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Mackinnon Lawrence, Senior Research Director

Mackinnon Lawrence

Mackinnon Lawrence is a director in Navigant’s global Energy practice and leads Navigant Research. He is responsible for overall strategy and operations, including management of a global analyst team, development of the Firm’s Energy Cloud thought leadership framework, and client engagements supporting utility, oil & gas, telecom, manufacturing, IT, and consumer tech companies. His expertise covers energy transformation, business model innovation, and technology disruption.

With more than a decade of experience as an analyst and attorney, Lawrence has led research and consulting engagements covering emerging clean technology, grid transformation, and policy and regulatory issues. He has co-authored numerous publications, including Navigant’s State & Future of the Power Industry annual reports, Navigating the Energy Transformation, and From Grid to Cloud: A Network of Networks in Search of an Orchestrator. He is a frequent speaker at conferences worldwide on emerging technology issues. Lawrence holds a JD from Washington College of Law and an MA in international affairs from American University.

Recent Reports

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  • Navigating the Urban Energy Transformation

    Building Smart and Sustainable Future Cities

    The importance of cities to the development of a sustainable, global economy is widely recognized. City leaders around the world have been making commitments to deliver the necessary reduction in urban emissions to meet global climate goals. Achieving these targets will require a combination of new energy solutions, new technologies...

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  • Building-to-Grid Integration

    New Business Models and Revenue Opportunities through Technology Deployment in Commercial and Industrial Buildings:

    The transformation of the energy system presents a crossroads to the three main intelligent buildings market constituents: utilities/energy providers, technology vendors, and building owner/operators. Business benefits for innovators of the building-to-grid (B2G) platform include lower costs and sustained profits for a stronger bott...

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  • Defining the Digital Future of Utilities

    Grid Intelligence for the Energy Cloud in 2030

    This white paper complements Navigant Research’s existing research into the development of the Energy Cloud. It builds on discussion in Navigant Research’s Navigating the Energy Transformation white paper on an aggressive Energy Cloud scenario. In this scenario, distributed energy resources (DER), which include solar PV, energy ...

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  • Distributed Natural Gas: Five Trends for 2017 and Beyond

    Distributed natural gas (DNG)-fueled generation is undergoing a transformation despite its relative maturity. Thanks to key developments in technology, new business models, and the changing regulatory environment, established technologies are being used in new applications. Access to cheap natural gas, demand for resilient onsite po...

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Recent Blog Posts

  • Preparing for Exponential Technology Innovation: Rethinking Utility 2.0

    March 24, 2017

    We are living in an era of exponential technology explosion. Since the performance of these exponential technologies increases rapidly relative to cost and size, they have a knack for completely reshaping markets and societies. To illustrate, just trace the impact on society from the personal computer through the dawn of the Interne...

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  • The Energy Cloud by the Numbers: Supergrids Go Mainstream

    February 24, 2017

    A common misconception around the rise of distributed energy resources (DER) and the Energy Cloud is that investment and innovation in the power sector is focused almost exclusively across the grid edge. While the grid’s center of gravity is shifting downstream, utility-scale generation and bulk transmission remain a key buttress ...

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  • Are We Approaching the Energy Singularity? Point

    June 27, 2016

    Elon Musk, doing his best Elon Musk, offered the provocative statement recently at the Code Conference that our existence is actually just a simulation being run by a highly advanced civilization. While a fringe theory, behind the statement is actually a rich vein of academic and philosophical thinking suggesting that we are approac...

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  • Agile Innovation in the Energy Cloud

    May 2, 2016

    One year ago, Navigant’s Energy Cloud: Emerging Opportunities on the Decentralized Grid white paper described a power industry evolving into a dynamic network of networks far more sophisticated than the traditional hub-and-spoke model of yesterday. Propelled forward by the convergence of multiple megatrends transforming how energy...

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