Navigant Research Leaderboard Report: Meter Data Management Systems

Assessment of Strategy and Execution for 11 MDMS Vendors

Billions of data points are logged globally every day from more than 500 million installed smart electric meters. The increasing volume of meter data and new applications that rely on this data, such as demand-side management and grid optimization, have driven the need for enhanced meter data management systems (MDMSs). Competitors in the MDMS market are investing in major upgrades that include data analytics and provide enhanced support for utility operations.

LB-MDM-15 Grid

Much like the technologies behind MDMSs, players in this market are well-established and their platforms are becoming increasingly advanced. Several leading vendors in the market have stated their intention to look past the concept of meter data management (MDM) platforms altogether to a future of multivariate data management systems where data from distributed sensors, smart inverters, appliances, etc. can be collected, organized, managed, and analyzed, in addition to smart meter data. According to Navigant Research, global MDMS revenue is expected to grow from $223.7 million in 2015 to $600.9 million in 2024. Growth in revenue will largely be attributed to markets in North America and Europe, though MDMS revenue in the Middle East & Africa will grow the fastest.

This Navigant Research Leaderboard Report examines the strategy and execution of 11 vendors that offer MDMSs and rates them on 12 criteria. Each company considered in this report has a solid offering with core MDMS capabilities. Vendors are differentiated by additional platform features, MDMS customers, international marketing and sales, and the vision, strategy, and roadmap for their MDM solution. Using Navigant Research’s proprietary Leaderboard methodology, vendors are profiled, rated, and ranked with the goal of providing industry participants with an objective assessment of these companies’ relative strengths and weaknesses in the global MDMS market.

Top Vendors:
  1. Itron
  2. Landis+Gyr
  3. Oracle
  4. Siemens eMeter
  5. Elster EnergyICT
  6. Schneider Electric
  7. Kamstrup
  8. Aclara
  9. NorthStar Utilities Solutions
  10. Ferranti Computer Systems
  11. Powell
Key Questions Addressed:
  • Which companies are Leaders, Contenders, Challengers, and Followers in the meter data management system (MDMS) market?
  • What should lower-ranked players do to improve their position?
  • What drivers shape the global MDMS market?
  • What barriers are keeping the MDMS market in check?
  • What is the revenue forecast for the global MDMS market?
Who needs this report?
  • Meter data management system (MDMS) vendors
  • Meter vendors
  • Meter communications vendors
  • Analytics vendors
  • Managed services vendors
  • Utilities
  • Regulators
  • Investor community

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary     

1.1   Market Introduction

1.2   Navigant Research Leaderboard Report Ranking Criteria for MDMSs

1.3   The Navigant Research Leaderboard Grid

2. Market Overview

2.1   Market Definition

2.2   Market Drivers

2.3   Market Barriers

2.4   Market Trends

3. The Navigant Research Leaderboard

3.1   The Navigant Research Leaderboard Categories

3.1.1   Leaders

3.1.2   Contenders

3.1.3   Challengers


3.2   The Navigant Research Leaderboard Grid

4. Company Rankings

4.1   Leaders

4.1.1   Itron

4.1.2   Landis+Gyr

4.1.3   Oracle

4.1.4   Siemens eMeter

4.2   Contenders

4.2.1   Elster EnergyICT

4.2.2   Schneider Electric

4.2.3   Kamstrup

4.2.4   Aclara

4.3   Challengers

4.3.1   NorthStar Utilities Solutions

4.3.2   Ferranti Computer Systems

4.3.3   Powel


5. Company Directory
6. Acronym and Abbreviation List
7. Table of Contents
8. Table of Charts and Figures
9. Scope of Study and Methodology

9.1  Scope of Study

9.2  Sources and Methodology

9.2.1  Vendor Selection

9.2.2  Ratings Scale  Score Calculations

9.2.3  Criteria Definitions  Strategy  Execution

List of Charts and Figures

  1. The Navigant Research Leaderboard Grid
  2. Meter Data Management Systems Revenue by Region, World Markets: 2015-2024
  3. Itron Strategy and Execution Scores
  4. Landis+Gyr Strategy and Execution Scores
  5. Oracle Strategy and Execution Scores
  6. Siemens eMeter Strategy and Execution Scores
  7. Elster EnergyICT Strategy and Execution Scores
  8. Schneider Electric Strategy and Execution Scores
  9. Kamstrup Strategy and Execution Scores
  10. Aclara Strategy and Execution Scores
  11. NorthStar Utilities Solutions Strategy and Execution Scores
  12. Ferranti Computer Systems Strategy and Execution Scores
  13. Powel Strategy and Execution Scores

List of Tables

  1. Meter Data Management Systems Revenue by Region, World Markets: 2015-2024
  2. The Navigant Research Leaderboard Overall Scores
  3. Vendor Scores
  4. Vendor Scores on Strategy Criteria
  5. Vendor Scores on Execution Criteria

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