The Mobility Research Service focuses on the emerging services, technologies, and business models that redefine the roles of personal and commercial vehicles in enabling sustainable multimodal mobility. The markets covered include carsharing and ridesharing, connected vehicles, autonomous vehicles, electric vehicle mobility, intelligent transportation services, smart parking, and smart street management. The service analyzes the changing roles of automakers, the emergence of mobility as a service, and communications and analytics that are seamlessly connecting individuals to the most appropriate mode of transportation.

Mobility Reports

Topics Covered

  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Carsharing
  • Ridesharing
  • Connected Vehicles
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Electric Vehicle Mobility
  • Smart Parking Systems

Service Components

  • More than 6 Mobility research reports published per year
  • Back catalog of all published Mobility research reports
  • Unlimited Analyst Inquiry access for special requests on Mobility topics
  • Input into Navigant Research’s prioritization and scheduling of research projects

Future Reports

(Subject to Change)
  • 3Q18 - HD Navigation for Mobility
  • 3Q18 - Market Data: Transportation Data Services
  • 3Q18 - Automated Commercial Vehicles
  • 4Q18 - Market Data: Connected Vehicles
  • 4Q18 - Market Data: Automated Driving Vehicles
  • 4Q18 - Automated Driving Simulation
  • 1Q19 - Navigant Research Leaderboard: Automated Driving
  • 1Q19 - Compute Platforms for AVs
  • 2Q19 - Mobility as a Service
  • 2Q19 - Electricity in Mobility as a Service
  • 2Q19 - Municipal Mobility Operating Systems