Utility Transformations


Navigant Research’s Utility Transformations research program covers emerging technologies and business models that are shaping the next generation of the electrical grid. Research focus includes examination of utility technology issues within different operational domains including transmission, distribution, metering, and consumer energy management. The analysis also provides profiles of utility smart grid innovations, regulatory trends, and market issues such as scalability, security, and quantification of the opportunity for smart grid technologies across different sectors and world regions.

Utility Transformations Research Services

Internet of Things Internet
of Things

The Internet of Things Research Service focuses on the transformative market forces and critical technologies shaping the future of connected energy. Research and analysis covers Internet of Things applications for utilities, energy consumers, distributed energy resources, and smart cities. The service explores changing business models affecting stakeholders, including energy suppliers, customers, vendors, regulators, and investors. Research reports include a comprehensive strategic analysis of the market landscape, key drivers and barriers, as well as detailed market forecasts, segmented by technologies, world regions, and application areas.

Connected Grid Connected

The Connected Grid Research Service focuses on connectivity solutions for established utility applications such as substation and distribution automation and smart metering, as well as for cutting-edge applications enabled by emerging networking technologies. The service features research and analysis on connectivity solutions for smart city applications, connected electric vehicle (EV) charging networks, connected distributed energy resources (DER), and other emerging energy applications, along with in-depth coverage of fiber, cellular, 5G, LTE, and more. Research reports include a comprehensive strategic analysis of the market and technology landscapes, vendor profiles, and detailed market forecasts, segmented by region, application, and technology.

Digital Grid Digital

The Digital Grid Research Service focuses on utility information technology and services, including major IT systems, big data analytics solutions, cloud-based services, data platforms, and integration services. The service features research and analysis of systems, including meter data management, distribution management, outage management, asset management, mobile workforce management, geographic information, SCADA, energy management, distributed energy resource (DER) management, and the full suite of analytics solutions for utilities. Policy and regulatory drivers, business and financing models, and use cases for various solutions are examined. Research reports include a comprehensive strategic analysis of the market landscape in addition to detailed market forecasts, segmented by technology, world region, and application area.

Dynamic Grid Dynamic

The Dynamic Grid Research Service focuses on innovative technologies and business models for electric transmission and distribution systems. The service features research and analysis covering grid automation and control technologies, distributed energy resource (DER) integration, advanced metering infrastructure, and other emerging intelligent grid solutions to manage grid assets and optimize operations. The service also includes in-depth examination of enabling technologies, policy and regulatory factors, and business and financing models. Research reports include a comprehensive strategic analysis of the market landscape and operational requirements in addition to detailed market forecasts, segmented by technology, world region, and application.

Demand-Side Management Demand-Side

The Demand-Side Management Research Service provides an in-depth examination of current demand-side management market dynamics, including demand response (DR) and energy efficiency (EE), along with analysis of emerging market opportunities, on a global and regional basis. The service includes worldwide forecasts of market size and growth prospects for curtailment services, systems integration and consulting, and outsourcing services for commercial, industrial, and residential markets. Detailed assessments and profiles are also included for major demand-side management technology vendors and service providers.

Digital Utility Strategies Digital Utility

The Digital Utility Strategies Research Service analyzes emerging technologies, business models, and market opportunities that are driving change and growth in the electric utility industry. Coverage includes renewable energy, distributed generation, smart grids and smart meters, energy storage, and the impact of electric vehicles on the utility grid. This Navigant Research service is designed to provide actionable intelligence and market strategy inputs for utility executives and key utility vendors as they plan for the next stage of the industry’s evolution.

DER Strategies DER Strategies

The DER Strategies Research Service provides actionable intelligence on integration and business model strategies for distributed energy resources (DER). Subscribers receive specialized reports providing insight around emerging technologies, business models, customer adoption trends, vendor ecosystems, strategic utility partnerships, and business model implications. Topics covered include distributed generation, distributed storage, vehicle-to-grid integration, demand-side management, microgrids, virtual power plants, networking, and distributed analytics. Focused strategy briefs offer strategic guidance for clients to make educated and informed decisions about the evolving DER landscape.

Utility Customer Solutions Utility Customer

The Utility Customer Solutions Research Service covers topics related to new customer-focused energy and non-energy solutions. Research coverage includes emerging business models for utilities and technology companies designed to meet new utility customer expectations, and leverage access to enabling technologies and the transition toward DER. The service analyzes revenue implications, solution deployment and partnership models, key customer trends, policy and regulatory factors, innovation financing strategies, and competitive landscapes across industry verticals.

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