World Market Update 2012

International Wind Energy Development
Forecast 2013-2017

The BTM wind report, World Market Update 2012, published by Navigant Research, is the 18th edition of this annual wind energy market report.  The report includes more than 80 tables, charts, and graphs illustrating global wind market development, as well as an on- and off-shore wind market forecast for 2013-2017 and predictions for the wind market through 2022.

World Market Update 2012 includes a full chapter dedicated to cold climate turbines.  As cold climate sites often offer favorable wind conditions, the deployment of wind energy in cold climate areas is growing rapidly. World Market Update 2012 reviews the challenges presented by cold climate, analyzes the economics of cold climate technologies and projects, introduces the latest commercial applications developed by leading turbine vendors and component suppliers, and identifies future wind-related opportunities in cold climate markets.

Highlights of this report include:
  • Milestone: more than 285 GW wind power globally
  • 45 GW of new capacity added in 2012, including 1.1 GW from offshore wind
  • The U.S. surpassed China as the largest market in terms of new installations in 2012
  • Significant shift in positions among the top 10 wind turbine suppliers in 2012
  • The top 15 wind owner-operators as of 2012
  • Market forecast to 2017 ( on/offshore ) and prediction to 2022
  • Latest incentives  in key wind power markets
  • Special theme: Cold Climate Turbines
  • Major industry trends covered in more than 80 tables and graphs
  • More than 150 pages including comprehensive assessment of both demand and supply sides of market

Table of Contents

List of Tables
List of
Abbreviations and Technical Units
Executive Summary

1. Introduction

1.1   Methodology

1.2   Sources

1.3   Significant events in the wind industry in 2012

2. Market Development in 2012 – Demand Side

2.1   Record global wind market growth once more

2.2   The Offshore Market in 2012

2.3   Overview of Global Wind Turbine Fleet

2.4   The Top 10 Markets in the World

2.5   Commercial MW Technology in the Market

3. Supply Side of the Market in 2012

3.1   American, European and Indian OEMs push Chinese out of the top five

3.2   Still only one truly global wind turbine supplier

3.2   Trends in the Competitive Market

4. Wind Power Plant Owners

4.1   Wind project ownership base goes big time

4.2   Industry comes to terms with a new reality post the financial crisis

4.3   Strong Chinese presence among top 15 wind owner-operators

4.4   Main players dramatically increase project pipelines and targets

4.5   Plenty of growth potential in large wind power investors

4.6   New entrants seize opportunities in tough economic times

5. Market Forecasts and Estimates

5.1   Five year market forecast for 13% growth to 2017

5.1.1   Economic value of global wind market to 2017 forecast at €334 billion

5.1.2   Emerging Markets on steady course for growth

5.2   Offshore wind will make up a sizable portion of the global wind market in 2017

5.3   Expectations and predictions for development 2018-2022

5.4   Geopolitical Issues: Climate change resurfacing as major influence in energy geopolitics

5.4.1   UN climate negotiations and the Kyoto Protocol

5.4.2   European energy policy and regulation

6. Penetration of Wind Power Electricity and Wind Market Structures

6.1   Remarkable growth rate of wind contribution to global electricity supply

6.2   Wind market structures continue to evolve

7. Special Theme: Cold Climate Turbines

7.1   Introduction

7.2   Definitions and terminology

7.2.1   Abbreviations and terms

7.2.2   Cold Climate

7.2.3   Lower Temperature

7.2.4   Icing Conditions

7.2.5   Current standards, guidelines and recommendations

7.3   Challenges Presented by Cold Climates

7.4   Size of the Cold Climate Market

7.4.1   Methodology of market size analysis

7.4.2   Installed and forecasted capacity in Cold Climates

7.4.3   Regional distribution of installed and forecasted capacity

7.5   Technological requirements for Cold Climates

7.5.1   Resource assessment

7.5.2   Wind Turbine Generators

7.5.3   Testing and certification

7.6   Commercial applications developed by turbine OEMs and component suppliers

7.6.1   Blade heating

7.6.2   Instruments

7.6.3   Anti-icing coatings

7.7   Economics of Cold Climate technology & projects

7.8   Examples of Cold Climate projects

7.9   Conclusions: A growing and significant market


A:  Profiles of leading wind turbine manufacturers

B:  Profiles of major sub-suppliers

C:  Profiles of major wind project developers/operators


List of Figures

  • Annual & cumulative global wind energy development 1983-2012
  • Total installed wind power capacity at the end of 2006, 2009 & 2012
  • Typical onshore wind turbine development timeline
  • Market share of major utilities and IPPs
  • Cumulative installed capacity by region at the end of 2012 and by 2017
  • Forecast of annual installation for the years 2013-2017
  • Expected world market in euro sales five years ahead
  • Potential offshore wind capacity in UK waters
  • Actual 1990-2012 – Forecast 2013-2017 – Prediction 2018-2022
  • Prediction for cumulative installed wind capacity by 2018 and 2022
  • Cumulative Wind Power Development up to 2022
  • Carbon emission permit price evolution in the EU
  • Definition of CC: Low temperature climate and icing climate
  • Photos showing conditions in a wind farm located in northern Finland where both low temperatures and icing conditions occur
  • Installed and forecasted capacity in the world
  • Technology maturity curves for Cold Climate adaptations
  • Illustration of low temperature and/or icing related costs and risk of a wind project in cold climate

List of Tables

  • World market growth rates 2007-2012
  • Installed capacity in 2011 and 2012 (Global)
  • Installed capacity in 2011 and 2012 (American continent)
  • Installed capacity in 2011 and 2012 (Asia)
  • Installed capacity in 2011 and 2012 (rest of world)
  • Installed capacity in 2011 and 2012 (Europe)
  • Global installed offshore wind power in 2011 -2012
  • Global offshore wind test sites
  • Global operating offshore wind farms by end 2012
  • Offshore wind project under construction by the end of 2012
  • Numbers of wind turbines worldwide
  • Average size of turbine (kW) installed each year
  • Average size of turbine (kW) in cumulative installation
  • The 10 largest markets in 2012 (annual installed MW)
  • The 10 largest markets by the end of 2012 (cumulative MW)
  • Growth rates in the Top 10 markets
  • Selected MW class wind turbines in the market
  • The top-10 suppliers in 2012
  • The five next in line
  • Leading suppliers in the top ten markets in 2012
  • Share of supplied MW by top ten wind turbine suppliers
  • Market shares in 2010, 2011 and 2012
  • Wind turbine size classes by market share 2010-2012
  • Wind turbine size classes by market share 2012
  • Leading suppliers in the four wind turbine size classes 2012
  • Leading suppliers in the 1.5 MW+ size class 2012
  • Leading suppliers in the multi-MW size class – 2012
  • Leading utility and IPP wind farm owner-operators
  • Potential major wind farm owner-operators/developers
  • Forecast for wind power development 2013-2017 (global)
  • Forecast for wind power development 2013-2017 (American continent)
  • Forecast for wind power development 2013-2017 (Asia)
  • Forecast for wind power development 2013-2017 (rest of the world)
  • Forecast for wind power development 2013-2017 (Europe)
  • Forecast for offshore wind power development 2013 to 2017
  • Renewable energy targets for EU states to meet the “20% by 2020” policy
  • Estimate of electricity from “2012 wind power capacity”, by country
  • Growth of wind power compared to worldwide electricity generation
  • Contribution of wind power to worldwide electricity generation
  • Wind Incentives in selected countries
  • IEA Ice Classification
  • Main challenges in Cold Climate wind energy
  • Description of data and criteria used in market size analysis
  • Total installed and forecasted capacity in Cold Climates
  • Regional distribution of installed and forecasted capacity in Cold Climates
  • Commercially available CC WTGs in March 2013 based on the questionnaire
  • Blade heating technology solutions
  • Instrument suppliers for Cold Climates
  • Example of the effect of icing on P90 value of project AEP using different strategies
  • Economic implications of cold climate issues on the economics of a wind farm project (VTT)
  • Example of CC projects

Report Details

  • Pages: 194
  • Tables, Charts,
  • Release Date: 1Q 2013


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