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Michael Kelly, Research Analyst

Michael Kelly

Michael Kelly is a research analyst contributing to Navigant Research’s Digital Grid research service within the Utility Transformations program.  He also maintains a lead role in the development of Navigant Research’s Global Grid Infrastructure data service, and specializes in smart grid IT systems and data analytics, as well as advanced metering infrastructure.

Prior to joining Navigant Research, Kelly worked as a research analyst at Energy Acuity, where he researched renewable energy projects and transmission planning dockets. In this role, he also contributed to the development of annual reports on solar and wind markets and analyzed public planning documentation. Kelly holds an MS in geography and environmental science, with a focus on geospatial analysis, from the University of Colorado Denver, and a BA in environmental studies from the University of Colorado Boulder.

Recent Reports

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  • Global AMI Tracker 2Q18

    Smart Meter Projects: Project Tracking, Regional Analysis, and Market Shares

    The global smart electric meter market is in a period of growth, but has not yet reached the maturity stage. Developed markets continue to grow as late adopters embrace advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and second-generation smart metering propagates among the early adopters. Meanwhile, emerging markets are showing signs of sma...

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  • Market Data: Utility Customer Information and Relationship Management Systems

    CIS, CRM, and Customer Operations Analytics:

    Billing/customer information system (CIS) solutions are fundamental to the electric utility industry’s meter-to-cash process, essentially serving as the cash register, and are thus critical to a utility’s cash flow. While legacy systems perform that function, the modern systems available today offer many more capabilities. In th...

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  • Communications Technologies for DER Integration

    Distributed Generation, EVs, Demand Response,

    The global energy business faces unprecedented challenges—and opportunities—as distributed energy resources (DER) proliferate. This emerging paradigm shift in power generation and grid operations has also brought about the threat of grid instability and complicated grid management processes for utilities. To date, utility effor...

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  • Global AMI Tracker 4Q17

    Smart Meter Projects: Project Tracking, Regional Analysis, and Market Shares

    The smart electric meter market remains strong as developed markets continue to mature through a mix of new deployments and second-generation upgrades. Meanwhile, developing markets are showing promise as new pilot- and commercial-scale projects continue to emerge. Since the release of Navigant Research’s Global AMI Tracker in 2Q ...

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Recent Blog Posts

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  • Mobile Workforce Consumerization: Laptops, Tablets, and Phones, Oh My!

    July 12, 2018

    Mobile workforce management is in a state of significant transformation. Along with enhancements to mobile workforce applications (software), there has been a notable shift in the types of devices (hardware) being used by workers in the field. Increasingly, utilities are tossing aside traditional laptops and two-way radios in lieu o...

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  • AMI in Latin America: Moving beyond Mexico and Brazil

    June 7, 2018

    There is finally a spark. After years of sitting on the sidelines, Latin America is finally making a play—on a meaningful scale—at the smart metering market. Across the larger markets of Brazil and Mexico, utilities have dabbled with smart metering for some years. Now that midsize markets like Peru, Colombia, and Chile are commi...

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  • From Ownership to Outsourcing: An Evolution of AMI

    April 10, 2018

    More than a decade after the earliest models of smart electric meters were deployed, the market for advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) is undergoing a major shift. Utilities have historically preferred to acquire their own physical assets and any software required to manage these assets, store all related data in house, and use ...

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  • China Cements Its Role as the Undisputed AMI Leader

    November 30, 2017

    In terms of volume, China continues to preserve its status as the undisputed global leader in advanced metering infrastructure (AMI). Since 2012, State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) has been deploying smart meters to each of its customers at a feverish clip. SGCC has installed more than 400 million smart meters across China over ...

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