Electric Vehicles: 10 Predictions for 2014

By the end of 2014, more than 700,000 plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) will be driving on roads around the world. Automakers will introduce several dozen new PEV models – from small city cars to higher-priced luxury vehicles – during the year, offering consumers unprecedented choice in emissions-free driving. The continued penetration of electric vehicles (EVs) will affect the power grid and revenue streams for automakers, resulting in the emergence of new business models and first-time relationships between new partners. In order to analyze the impacts of these and other key issues facing the EV industry, Navigant Research has prepared this white paper that makes 10 predictions about the continuing evolution of the market in 2014 and beyond.
Topics covered in the paper include:

  • Likelihood of automakers meeting ZEV mandates in U.S. states
  • Diversification of automaker revenue streams to include EV-related services
  • Environmental benefits of EVs
  • Increasing competition in the luxury EV market
  • Commercialization of fuel cell vehicles (FCVs)
  • Participation of vehicles in grid services
  • Development of commercial wireless EV charging

This Navigant Research white paper analyzes 10 key trends that will influence the development of the EV market in 2014 and beyond. Conclusions and predictions in this paper are drawn from Navigant Research’s ongoing Smart Transportation program research coverage, with forecasts included for key market sectors.

Key Questions Addressed:
  • What will be the most important developments in the global electric vehicle (EV) industry in 2014?
  • What will be the most important developments in the global two-wheel EV market?
  • How will EVs reshape urban driving and the impact of transportation on the environment?
  • How will the arrival of fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) affect the EV industry?
  • Which segments within the EV market will see the most important model launches from automakers?
Who needs this report?
  • Automotive OEMs and suppliers
  • EV charging equipment manufacturers
  • Smart grid companies
  • Utilities
  • Fleet managers
  • Government agencies
  • Investor community

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Electric Vehicles: 10 Predictions for 2014

2.1   Automakers Accelerate Push for Changes in the California ZEV Mandates

2.2   Tesla Motors Will Have a Volatile Year

2.3   Electric Motorcycles Breakout as Transportation Alternative

2.4   EV Makers Pursue Revenue Beyond Vehicle Sales

2.5   Fuel Cell Car Launches Will Spur a New Round of “Fuel Cell Vehicle versus Battery Electric Vehicle” Hype

2.6   EVs Will Play a Leading Role in Carshare Growth

2.7   Wireless Charging Moves from the Lab to the Street

2.8   EVs Will Reduce Vehicle Carbon Dioxide Emissions in the United States by More Than 1 Million Tons

2.9   More Than 2.2 Million Electric-Drive Motors Will Ship in 2014

2.10  Vehicle-to-Grid Pilot Projects will Expand and Begin Generating Revenue across the United States

3.  Acronym and Abbreviation List
4.  Table of Contents
5.  Table of Charts and Figures
6. Scope of Study, Sources and Methodology, Notes

List of Charts

  • PEV Percentage of Light Duty Vehicle Sales, Eight ZEV States: 2018-2022
  • Annual Light Duty Vehicle Sales for Select Regions: 2014-2022
  • Total Vehicles in Carsharing Services by Region, World Markets: 2013-2020
  • Light Duty Electric Vehicle Motor Sales by Vehicle Type, World Markets: 2014

Report Details

  • Pages: 19
  • Tables, Charts,
  • Release Date: 1Q 2014

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