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Jesse Broehl, Senior Research Analyst

Jesse Broehl

Jesse Broehl is senior research analyst contributing to Navigant Research’s Energy Technologies program, with a primary focus on global wind energy markets for Navigant’s Wind Energy research service. He is the lead author of Navigant’s annual World Wind Energy Market Update report, which for over two decades has provided benchmarking and analysis of global wind installations by country and by all wind turbine vendors. Broehl also leads or contributes to other wind research in the areas wind turbine supply chain, offshore wind, drones for wind blade inspection, wind policy, market forecasts, and consulting engagements.

Prior to joining Navigant Research, Broehl was an advisor at MAKE Consulting, providing research and market intelligence, predominantly on the North American wind energy market. In past roles, he led editorial coverage of the US and Latin American wind energy markets for Windpower Monthly magazine as its US editor. Prior to that, Broehl covered all renewable energy sectors as the managing editor of RenewableEnergyWorld.com. Broehl is fluent in French and holds a BA in journalism from the University of New Hampshire.

Recent Reports

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  • Wind Turbine Order Tracker 4Q17

    Wind Turbine Projects and Capacity by Vendor, Country, and World Region

    Global wind turbine orders announced in 1H 2017 reached 11,570.9 MW, representing a notable decline from 14,743.9 MW in 2H 2016. There have been several shake-ups in the wind industry over the last year. Nordex acquired Acciona in the spring of 2016 and wind power giants Siemens and Gamesa merged this past spring to form Siemens Gam...

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  • Market Data: Wind Blade Materials Demand Forecast

    Fiber Reinforcement, Resins, Core Materials, Adhesives, Paint and

    The wind blade materials market is one of the most competitive, dynamic, and strategically important parts of the wind turbine supply chain. The rapid pace of R&D for blades, manufacturing processes, and advanced materials is enabling stronger and longer blades, making wind turbines more efficient, increasing turbine annual ener...

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  • World Wind Energy Market Update 2017

    Global Wind Power Development, Wind Turbine OEM Market Shares,

    New global wind turbine installations in 2016 reached 54.3 GW, underlining how firmly wind power is entrenched as part of the broader energy system. Although this was a strong showing, it is down from the record level of wind installed in 2015 of 63.1 GW. The global downturn in 2016 was largely due to less capacity installed in Chin...

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  • Wind Turbine Order Tracker 2Q17

    Wind Turbine Projects and Capacity by Vendor, Country, and World Region

    Total wind turbine orders collected in this update of Navigant Research’s Wind Turbine Order Tracker totaled 14,743.9 MW of capacity. These orders included announced projects from 24 different countries and 11 different vendors. Vestas extended its lead among turbine vendors with 6,445.15 MW of capacity reported—almost 3,000 MW ...

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  • Floating Offshore Wind Showing Potential

    November 1, 2017

    Offshore wind is notching up impressive cost reduction success, evidenced by record low power purchase agreement prices in recent UK and other European competitive bidding auctions. This is great news, but the game changer is if floating offshore wind foundations could achieve commercial success. This could reduce offshore wind foun...

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  • UK Offshore Wind Costs Plummet to Record Lows

    October 5, 2017

    Offshore wind power costs are plummeting as wind turbines get bigger and European countries implement a variety of market-oriented competitive pricing schemes. The general pattern is to let wind project developers bid and compete for the lowest power purchase agreement (PPA) price at which they are still confidently willing to finan...

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  • New Wind Turbine Battleground Focused on 4 MW Units

    September 28, 2017

    The latest battleground in the ever tightening wind turbine market is with onshore wind turbines in the 4 MW range. Until now, this segment has had few offerings and only minor commercial deployments. No less than four turbine OEMs announced new 4 MW turbine models over the past few months. The overwhelming majority of annual onshor...

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  • Wind Project Construction Hits Record Pace Mid-Year

    August 31, 2017

    The US wind market is in the midst of a wind plant construction boom. As of early August, 25,819 MW of wind projects were in various stages of advanced development or construction, according to the American Wind Energy Association’s (AWEA’s) U.S. Wind Industry Second Quarter 2017 Market Report. This represents a 41% increase in ...

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