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Adam Forni, Senior Research Analyst

Adam Forni

Adam Forni is a senior research analyst contributing to Navigant Research’s Energy Technologies program, with a focus on distributed natural gas. Forni has broad technical experience covering electrical systems, mechanical systems, energy efficiency, and financial modeling.

Prior to Navigant Research, Forni performed renewable energy consulting for Fortune 500 clients, managing engagements resulting in more than $2 billion in new revenue. He has also served as a program manager at Bloom Energy, where he managed a $100 million fuel cell portfolio for Home Depot and microgrid projects for Apple, Yahoo!, and Disney. In 2013, Forni was named a recipient of Consulting-Specifying Engineer’s 40 Under 40 awards for building professionals under the age of 40. The same year, he received the American Council of Engineering Companies’ Award of Excellence. Forni is a registered professional engineer (electrical) in California, and holds an MBA from the University of California, Irvine and a BS in mechanical engineering from Valparaiso University.

Recent Reports

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  • Market Data: Diesel and Natural Gas Generator Sets

    Distributed Reciprocating Engines for Residential, Standby, Cogeneration, Utility, and Prime and Continuous Applications: Global Market Analysis and Forecasts

    Diesel and natural gas generator sets (gensets) are the most widely adopted distributed energy resources on the planet, and they have been established as an industry for over a century. But as the global power equation shifts toward generation that is more distributed, clean, and intelligent, traditional markets for gensets are unde...

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  • Military Microgrids

    US DOD Stationary Base, Forward Operating Base, and Tactical Mobile Systems: Market Analysis and Forecasts

    The US Department of Defense (DOD) is the single largest consumer of petroleum in the world. Moreover, US military operations (as a single entity) represent the largest consumer of all forms of energy globally. The genesis of the DOD’s interest in improving energy security through microgrid technology stems from its heavy reliance...

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  • Power-to-Gas for Renewables Integration

    Power-to-gas (P2G)—the conversion of electrical power into gaseous energy carriers—has been held back from mass adoption by high costs, regulatory hurdles, and difficulties with infrastructure. Yet, as the levelized cost of renewable energy falls and electrolyzer technologies improve and decline in price, P2G business models are...

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  • Market Data: Combined Heat and Power in Microgrids

    Turbines, Microturbines, Reciprocating Gensets, and Fuel Cells:

    Combined heat and power (CHP) systems—which generate electricity and useful thermal energy in a single unit—were the original microgrids. CHP has been operating as an efficient, simple form of self-sustaining microgrid for more than a century. Boasting double the efficiency of typical grid-supplied power, the opportunities for ...

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Recent Blog Posts

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  • Microsoft Deploys Fuel Cells into the Core of World’s First Gas Data Center

    October 12, 2017

    Fuel cells have been used to power data centers for years, with players including Apple, eBay, and Equinix all making big investments in the technology. But while most fuel cells power data center facilities from the outside, Microsoft just built a pilot data center with the fuel cells installed right on the racks. This is a shift t...

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  • Hydrogen in Microgrids: Diverse Business Models Begin to Emerge

    September 7, 2017

    Hydrogen has long held promise as an energy carrier, though electrolyzer and fuel cell technologies have so far not broken into the mass market—largely due to high costs and infrastructure challenges. As those technologies continue to get cheaper and more efficient, they present intriguing possibilities for hydrogen in one unexpec...

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  • What Would a Perma-Eclipse Do to Solar Power?

    August 15, 2017

    On August 21, a total solar eclipse will captivate millions of observers across the United States. Early on its 1,800 mph path across the country, the moon’s shadow will block 5.6 GW worth of solar power plants in California, the top solar state. The California Independent System Operator (CAISO), the state’s grid operator, is ...

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  • Can California Wield Energy Storage to Grid’s Advantage?

    July 25, 2017

    The California Public Utilities Commission has proposed a ruling that could require thousands of energy storage projects to be more responsive to the dynamic grid as the state continues to grapple with integrating intermittent renewables. The ruling would apply to projects funded by the Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP), whic...

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