October 26th - Tuesday, October 28th

Atlanta, Georgia

The Power Plant Management & Generation Summit brings together both plant managers and generation executives within the power industry. Types of attendees include: heads of generation & production, corporate/supply planning, operations, asset management and strategic development & planning. Along with presentations, all executives will have a chance to have individual meetings with the vendors, onsite. These meetings are all pre-scheduled and mutually agreed upon, and their purpose is to learn about solutions and services executives may not have known existed. There are also informal networking opportunities during meals, coffee breaks and cocktails.

For more information, click here or contact Jennifer Keljik,


Monday, October 27th - Thursday, October 30th

San Francisco, California

John Gartner, research director at Navigant Research, will present breakout session: The Self-Aware Car at 4:30 pm on Wednesday.  Peter Asmus, principal research analyst at Navigant Research, will present breakout session: The Rise of Nanogrids at 1:45 pm on Thursday.  Noah Goldstein, research director at Navigant Research, will also be in attendance.  To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

Save 10% on registration with code: VSF14NAV

VERGE is GreenBiz Group's global event series focused on how technology accelerates sustainability solutions across industries and sectors. The event brings together the world’s largest companies, technology innovators, and cities, creating a broad ecosystem of players to accelerate opportunities for business, the environment, and society. Join us at VERGE San Francisco on October 27-30 using our special 10% off discount code VSF14NAV.

PJM Market Summit

Monday, October 27th - Wednesday, October 29th

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Save 15% on Registration with Code 1493MEDIA15

Infocast’s PJM Market Summit 2014 will examine how the extreme weather from the polar vortex impacted gas and power markets, and how the lessons learned are driving changes to market rules and regional policies. It will bring policy-makers together with utility, IPP, gas supply and DR executives to explore the opportunities to solve reliability and power market problems. They will assess how changing gas flows and supplies from the Marcellus will impact the economics of new gas builds, as well as how the impacts of centralized capacity market changes will affect project economics and market operations. These key stakeholders will examine how DR might be better rewarded and utilized in the PJM, and whether additional transmission assets and intermarket trading will provide relief. Finally, financiers will provide their perspectives on investments in projects in the PJM market.

Smart Future London

Monday, October 27th - Tuesday, October 28th

London, United Kingdom

Eric Woods, research director at Navigant Research, will be participating (details to come).  To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

Smart Future: London 2014 will combine policy debate on the challenges posed by city living with discussions on the role of technology and new business models within the urban environment – especially within cleantech, big data, the Internet of Things, hydrogen and fuel cells, renewable energy, distributed generation, smart building materials, electric vehicles, the connected car, waste-to-energy and waste-derived biofuels, watertech and smart-tech sectors.

Smart Future: London 2014 aims to highlight the opportunities for investment in companies with innovative solutions to the challenges of urbanization – and to explore funding options for these companies.

World Bio Markets USA

Tuesday, October 28th - Wednesday, October 29th

San Diego, California

Mackinnon Lawrence, research director at Navigant Research, will be in attendance. To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

Join us in 2014 for the 5th annual edition of North America's #1 bio-based markets Congress, World Bio Markets USA.  With a new look format: three 2 day conferences - Advance Biofuels, Sustainable Aviation and Bio-based Chemicals & Products - 2014 provides you with more in-depth content alongside broader networking opportunities.

Click here for more information.

Power Nigeria

Tuesday, October 28th - Thursday, October 30th

Lagos, Nigeria

Power Nigeria brings together the biggest names in the energy industry.  Reasons to visit:

  • View, first hand, the latest equipment and solutions on offer from leading international manufacturers and suppliers - all under one roof
  • Attend the free technical seminars facilitated by leading companies
  • Gain a competitive advantage for your business
  • Make new contacts and set up supply channels
  • Compare market prices and source new suppliers


Tuesday, October 28th - Thursday, October 30th

Vancouver, Canada

Electric Mobility Canada – the voice of the electric vehicle industry in Canada – invites you to EV2014VÉ Conference & Trade Show, its 6th annual event, taking place at the Sheraton Wall Centre in Vancouver from October 28th to 30th, 2014. The event will welcome industry leaders from Canada, USA, Europe and Asia, offering participants a wide range of learning opportunities covering technical, business and policy discussions for electric mobility.

The theme for the conference is ElectriCITIES - Move Electric and will focus on how electric transport contributes to the creation of Livable Cities. The dynamic program built around that theme includes 3 plenary sessions, a 3-track technical program covering issues related to the developments, the business opportunities, implementations strategies and business models.

Distribution Automation Europe

Wednesday, October 29th - Thursday, October 30th

London, United Kingdom

James McCray, senior research analyst at Navigant Research, will be in attendance.  To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

SMi's 4th annual
Distribution Automation Europe conference will build upon our successful 2013 event, setting out how to facilitate the impact and growth of renewables and improve communication system architecture to increase the reliability and efficiency of future networks. Deploying a smart distribution network is a critical goal for utilities to help manage electricity needs by making grids more efficient, reliable, and secure and reducing carbon emissions. Next generation hardware and software for DA gives utilities many more options in meeting these goals.

Telematics West Coast Conference & Exhibition 2014

Thursday, October 30th - Friday, October 31st

San Diego, California

The Telematics West Coast Conference & Exhibition 2014 will discuss the future of content & services in the connected car. The speaker line-up includes Ford, Volkswagen, Nissan, Harman, Continental, Jaguar Land Rover, and more.

The fifth annual gathering will tackle how to leverage data to personalize the auto customer experience and the opportunities and challenges facing seamlessly embedding the car in the connected lifestyle.

Key topics at Telematics West Coast Conference & Exhibition include customizing in-car content & services, building brand loyalty, improving customer relationship management and addressing the key issues surrounding security and privacy when relying on data in a wider connected world.

Face-to-face networking is unrivalled for business success. Meet and network with over 250 senior level attendees through our pre and post show e-networker, structured networking brakes, and a drinks reception at the end of day one.

Transmission & Distribution Summit

Sunday, November 2nd - Tuesday, November 4th

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Transmission & Distribution Summit will focus on the opportunity for industry leaders to network with one another and learn about current struggles and solutions within T&D. Attendees will include heads of; power delivery, electrical operation, transmission, distribution, asset management and systems reliability. Networking will include business meetings between executives and vendors; during this time, it will be a one on one opportunity to learn about one another. These will be pre-scheduled 30 minute meetings that are mutually agreed upon.

Other networking opportunities will be available during coffee breaks, meals, and cocktail hours. To hear more about the event - contact Jennifer Keljik at

World Biomass Power Markets Brasil

Monday, November 3rd - Wednesday, November 5th

Sao Paulo, Brazil

SAVE 20% with Registration code: NAV20 

The leading regional forum for the full biomass power production value chain: biomass power generating facilities, bioelectricity, pellet production, co-firing and waste.

WBPM Brazil brings together senior decision makers from across the industry to discuss:

  • Developing of biomass power facilities for domestic electricity production
  • Pelletisation of both bagasse and wood feedstocks
  • Export and domestic consumption of pellets
  • Co-firing bioenergy with coal
  • Industrial bioenergy cogeneration
  • Establishing sustainable biosmass supply chains

Transmission Expansion in the Midwest

Tuesday, November 4th - Wednesday, November 5th

Indianapolis, Indiana

Save 15% with registration code: MWNAV

At this unique forum, you will hear top executives from the area's RTOs, utilities, transmission developers, and state regulatory agencies discuss and debate the most critical issues surrounding transmission expansion in the Midwest region. You will have the opportunity to brainstorm with these thought leaders on how to address complex planning, siting, and market structure issues while balancing reliability, policy directives and economic interests. You will also hear key project managers reveal the inside details of the most important transmission projects in the region in 5 case study sessions.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from and network with the key players in the Midwest energy market. Click here for more information.

Hydro Plant Maintenance & Reliability

Tuesday, November 4th - Thursday, November 6th

Seattle, Washington

The marcus evans 4th Annual Hydro Plant Maintenance & Reliability conference will build upon its former success and continue to be the preeminent peer-driven and plant level meeting for hydro plant maintenance and reliability.

This year’s edition will showcase the latest innovative practices from the top individuals in the hydropower maintenance community. Case studies will include comprehensive coverage of automations technologies to increase hydropower efficiency, examine dam safety, and explore workforce enhancement strategies.

Heads of plant management and engineers of Hydro Generation will tackle topics including the challenges of rehabilitating and refurbishing old hydro plants, as well as recruiting, retaining and training new engineers on maintenance, inspection, safety and asset management.

15th PLMA Fall Conference

Tuesday, November 4th - Wednesday, November 5th

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Brett Feldman, senior research analyst at Navigant Research, will participate in the roundtable discussion: Federal Regulatory Challenges for Program Implementers at 9:30 am on Tuesday. To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

At the 15th PLMA Fall Conference you will gain real-world insight from market practitioners, technology firms, and energy utilities/marketers active in the demand response marketplace. About 150 industry professionals are expected to attend, including: energy utility/marketer professionals, regulatory, and business professionals responsible for demand response as well as Industry advisors, including consultants as well as product and service providers.

Interoperability and Distributed Intelligence: The Smarter Grid

Wednesday, November 5th - Thursday, November 6th

Scottsdale, Arizona

Save 15% with registration code: NAVSC

Using distributed intelligence applications in the electric grid has the potential to achieve additional savings, enhanced operational performance, improved system response times and better scaling of field devices. Don’t miss this conference to get the details necessary for a better understanding of interoperability. Examine grid applications and connectivity options for distributed intelligence, review distributed grid architecture, functional capabilities of the field message bus technologies, modeling and implementing a common semantic and syntax structure for distributed energy resources (DER) applications, cybersecurity benefits of a distributed interoperable smart grid and much more!

Click here for more information.

Virtual Power Plants

Wednesday, November 5th - Friday, November 7th

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Virtual Power Plants: Capitalizing on Cloud Technologies to Maximize Profits and Balance the Grid breaks down the VPP market and how they play a part in energy efficiency and demand reduction. Key players in the industry will demonstrate the how to reach the ultimate goal of combing distributed generation, demand response, and other resources to provide a synergistic sharing of grid resources for greater value and reducing costs. During this two-day conference, attendees will address key issues facing primary VPP technologies and how to overcome obstacles.

The Smart Building Conference - Berlin

Thursday, November 6th

Berlin, Germany

After her successful debut in London 2013, the Smart Building Conference is on November 6, 2014 in the unique Mövenpick Hotel in Berlin.

After the launch event, more than 150 conference participants and media representatives from around the world to London and the ISE had drawn in 2014 in Amsterdam, the Smart Building Conference will continue its successful two-pronged approach with a residential real estate company buildings and a rail.

The one-day plenary session will provide participants with the necessary key findings and put them in a position to realize both their smart-building business interests as well as their design goals.

Different industries are encouraged to integrate and work together to create the interlocking infrastructure of various technologies and skills that building makes for Smart Buildings.

For manufacturers of building the Smart Building Conference @ Berlin is the perfect opportunity to create a brand awareness among the most forward-thinking stakeholders of the construction industry.

Telematics Munich

Monday, November 10th - Tuesday, November 11th

Munich, Germany

David Alexander, senior research analyst at Navigant Research, will be in attendance.  To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

Save $100 with discount code: 2616NVT

Telematics Munich is Europe's largest business conference for the connected car, focusing especially on the car’s place within the IoT.

Speakers include Daimler, Qoros, the United Nations, Volkswagen, Facebook, Continental and Ford.  The event will feature 1000+ delegates, 100+ senior level speakers, 40+ businesses focused sessions and 20+ hours of networking.

The key topics at Telematics Munich include content & apps, V2X & autonomous car, traffic & advanced nav, insurance & fleet, as well as the IoT & the connected car.

Attendees can capitalize on our e-networker, conference app, networking breaks and drinks receptions to form key business relationships.

Lithium Battery Power

Tuesday, November 11th - Wednesday, November 12th

Washington, D.C.

Global demand for lithium-based batteries has resulted in the emergence of exciting next-gen Li-ion and beyond Li-ion battery technologies, however, one of the greatest challenges to creating much needed higher performing, lower cost batteries is moving these emerging technologies from the lab to commercial status. The Lithium Battery Power: Driving Breakthrough Energy Technologies from Lab to Market conference addresses critical issues facing the industry, presents innovative and game-changing research on lithium-ion and beyond Li-ion batteries, and fosters cross-industry discussion on ways to advance viable technologies from pure research to practical application and commercialization.

Lithium Battery Power 2014 will present papers on high capacity cathodes, anode structures and anode/electrolyte interaction, modeling, simulation, and high-throughput techniques, as well as address the need to connect research science and commercialization.

World Water-Tech North America Summit

Wednesday, November 12th - Friday, November 14th

Toronto, Canada

The second annual World Water-Tech North America Summit, the fifth event in the World Water-Tech series, gathers the key stakeholders from every part of the water value chain. Hosted by Rethink Events and WaterTAP Ontario, the event provides a dynamic meeting place for the growing international water-tech community.

World Water-Tech North America will feature utility and industrial leaders from around the world, sharing their experiences of developing and commercializing new water technologies and the impact that these technologies have had on their business and bottom line.  Over two days of plenary sessions, delegates will hear from speakers on:

  • Enabling change: global water and environment leaders on how they are developing regulatory frameworks to encourage and incentivize the adoption of new technologies
  • Pipe dreams? Visions of a profitable, sustainable, energy neutral, successful water utility
  • Conquering the water energy nexus: case studies of water projects which are energy positive and energy projects which are water positive
  • Unconventional innovation for unconventional oil: moving towards zero discharge SAGD operations and developing solutions to the water challenges of fracking
  • Identifying best practice for water management for mining: overcoming challenges for use, treatment, recycling and disposal of water used in mining
  • Business models for success: developing and commercializing technology in municipalities
  • Does smart have the answer? Partnering for success and bridging the gap between municipalities and industry

Green Mobility Convention

Wednesday, November 12th - Friday, November 14th

Beijing, China

According to statistics and analysis of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM), from January to December this year, China automobile production reached 19,271,800 units, an increase of 4.63% compared with the same period of last year; Production of passenger cars was 15,523,700 units, increase 7.17 percent year on year.

With the important speakers, strategic topics and non-stop networking on the agenda, the 5th Green Mobility Convention will address the most critical industry issues affecting your performance objectives in China and globally and will aim to help you gauge the pulse of this dynamic industry and stay abreast of the most advanced technologies.

Battery Safety

Thursday, November 13th - Friday, November 14th

Washington, D.C.

SAVE $100 and register by October 10th!

Innovations that increase energy storage for lithium-ion batteries enhance their reliability and degradation management. But higher-energy densities can also compromise lithium battery safety and thus require further research. The Fifth Annual Battery Safety conference addresses key safety challenges of lithium batteries and technologies for improvement. The conference gathers electrical engineers, cell manufacturers and safety officials to share cell-level research, systems-level safety analysis, research applications and cost reduction strategies with examples from industry, academia, government and the military.

Baltic Wind Power

Monday, November 17th - Tuesday, November 18th

Helsinki, Finland

Green World Conferences are delighted to announce that the Baltic Wind Power 2014 conference and exhibition will take place on 17-18 November 2014 in Helsinki.

The Baltic Wind Power conference will focus on further wind energy market development in Finland, Sweden, Baltic Countries, Poland, Germany and Denmark and will offer an update on cutting-edge wind energy technologies (especially turbine, lade and foundations). It will also offer in-depth advice from first-class experts on project finance and insurance. The second day of the conference is split into two separate tracks focused on offshore and onshore technologies.

Distributed Solar Summit 2014

Monday, November 17th - Wednesday, November 19th

San Diego, California

Save 15% with discount code 1421MEDIA15

The distributed solar sector continued to gather steam with innovative financial structures, new partnership alliances and sales channels, and evolving business models. In 2013, the residential solar space achieved a 60% annual growth from 2012, assisted by the popularity of financing options such as lease, PPAs and loan-to-own. The commercial solar market roared back with a 78% growth in Q3 2013. On the financial front, securizations, PACE financing and yieldcos are just some of the developments that distributed solar developers are using to access lower cost financing and facilitating the continued growth of the sector.

Infocast’s Distributed Solar Summit 2014 brings together solar project developers, integrators, investors, lenders, panel suppliers, utilities, regulators, contractors, installers and other industry players to explore the impacts of the latest financial innovations, which sales channel strategies and business models will lead to success, and ultimately how to help move the distributed solar sector forward nationwide. The Summit has developed into a major networking event for the entire distributed solar community—where people connect, build relationships and get valuable new insights into the distributed solar markets and strategies for financing distributed solar projects.

Automotive Tech.AD Detroit 2014

Monday, November 17th - Tuesday, November 18th

Detroit, Michigan

David Alexander, senior research analyst at Navigant Research, will lead a Challenge Your Peers roundtable (more details to come). To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

Receive a 20% discount on the standard registration when you use code MP1419

we.CONECT presents the premier American Automotive Tech.AD Detroit 2014 as part of the Automotive Series 2014 – Europe’s original leading networking congress for 180+ pioneering Autonomous Driving experts and decision-makers from the global automotive industry to discuss the pressing tasks  and technical challenges from ADAS towards Highly Automated Driving.

In 30 interactive sessions, executives reveal their strategies and current tactics with regard to new systems and technologies for automated driving, HMI considerations, as well as the legal and social framework. Grasp the chance to share know-how and explore the keynotes of international leading organizations, such as prev. MIT, Stanford, GM, BMW, VW, Hyundai and many more.

For further details, click here or contact us on +49 (0) 30 52 10 70 3 – 55 /

Demand Response and Ancillary Services

Tuesday, November 18th - Thursday, November 20th

Dallas, Texas

Demand Response is considered to be one of the smart grid’s emerging killer applications for utilities, grid operators, and power generators. But, Demand Response can do more than help meet peak load. It can help provide ancillary services such as contingency reserves and regulation and load following.

We are on the verge of a new opportunity to use demand response to help meet this nation’s power supply needs in the 21st century. With interest in the integration of significant amounts of renewable energy, wide-spread deployment of plug-in electric vehicles, and more efficient use of our existing transmission and generation infrastructure, demand response is poised to complement these initiatives, having a central role in shaping the way the grid is managed and energy consumed.

Incorporating extensive evaluation feedback from the previous event, this conference program has been updated to provide you with the latest, most up-to-date information driving the Demand Response and Ancillary Services today. This event will examine the global smart building managed services market trends, along with opportunities and challenges for Demand Response. Also, special sessions will be included on the exciting new role Transactive Energy will play in Smart grid modernization.

The Smart Building Conference - Milan

Tuesday, November 18th

Milan, Italy

After a successful debut in London 2013, the Smart Building Conference will be held in Milan at the famous Hotel Nhow, November 18th.

Having drawn more than 150 delegates as well as global media to its inaugural London event and to ISE 2014 in Amsterdam, the Conference will repeat its successful twin-track formula of split residential and commercial tracks.

The 1-day plenary sessions will provide delegates with key insights needed to meet their smart building business and design objectives. Different industries are encouraged to integrate and work together, creating an assimilated infrastructure of various technologies and expertise that make buildings smart.

The Smart Building Conference @ Milan is the perfect opportunity for building technology manufacturers to raise brand awareness among the construction industry’s most forward-looking stakeholder groups.

Australian Utility Week

Tuesday, November 18th - Thursday, November 20th

Melbourne Australia

Australian Utility Week is the region’s largest conference and exhibition for energy retailers, distributors  and water utilities focusing on the latest approaches, technologies and solutions to improve electricity and water networks’ efficiency in a cost-efficient, environmentally and customer friendly way. Energy retailers, distributors and water utilities will meet to exchange ideas on evolving business models, innovative technologies and project experiences as well as evaluating (joint) cooperation opportunities and new synergies between the electric and water utility industries.

Top-level speakers representing the utility industry from all over the world will present their views in different conference formats including case study presentations, round table discussions, technology workshops and panel sessions. Each presentation has been carefully selected based on the recommendations of a 40+ strong Advisory Committee and extensive market research.

Beyond the top quality learning opportunities presented at this event, an audience of 70+ utility companies plus 700+ attendees will ensure this event maintains its reputation as a world class networking event.

Military & Commercial Microgrids Summit

Wednesday, November 19th - Friday, November 21st

San Diego, California

Save 15% with discount code 1435MEDIA15

However, each market segment has its own unique requirements and drivers that must be met by carefully chosen microgrid technologies and system configurations. And Microgrids projects, including retrofits, are proving to require greater investment than previously recognized. Providers must tailor their approaches to the wants and needs of customers in order to effectively position themselves to market their technologies, products and services and capitalize on the next generation of microgrid projects.

Infocast’s 5th Military & Commercial Microgrids Summit returns to San Diego to bring key military, government, utility and end-user microgrid decision makers together to share their business and technical wants, needs and requirements for new projects. Early adopters and implementers of microgrids in defense, critical infrastructure, campus/institutional, remote communities and utilities applications will also be on hand to share lessons learned and real world case studies of microgrid performance. The Advanced Microgrid Technologies AM Showcase and Energy Storage Opportunities with Microgrids and Distributed Solar PM Showcase will precede the summit, offering attendees two in-depth looks at technologies enabling microgrid commercialization: automated demand response, distributed generation, energy storage, software controls, smart island inverters and vehicle-to-grid (V2G). In addition, an in-depth tour of the UC San Diego 42 MW microgrid led by Byron Washom will be offered on the evening of the 19th.


Wednesday, November 19th - Thursday, November 20th

San Francisco, California

CaFFEET’14: Smart Factory, What is the added value?

CaFFEET, the Californian French Forum on Energy Efficiency Technologies, is an annual 2-days event that started in 2011. PRIME, EDF and the French consulate in San Francisco host this event to foster technical and scientific collaborations on Energy Efficiency. Each year, this event brings together over 150 experts from Universities, R&D centers, utilities, corporations and startups.

CaFFEET'14 will address the topic of Smart Factory to demonstrate how smart solutions (sensors, software, data analytics…) add value to manufacturing productivity and industrial energy management.  The ultimate objective of CaFFEET’14 is to provide state-of-the-art research development, industrial case studies and new innovations that allow for more product quality, flexibility, reactivity of manufacturing plants.

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PV O&M USA 2014

Wednesday, November 19th - Thursday, November 20th

San Jose, California

PV Operations & Maintenance USA is a 2 day conference that will bring together the key solar stakeholders in the utility scale PV industry to share cutting edge technical and commercial plant management techniques Agenda already includes speakers from First Solar, Arizona Public Services, Rabo bank, NRG Energy and many more to be confirmed.

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Connected Fleets USA

Thursday, November 20th - Friday, November 21st

Atlanta, Georgia

Lisa Jerram, senior research analyst at Navigant Research, will be in attendance.  To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

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Connected Fleets USA 2014 Conference previously known as Telematics for Fleet Management Conference will tackle how fleet management solution are integrating connectivity to harass greater asset visibility and fleet optimization.  Learn from hand-picked speakers such as: Donlen, Volvo Trucks, Daimler, LA Metro, Michigan DOT and Microsoft to drive growth in the maturing American market.

The Connected Fleets USA 2014 Conference will tackle critical industry challenges and opportunities including data standardization, platform partnerships and strategies to tap into private and public investment. Face-to-face event networking allow attendees to build partnerships to equip them with the knowledge and strategy to create new growth in the connected fleet market.

Smart Grid World Summit

Monday, November 24th - Tuesday, November 25th

London, United Kingdom

The Smart Grid World Summit is the definitive annual conference providing practical guidance and strategic advice on Smart Grid Technology and Applications. The Conference agenda offers a breadth and depth of knowledge that uniquely meets the requirements of senior executives and professionals across disciplines.

Featuring prominent keynote speakers and panelists, the conference delves into the most pressing SmartGrid-related challenges, and provides delegates with a unique forum to discuss ideas and best practices with leading industry experts and analysts:

Smart Grid Summit 2014 – Agenda / Key Themes:

  • Smart Grids & Smart Metering
  • Renewable Integration & Energy Storage
  • Communications & Big Data
  • Cyber and Grid Security
  • Smart Grid Infrastructure
  • Customer Engagement
  • Smart Homes

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Power Southeast Asia Conference & Exhibition 2014

Wednesday, November 26th - Friday, November 28th

Jakarta, Indonesia

Supported by worldwide industry associations - Independent Power Producers Forum (IPPF), World Alliance for Decentralized Energy (WADE), the Organizing Committee is honored to announce that Power Southeast Asia Conference & Exhibition 2014 (Power SEA 2014) will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Themed as Powering the Economic Development via Stable, Reliable and Efficient Electricity Supply, Power SEA 2014 is a two-day conference & exhibition plus half-day golf tournament. Featured government official and utility speakers invited are from Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, etc. We are confident Power SEA 2014 will offer attendees an unparalleled look into what’s new and what’s on the horizon in electric power industry in Southeast Asia.

We expect that 30+ industry speakers, 30+ exhibitors, and 200+ senior executives will join this high profile event. The 3-day event aims to bridge the connection among government officials, utilities, power producers, vendors, investors, industrial power users, etc. so that they could discuss the current status of electric power industry, share the technological advancements (in generation, T&D and smart grid), envision the future, and thus power the region’s economic development via stable, reliable and efficient electricity supply. 

We look forward to welcoming you in Jakarta this November!

Electricity 2014

Wednesday, December 3rd - Saturday, December 6th

Eilat, Israel

We are pleased to inform you that The 15th international Annual Convention of the Society of Electrical and Electronics Engineers will be held on December 3-6, 2014 in Eilat, Israel.

We are proud to say that "Electricity 2013", attracted 1,300 attendees, 300 international visitors and 60 top tier companies which participated in the technical trade show.

This year, in addition to the traditional topics, the convention will be focusing on Smart Grid, Natural Gas Revolution and the Electricity Market Reform Plan. Major projects, trends, and technological novelties will be presented as well.

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Smart City Expo Montreal

Wednesday, December 10th - Friday, December 12th

Montreal, Canada

Smart City Expo Montreal is an international meeting of experts coming together to discuss and define best practices and build strong and prosperous urban policies.  There will be 40+ international speakers, more then 75 exhibitors from IT, architecture, consulting, engineering, urban planning, and design & transportation sectors. Smart City Expo Montreal is expecting 1000+ participants: municipal representatives, researchers, academics, business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Smart City Expo Montreal is the most important meeting point for stakeholders specialized in the development of future cities in North America.  Check out our program, covering key aspects for smarter cities: urban resilience, sustainable mobility, energy & climate change and open government.

For the first time in North America the conference SMART CITY will be held in Montreal.  Smart City is a worldwide event, taking place on each continent: Europe (Barcelona), Asia (Kyoto) and South America (Bogota), and more continents soon.


Thursday, December 18th - Sunday, December 21st

Shanghai, China

Chin Wi Hwa, manager of business development from Navigant Research, will be in attendance. To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

EV CHINA 2014 Exhibition ( the 7th China International Energy Saving and New Energy Vehicle Technology Exhibition) will be held in Shanghai World Expo & Convention Center from December 18 to 21, 2014, aiming to present the world-class new energy vehicle technology.

EV CHINA 2014 is sponsored by the New Energy Vehicle Magazine, the , HNZ Media and UTM-GLOBAL.As the most influential energy saving and new energy vehicle industry gathering in Asia, EV CHINA 2014 focuses on the development of energy saving and new energy vehicle technology and gears to the rapid development of international automobile industry and green world. It will display electric cars, power battery system, storage technology, battery material technology, detection technology, motor control and charging station and other latest products and technologies. With a competitive market and communication platform, EV CHINA 2014 is hoping to create a promising future of new energy vehicle industry.

EV CHINA 2014 will take advantage of the development of new energy vehicle industry to build a platform for government administration sections, manufacturers, research and development agencies, media, the public and others related to new energy vehicle industry in China and around the world.

DistribuTECH Conference & Exhibition

Tuesday, February 3rd - Thursday, February 5th

San Diego, California

Representatives from Navigant will be in attendance.  To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

DistribuTECH is the leading annual T&D event that addresses technologies used to move electricity from the power plant through the transmission and distribution systems to the meter and inside the home. DistribuTECH offers industry professionals more information and networking opportunities than any other annual T&D event.

The conference and exhibition offer information, products and services related to electricity delivery automation and control systems, energy efficiency, demand response, renewable energy integration, advanced metering, T&D system operation and reliability, communications technologies, cyber security, water utility technology and more.

The event also provides industry thought leaders from all over the world opportunities to network, share knowledge and problem solve with worldwide utilities and product and service providers. DistribuTECH includes two dynamic co-located events: Utility Products Exposition and Electric Light and Power Executive Conference. 

The Smart Building Conference - ISE 2015

Monday, February 9th

Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

Following the success of its London debut in 2013, the Smart Building Conference returns to Integrated Systems Europe on 9 February 2015.

Having drawn more than 150 delegates as well as global media to its inaugural London event and to ISE 2014 in Amsterdam, the Conference will repeat its successful twin-track formula of split residential and commercial tracks.

The 1-day plenary sessions will provide delegates with key insights needed to meet their smart building business and design objectives. Different industries are encouraged to integrate and work together, creating an assimilated infrastructure of various technologies and expertise that make buildings smart.

The Smart Building Conference @ ISE 2015 is the perfect opportunity for building technology manufacturers to raise brand awareness among the construction industry’s most forward-looking stakeholder groups.

Solar Middle East

Monday, March 2nd - Wednesday, March 4th

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Strategically located alongside the world's largest power event, Middle East Electricity, Solar Middle East offers access to an international audience of senior level purchasers and influencers. Now in its third year, the Solar Middle East exhibition has consistently increased in size and visitor numbers and the 2015 edition promises to be the biggest and busiest to date.

Why exhibit at Solar Middle East?
US$50 billion will be invested in the Middle East solar industry over the next seven years to increase capacity from 380MW to 15,000MW by 2020.

Solar Middle East offers the opportunity to put your company at the forefront of this rapidly developing market and expose your brand to a highly targeted audience of 3,500 senior-level decision makers from 84 countries worldwide.

Middle East Electricity

Monday, March 2nd - Wednesday, March 4th

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Strategically located alongside the world's largest power event, Solar Middle East, Middle East Electricity offers access to an international audience of senior level purchasers and influencers.

Middle East Electricity is the largest meeting place for energy industry professionals from over 100 countries worldwide.

- Meet the biggest names in the global energy industry
- More than 1,250 exhibitors from 54 countries
- 22 government-supported country groups & national pavilions
- Over 50,000 sqm of the latest technologies for the power, lighting, nuclear, new and renewable energy sectors
- 99% of visitors would recommend Middle East Electricity to their colleagues
- Middle East Electricity offers the opportunity to put your company at the forefront of this rapidly developing market and expose your brand to a highly targeted audience of 3,500 senior-level decision makers from 84 countries worldwide.

World Water-Tech Investment Summit

Tuesday, March 10th - Thursday, March 12th

London, United kingdom

The World Water-Tech Investment Summit, now in its 4th year, is Europe’s biggest event dedicated to innovation in water. The goal is to pool ideas and experiences from around the globe to accelerate the adoption of advanced technologies by both municipal and industrial water users.  Highlights of the agenda include:

Closing the Loop: How far can we go towards total recovery of heat, power and re-usable water?
Open Innovation and Alliances: Technology integrators share successful models for connected innovation and partnership
Mining 2030: If the goal is self-sufficiency in water by 2030, what is the roadmap for achieving this? How can technology help mining companies reach their goals?
Oil and Gas: IOCs outline the pain points that are currently driving their investment in water-related technologies
Resilient Cities: City officials discuss the next stage for smarter water infrastructure and closed loop resource management in developing sustainable, secure and resilient cities
Selling to Utilities: Leading municipalities share case studies of their recent technology adoption and the business models behind it
Mobile, decentralized and modular systems: Industry leaders define the most exciting growth markets for decentralized water and wastewater treatment
Emerging Markets: Multilateral agencies address the opportunities and challenges in integrating advanced technologies into major infrastructure projects.

This year, World Water-Tech Investment Summit will be the centerpiece of the newly-launched London Water-Tech Week. Rethink Events is joining forces with UKTI, British Water, Isle Utilities and the UK-Israel Tech Hub to bring delegations from around the world to London for a program of water-tech events and networking activities.  For more information on how you can get involved, click here.

South-East European Exhibition on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Wednesday, March 11th - Friday, March 13th

Sofia, Bulgaria

The 2015 edition of South-East European Exhibition on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy will promote the latest energy developments and encourage their large-scale implementation in South-East Europe as well as speed up foreign investment in the regional economy. It is a great networking place for the international and local industry players.

Co-located event Smart Cities Exhibition and Conference: The focus of this event will be on intelligent transport, building management and automation, ICT technology implementation in the overall urban activity.  Smart Cities will attract representatives of institutions, municipalities, branch organizations, private companies, providing interactivity and networking between them.

Energy Thought Summit (ETS) - ets15

Wednesday, March 25th - Thursday, March 26th

Austin, Texas

Held in Austin, Texas, Energy Thought Summit (ETS) brings the world’s thought leaders together for two days to debate the state and future of energy — expect smart dialogue, and an engaging setting on- and offline.

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International Congress and Expo on Biofuels & Bioenergy

Wednesday, August 26th - Friday, August 28th

Valencia, Spain

OMICS Group invites you to attend the International Congress and Expo on Biofuels & Bioenergy which will be held at Valencia, Spain. The main theme of the conference is “Accelerating Advancements and Frontiers in Biofuels & Bioenergy”.

Biofuels-2015 is an extraordinary event designed for the International professionals to facilitate the dissemination and application of research findings related to Biofuels and Bioenergy as replacement fuels. The conference invites participants from all leading universities, research institutions and leading companies to share their research experiences on all aspects of this rapidly expanding field.


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