Digital Utility Strategies

Digital Utility

The Digital Utility Strategies Research Service analyzes emerging technologies, business models, and market opportunities that are driving change and growth in the electric utility industry. Coverage includes renewable energy, distributed generation, smart grids and smart meters, energy storage, and the impact of electric vehicles on the utility grid. This Navigant Research service is designed to provide actionable intelligence and market strategy inputs for utility executives and key utility vendors as they plan for the next stage of the industry’s evolution.

Digital Utility Strategies Reports

Topics Covered

  • Defining the Digital Utility
  • Strategies for Utility Digitization
  • Transactive Energy
  • Organizational Change
  • Managing Competition
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Information and Data Management

Service Components

  • Approximately 6 Digital Utility Strategies research reports published per year
  • Back catalog of all published Digital Utility Strategies research reports
  • Unlimited Analyst Inquiry access for special requests on Digital Utility Strategies topics
  • Input into Navigant Research's prioritization and scheduling of research projects

Future Reports

(Subject to Change)
  • 3Q18 - Utilities and Big Data Management
  • 3Q18 - Robotic Process Automation in the Utilities Industry
  • 4Q18 - Managing Competition in the Energy Cloud
  • 4Q18 - Enterprise Strategy for Utility Analytics
  • 1Q19 - Energy Blockchain Application Projects and Financing
  • 1Q19 - Deploying an AI Strategy
  • 1Q19 - Optimizing Data Management Strategies
  • 2Q19 - Market Data: Transactive Energy

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