Smart Grid Data Analytics for Consumer Engagement

Globally, utilities face a new reality with the deployment of smart grid technologies that generate huge volumes of data they are not accustomed to handle. Many utilities are now considering the best way to leverage smart meter data to add value to costly deployments beyond meter-to-cash operations. One approach is to use data from smart meters and other connected devices in the home or commercial and industrial (C&I) environment for consumer engagement tools. Analytics-driven solutions for consumer engagement include customer-facing portals that provide energy information and advice back to consumers and utility-facing applications based on customer segmentation.

North America currently provides the largest market for consumer engagement analytics, largely driven by smart meter penetration rates approaching 40% and state mandates requiring utilities to undertake energy efficiency programs and help consumers manage their own energy consumption more efficiently. Most deployments of consumer engagement analytics are still at the descriptive and reporting stage, but some more innovative utilities are already starting to look ahead with trials of more advanced solutions such as optimized residential load-management. Navigant Research forecasts that worldwide spending on consumer engagement analytics solutions is expected to grow at 24% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from $123 million in 2012, to $702 million in 2020.

This Navigant Research report analyzes the global market opportunity for consumer engagement analytics. The report provides an assessment of the drivers, barriers, technology issues and use cases, associated with this developing market. Key industry players are profiled and worldwide spending is forecast, segmented by region, through 2020.

Key Questions Addressed:
  • What are the drivers shaping the market for data analytics providers targeting consumer engagement?
  • What are the barriers to adoption of analytics for consumer engagement?
  • What use cases can be served by data analytics for consumer engagement?
  • How do the demand drivers for consumer engagement analytics vary across the globe?
  • Who are the key players offering consumer engagement analytics?
  • What is the market opportunity for vendors of data analytics solutions for consumer engagement?
Who needs this report?
  • Smart grid hardware vendors
  • Database technology providers
  • Smart grid data analytics vendors
  • Meter data management system providers
  • Energy management platform providers
  • Home automation vendors
  • Utilities
  • Investor community

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

2. Market Update

2.1  Introduction

2.2  Drivers and Inhibitors

2.2.1  Market Drivers

2.2.2  Market Inhibitors

2.3  Technology and Solutions

2.3.1  Data Usage

2.3.2  Use Cases

2.4  Key Players

2.4.1  Aclara

2.4.2  AlertMe

2.4.3  Bidgely

2.4.4  C3 Energy

2.4.5  EcoFactor

2.4.6  Onzo

2.4.7  Opower

2.4.8  Tendril

2.5  Global Trends

2.5.1  North America

2.5.2  Europe

2.5.3  Asia Pacific

2.5.4  Rest of World

2.6  Market Forecast

3. Conclusions and Recommendations

3.1  Recommendations for Utilities

3.2  Recommendations for Vendors

List of Charts and Figures

  • Consumer Interest in Demand Response, United States: 2012
  • Consumer Analytics Capability Spectrum
  • Smart Meter Installed Base by Region, World Markets: 2012-2020
  • Consumer Engagement Analytics Spend by Region, World Markets: 2012-2020

Report Details

  • Pages: 16
  • Tables, Charts,
  • Release Date: 3Q 2013


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