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Alex Eller, Senior Research Analyst

Alex Eller

Alex Eller is a senior research analyst in Navigant Research’s Energy Technologies program, leading syndicated research for suite of Energy Storage research services, as well as supporting the Advanced Batteries, Microgrids, Distributed Renewables, and DER Strategies research services. Eller specializes in global market analysis and competitive assessments to evaluate new products, company strategies, and forecast market growth for energy storage and other distributed energy technologies.

Prior to joining Navigant Research, Eller served as an account manager at Energy Acuity, where he was also the lead analyst for a research project on the investment strategies of US power utilities. He has worked with diverse clients, including utilities, Fortune 500 companies, private equity firms, technology start-ups, and leading software providers to ensure they have a complete understanding of their target markets and the competitive landscape in the emerging distributed energy ecosystem. Eller has been cited in numerous industry publications and media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, BloombergUtility Dive, and Electric Light & Power.  He holds a BSBA in international business from the University of Denver.

Recent Reports

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  • Navigant Research Leaderboard: Microgrid Controls

    Assessment of Strategy and Execution for 15 Microgrid Controller Vendors

    The key to success for any microgrid project is the controls platform. Whether intentionally islanding from the utility grid or responding to a signal from a grid operator to provide ancillary services, the microgrid controller can be viewed as the heart of the microgrid. It is vital to the success of microgrid projects whether focu...

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  • Market Data: Energy Storage for the Grid and Ancillary Services

    Global Market Drivers, Trends, and Forecasts for the Large-Scale

    The utility-scale market focuses on energy storage for the grid and ancillary services (ESGAS), which refers to five of the most common applications for energy storage situated on the utility side of the meter. While this industry has matured significantly over the past 2 years, activity remains concentrated in select countries. In ...

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  • Navigant Research Leaderboard: Lithium Ion Batteries for Grid Storage

    Assessment of Strategy and Execution for 10 Li-Ion Battery Manufacturers

    Lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries have been the technology of choice for stationary storage projects in recent years. Due to a combination of low cost, energy density, efficiency, and safety, the technology has emerged as the go-to choice for many stationary energy storage system (ESS) developers. Li-ion batteries have also led the mar...

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  • Market Data: Ancillary Service Markets for Energy Storage

    Spinning Reserves, Non-Spinning Reserve Capacity, Frequency Regulation,

    Ancillary service markets have been one of the primary sources of revenue for many energy storage projects built to date. The increasing penetration of renewable energy and retirement of conventional thermal power plants are causing major shifts in energy markets that are expected to result in a greater need for ancillary services. ...

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Recent Blog Posts

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  • Can Colorado Become the Next Big Energy Storage Market?

    March 29, 2018

    Having covered the energy storage industry for several years it’s exciting to see my home state, Colorado, making headlines. Aside from a handful of older pumped hydro plants, the storage industry is nascent in Colorado due to a combination of cheap electricity, relatively low demand charges, and little regulatory support. The sta...

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  • FERC’s New Storage Order Signals Focus on Flexibility and Resource Diversity to Improve Resiliency

    February 27, 2018

    After over 1 year of speculation and uncertainty, one of the most significant regulatory developments in the energy storage industry was announced last week by the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). In Order 841, FERC aims to remove barriers to the participation of energy storage resources in capacity, energy, and ancil...

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  • Is Mobility Key to Unlocking the Maximum Value of Energy Storage?

    December 27, 2017

    The ability of distributed energy resources, including energy storage systems (ESSs), to defer investments in new transmission and distribution (T&D) infrastructure has emerged as one of the most attractive uses of the technology. Navigant Research has covered this topic in recent reports, including Energy Storage for Transmissi...

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  • Energy Storage Association Offers a Call to Action for New Policy

    December 14, 2017

    In collaboration with Navigant Research, the Energy Storage Association (ESA) recently published its latest white paper, 35×25: A Vision for Energy Storage, analyzing the evolving needs of the electric grid and the market drivers powering rapid energy storage industry growth. The study introduces the current state of the indust...

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