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Michael Kelly, Research Analyst

Michael Kelly

Michael Kelly is a research analyst contributing to Navigant Research’s Digital Grid research service within the Utility Transformations program.  He also maintains a lead role in the development of Navigant Research’s Global Grid Infrastructure data service, and specializes in smart grid IT systems and data analytics, as well as advanced metering infrastructure.

Prior to joining Navigant Research, Kelly worked as a research analyst at Energy Acuity, where he researched renewable energy projects and transmission planning dockets. In this role, he also contributed to the development of annual reports on solar and wind markets and analyzed public planning documentation. Kelly holds an MS in geography and environmental science, with a focus on geospatial analysis, from the University of Colorado Denver, and a BA in environmental studies from the University of Colorado Boulder.

Recent Reports

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  • Customer Management and Experience Technologies

    Web, Call Center, Billing, and Outage Notification Technologies:

    Utilities today are facing the most competitive environment that the electric power industry has ever seen. They are facing regulatory disruption, stagnant load growth, financial pressures, and competition from distributed generation (i.e., solar) and other third-party service providers. At the same time, their customers have come t...

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  • Cybersecurity for the Digital Utility

    Transmission Upgrades, Substation Automation, Distribution Automation, Smart Metering, and Smart Grid IT & Analytics: Global Market Analysis and Forecasts

    Electric power systems around the globe are undergoing a radical evolution during the 21st century and are increasingly embracing transformative concepts like decentralization, automation, and digitization. This paradigm shift has led to the deployment of billions of networked sensing devices and a continued expansion of communicati...

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  • Global AMI Tracker 2Q17

    Smart Meter Projects: Project Tracking, Regional Analysis, and Market Shares

    Smart meters could be labeled as the original smart grid device. More than a decade after communicating electric meters were deployed, the market for advanced metering infrastructure (AMI, or smart meters) remains strong and growing. Since the release of Navigant Research’s Global AMI Tracker in 4Q 2016, the North American market ...

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  • Market Data: Smart Grid IT Systems


    The advent of smart grid technologies has led to the deployment of billions of connected devices across transmission and distribution networks worldwide. These devices provide utilities with unprecedented grid-edge visibility and granular data. Yet, without IT systems to process this data, the grid is not smart. Today, a wide array ...

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Recent Blog Posts

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  • Harvey and Irma Highlight the Need for Advanced Outage Communications

    September 14, 2017

    The impacts are devastating. Across Houston and larger parts of the Southeast, citizens are reeling from the extensive damage caused by Hurricane Harvey. Meanwhile, across the gulf, Florida was just hit by Irma—one of the strongest hurricanes on record. For utilities, the wave of powerful storms not only means a rush to restore po...

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  • Five Key Smart Meter Markets to Watch

    June 27, 2017

    The adoption of smart electric meters by utilities is part of a long-term technology transformation to create a more intelligent grid. While the rate of adoption will vary by region, over time, smart meters will become the norm. In the advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) landscape today, some countries already have nearly full pe...

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  • India: An Emerging Smart Meter Superpower

    March 16, 2017

    The global smart meter market has experienced a number of transformative events over the past decade. In North America and Europe, the Smart Grid Investment Grant and European Union Directive 2009/72/EC helped jump-start relatively minimal markets into the behemoths they are today. In Asia Pacific, China took the reins as the global...

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  • First Signs of the 2G Smart Meter Movement

    December 5, 2016

    Since the initial installation of smart meters in Italy began in 2001, the adoption of these smart devices has grown rapidly among industrialized nations throughout the world. Traditional electromechanical meters, along with automatic read meters, are now quickly being phased out in lieu of this newer technology. Italy, through its ...

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