Transport and Logistics Innovations

Transport and
Logistics Innovations

The Transport Logistics Innovations Research Service focuses on the emerging technologies, service models, and business models in good transportation, both on-road and off-road. Topics covered include drones and unmanned vehicles; vehicle automation; connectivity for commercial vehicles; first and last mile delivery; and other new service models. The service analyzes the changing landscape of logistics and the opportunities related to new technologies and fuels as well as innovative service models that enable goods and logistics transportation that is sustainable, efficient, and less costly.

Transport and Logistics Innovations Reports

Topics Covered

  • Drones
  • Unmanned Vehicles
  • Automation for Commercial Vehicles
  • Connected Vehicles
  • First and Last Mile Delivery Innovations
  • On-Road and Off-Road Logistics Applications

Service Components

  • Approximately 6 Fuel Transport and Logistics Innovations research reports published per year
  • Back catalog of all published Transport and Logistics Innovations research reports
  • Unlimited Analyst Inquiry access for special requests on Transport and Logistics Innovations topics
  • Input into Navigant Research’s prioritization and scheduling of research projects

Future Reports

(Subject to Change)
  • 2Q18 - Unmanned Vehicles Providing Value across Industries
  • 2Q18 - Automated Commercial Vehicles
  • 3Q18 - Electric Bikes
  • 3Q18 - Smart Highways
  • 4Q18 - Port Logistics
  • 4Q18 - Connected Vehicles

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