Home Energy Management from Broadband Service Providers

Broadband service providers (BSPs) have entered the home energy management (HEM) space in the past few years with the aim of helping customers reduce or more efficiently control their energy consumption. The approach has been to bundle home energy management tools with current home security and home automation products and services.

This nascent market has yet to find much traction among consumers even though market drivers do exist: a desire by consumers to reduce their monthly energy bills; new-home construction and home remodeling activity that present opportune moments to install the necessary hardware; and increasing competition among BSPs that demonstrates some market validation. Despite these drivers, important market inhibitors, including significant initial costs for HEM hardware plus recurring monthly fees, contracts that require multi-year commitments, an uncertain return on investment, relatively stable energy costs, the lack of technology standards, and lukewarm utility support, have hindered widespread adoption so far.

This research brief analyzes the market opportunity for broadband service providers seeking to drive adoption of home energy management products among their residential customers. The report provides an assessment of the demand drivers, basic technologies, and the typical bundles available in the evolving HEM market. Results from a recent U.S. consumer survey that gauged consumer sentiment toward home energy management are also included. Key industry players are highlighted, and regional and worldwide revenue and subscriber forecasts are provided through 2020.

Key Questions Addressed:
  • What are the drivers shaping the market for broadband service providers offering HEM services?
  • What are the inhibitors to broadband service providers offering HEM services?
  • What is the forecast for subscribers and revenue connected with broadband service providers offering HEM services, through 2020?
  • Which of the leading broadband service providers currently offer HEM services?
  • What should key stakeholders such as BSPs, utilities, and HEM vendors do to enhance their chances of success in this market segment?
Who needs this report?
  • Broadband service providers
  • Utilities
  • Home security services companies
  • Energy management platform providers
  • Thermostat manufacturers
  • Home automation vendors
  • Load control device manufacturers
  • Lighting controls vendors
  • Investor community

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

1.1   Drivers and Inhibitors

1.2   Forecast

2. Market Update

2.1   Drivers and Inhibitors

2.1.1     Market Drivers

2.1.2     Market Inhibitors

2.1.3     Disruptor or Partner?

2.1.4     Technologies and Products

2.2   Key Players

2.2.1     AT&T

2.2.2     Bright House Networks

2.2.3     Comcast

2.2.4     Cox Communications

2.2.5     Rogers Communications

2.2.6     Time Warner Cable

2.2.7     Verizon FiOS

2.2.8     ADT

2.2.9     iControl

2.3   Global Trends

2.3.1     Swisscom

2.4   Consumers

2.5   Market Forecast

3. Conclusions and Recommendations

3.1   What BSPs Need to Do

3.2   What Utilities Need to Do

3.3   What HEM Vendors Need to Do

List of Charts, Tables, and Figures

  • Broadband Service Provider HEM Offerings, North America
  • Home Energy Management Broadband Subscribers by Country, North America: 2012-2020
  • Consumer Interest in Home Energy Management, United States: 2012
  • Consumer Reasons for Interest in Home Energy Management, United States: 2012
  • Consumer Recall of Types of Companies Offering HEM Services, United States: 2012
  • Home Energy Management Broadband Subscribers by Region, World Markets: 2012-2020
  • Home Energy Management Broadband Revenue by Region, World Markets: 2012-2020


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