Smart Home


Navigant Research’s Smart Home Research Service focuses on the market forces and critical technologies shaping the home as an intelligent, dynamic asset that empowers passive customers and creates a seamless connection between the grid and the behind-the-meter landscape. The service concentrates on the framework of smart devices in the home, the software and applications that affect residential consumers, and emerging value-added services. These include smart thermostats, smart appliances, home energy management software, home security and automation systems, demand-side management programs, and the utility-customer relationship. This service covers a range of players across the smart home value chain, from tech incumbents and startups manufacturing devices, to energy suppliers and telecommunication and broadband service providers offering holistic platforms, as well as value propositions driving smart home adoption, including energy, security, automation, convenience, insurance, and home healthcare.

Smart Home Reports

Topics Covered

  • Smart Metering (Residential)
  • Home Energy Management
  • Home Area Networks
  • Residential Demand Response
  • Smart Thermostats
  • Smart Appliances
  • Distributed Generation for Residential Customers
  • Consumer Engagement and Attitudes

Service Components

  • More than 8 Smart Home research reports published per year
  • Back catalog of all published Smart Home research reports
  • Unlimited Analyst Inquiry access for special requests on Smart Home topics
  • Input into Navigant Research’s prioritization and scheduling of research projects

Future Reports

(Subject to Change)
  • 3Q18 - Emerging Business Models for Multifamily Housing
  • 3Q18 - Residential Integrated DER Aggregation Strategies
  • 4Q18 - The Smart Home in the Energy Cloud
  • 4Q18 - Market Data: Smart Thermostats
  • 1Q19 - Residential Heating and Cooling Innovations
  • 1Q19 - Energy Independent Homes
  • 2Q19 - Residential Home Service and Protection Solutions
  • 2Q19 - Navigant Research Leaderboard: Digital Assistants
  • 2Q19 - Market Data: IoT in Multifamily, Low Income, and New Construction Markets

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