Electric Vehicle Consumer Survey

Consumer Attitudes, Opinions, and Preferences
for Electric Vehicles and EV Charging Stations

Alternative fuel vehicles, particularly battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), are a small but growing portion of the automotive market. Following the commercial introduction of these vehicles in 2010, BEV and PHEV sales volume has grown significantly over the last several years, with new auto manufacturers bringing models to market and existing manufacturers reducing pricing.

Consumers generally hold positive views of electric vehicles (EVs), as well as hybrids and natural gas-powered cars. However, even under several different scenarios, interest in BEVs and PHEVs remains below the 50% mark, indicating that consumers like the idea of EVs but may not be won over by the features and price points. Navigant Research forecasts that shipments of BEVs and PHEVs in the United States will reach 30,195 and 59,106, respectively, by the end of 2013. By 2020, shipments of these vehicles are expected to reach 130,641 and 210,772, respectively.

This Navigant Research report details the findings from a web-based EV consumer survey of 1,084 consumers in the United States. The study, which was executed in the fall of 2013 using a nationally representative and demographically balanced sample, aims to provide a better understanding of consumer attitudes toward alternative fuel vehicles, with an emphasis on electric vehicles. Levels of consumer interest in EVs, familiarity with EV models, and overall vehicle considerations are assessed. The survey also examines consumer receptiveness to several BEV and PHEV options and public charging stations.

Key Questions Addressed
  • How do consumers view alternative fuel vehicles?
  • Which brands, makes, and models of alternative fuel vehicles are familiar to consumers?
  • What type of drivetrains do consumers prefer?
  • Which vehicle features garner the most interest from consumers?
  • How open are consumers to the idea of public charging stations?
  • How much are consumers willing to pay for public charging services?
Who needs this report?
  • Vehicle manufacturers
  • Vehicle component suppliers
  • Charging equipment manufacturers
  • Battery manufacturers
  • Industry associations
  • Utilities
  • Government agencies
  • Investor community

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

1.1   Overview

1.2   Key Findings

2. Driver Profile

2.1   Vehicle Ownership

3. Interest in Electric Vehicles

3.1   Overall Interest

3.2   EV Brand Preference

4. Vehicle Familiarity and Opinions

4.1   Model Familiarity and Value

4.2   Consumer Opinions

5. Next Vehicle Preference 

5.1   Drivetrain Preference

5.2   Vehicle Options and Pricing Preferences

6. Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

6.1   Interest in Public Charging Stations

7. Summary and Conclusions

7.1   Consumer Interest

7.2   Model Familiarity

7.3   Engine, Body Type, and Option Preferences

7.4   Public Charging Stations

8. Acronym and Abbreviation List
9. Table of Contents
10. Table of Charts and Figures

11. Scope of Study, Sources and Methodology, and Notes

List of Charts and Figures

  • Favorability Ratings by Alternative Fuel Vehicle Type, United States: 2013
  • Vehicle Ownership, United States: 2013
  • Vehicle Ownership by Drivetrain, United States: 2013
  • Interest in a BEV at the $26,000 Price Point, United States: 2013
  • Likelihood to Purchase a BEV at the $15,000 Price Point with a Battery Lease, United States: 2013
  • Interest in a PHEV at the $28,000 Price Point, United States: 2013
  • EV Preference by Brand, United States: 2013
  • Familiarity with Alternative Fuel Vehicle Models, United States: 2013
  • Value for Price by Alternative Fuel Vehicle Model, United States: 2013
  • Consumer Opinion on EVs, United States: 2013
  • Next Vehicle Drivetrain Preferences, United States: 2013
  • First or Second Choice Plug-In Electric Vehicle Drivetrain Preference by Adopter Status, United States: 2013
  • Vehicle Body Type Preference, United States: 2013
  • Vehicle Body Type Preference by First or Second Choice Plug-In Electric Vehicle Drivetrain Preference, United States: 2013
  • Vehicle Options Preference, United States: 2013
  • Vehicle Options Preference by First or Second Choice Plug-In Electric Vehicle Drivetrain Preference, United States: 2013
  • Anticipated Price for Next Vehicle After Incentives, United States: 2013
  • Interest in Public Charging Stations, United States: 2013
  • Price Willing to Pay per Charge, United States: 2013

Report Details

  • Pages: 29
  • Tables, Charts,
  • Release Date: 4Q 2013

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