Utility Spending on Demand Response Programs in Europe Will Reach Nearly $780 Million by 2020

January 22, 2014

Europe is relatively new to the demand response (DR) market, which has been spearheaded by the United States.  In the coming years, however, Europe is expected to emerging as a major market for DR, as new regulations take effect across the European Union (EU) and within individual countries.  Click to tweet: According to a recent report from Navigant Research, spending on DR by European utilities will surpass $776 million by 2020.

“The EU’s 20-20-20 energy mandate, coupled with national regulatory requirements around carbon emissions, energy efficiency, and the adoption of intermittent renewables, such as wind and solar power, is having a considerable impact on the demand response market in Europe,” says Brett Feldman, senior research analyst with Navigant Research.  “Europe’s historical resistance to the use of demand-side resources, such as DR, is crumbling as regulatory barriers are gradually being removed and new incentives arise.”

The transformative effects of this shift are already noticeable in several countries and regions that have initiated DR pilots or deployed programs.  Italy has a large interruptible load program that gives it the largest load curtailment, in terms of capacity, in 2013, followed by France and the United Kingdom.  Still, both France and the United Kingdom are expected to assume stronger market positions, according to the report, with France taking the lead by 2017.

The report, “Demand Response in Europe”, analyzes the emerging DR market in Europe.  The study provides an analysis of market drivers and inhibitors that influence adoption decisions and behavior related to DR, with a focus on the regulatory environment.  Market forecasts of DR sites, participants, load curtailment, and spending, broken out by country or region, customer segment (residential, commercial, and industrial), and program type, focus on five geographic areas and extend through 2020.  The report also examines the state of DR adoption by country/region in Europe, as well as the competitive landscape.  An Executive Summary of the report is available for free download on the Navigant Research website.

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* The information contained in this press release concerning the report, “Demand Response in Europe,” is a summary and reflects Navigant Research’s current expectations based on market data and trend analysis. Market predictions and expectations are inherently uncertain and actual results may differ materially from those contained in this press release or the report. Please refer to the full report for a complete understanding of the assumptions underlying the report’s conclusions and the methodologies used to create the report. Neither Navigant Research nor Navigant undertakes any obligation to update any of the information contained in this press release or the report.

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