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Lisa Jerram, Principal Research Analyst

Lisa Jerram

Lisa Jerram is a principal research analyst overseeing Navigant Research’s Transportation Efficiencies program. She analyzes emerging markets for new vehicle technologies for cars, trucks, and buses; electric vehicle charging equipment; innovative urban mobility solutions and intelligent transportation; and fuel cells for transportation.

Jerram has more than 20 years of experience analyzing the market potential of advanced transportation technologies, with her work being used by government and the private sector to determine market potential, barriers, and drivers across a range of new technologies. Prior to joining Navigant Research, Jerram was a senior market analyst at Fuel Cell Today, where she authored research reports and led consulting engagements in the transportation and infrastructure sectors. She previously held senior analyst positions at the Breakthrough Technologies Institute and the Northeast Advanced Vehicle Consortium. Jerram holds a BA from the University of Virginia.

Recent Reports

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  • DC Fast Charging Equipment for EVs

    Direct current (DC) fast charging deployment is growing rapidly, spurred by increasing sales of battery EVs (BEVs) and the introduction of long-range BEVs. The technology has quickly shifted from being a niche segment of the overall EV charging market to the technology with significant investment momentum behind it. Moreover, the ma...

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  • Market Data: Electric Drive Trucks

    Medium and Heavy Duty Trucks with Hybrid, Plug-In Hybrid, Battery Electric, and Fuel Cell Powertrains: Global Market Analysis and Forecasts

    Manufacturers are showing a renewed focus on bringing commercially viable electric trucks to market. Fleets have shown interest in the benefits of electrified trucks because of the potential for lower operational costs and noise reduction benefits. However, the ROI has not been proven in many applications due to the high upfront cos...

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  • Redefining Mobility Services in Cities

    The Impacts of Making Transport Clean, Shared, Automated, and Connected

    Around the world, major cities have been setting targets to combat the negative effects of local transport on public health, local pollution, noise levels, and GHG emissions. Sustainable mobility plans are counting on heavy investments in public transportation and biking infrastructure to compensate for the loss of personal vehicle ...

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  • Market Data: Electric Drive Buses

    Medium and Heavy Duty Buses with Hybrid, Plug-In Hybrid, Battery Electric, and Fuel Cell Powertrains: Global Market Analysis and Forecasts

    The electric drive bus market is starting to reap the rewards of the huge investments being made to grow the passenger EV market. Costs of key components such as batteries, motors, and power electronics are declining thanks to increasing volume, and these improvements are helping plug-in hybrid and battery electric buses become more...

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Recent Blog Posts

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  • ITS Applications as a Key Element of the Smart City

    October 5, 2017

    Coauthored by Ryan Citron As urban areas see increasingly ubiquitous connectivity, opportunities for intelligent transportation system (ITS) applications are growing. ITS is a mature market and is a standard part of public agencies’ planning and operations tool kits. However, with individuals now continually online through mobile ...

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  • EV Charging Companies Going Global

    April 5, 2017

    Commercial EV charging companies are starting to go truly global, supported by major investments coming from the energy sector and automakers. These investments will see companies enter new markets with the potential to ramp up in volume. Since plug-in vehicle (PEV) sales started in 2010, the commercial charging market has been geog...

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  • A New Culture for Carsharing

    February 8, 2017

    Carsharing continues to make the transition from a startup or non-profit culture to a corporate culture. More and more large companies are entering the space and acquiring smaller carshare services, and automaker services are adding high end vehicles to the quirky two-seaters. But the bigger news may be that carsharing is starting t...

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  • Forward Momentum in EV Charging

    February 7, 2017

    Let me join the many analysts writing to declare that “the private sector will move forward with XX energy innovation even if the US federal government stops supporting it.” This insight has gone from a contrarian hot take to conventional wisdom in record time. And it is a perspective that occasionally carries with it a whiff of...

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