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Peter Asmus, Principal Research Analyst

Peter Asmus

Peter Asmus is a principal research analyst contributing to Navigant Research’s Energy Technologies program, with a focus on wind energy as well as emerging energy distribution networks models such as nanogrids, microgrids, and virtual power plants. His expertise also includes wind energy, marine hydrokinetic technologies, and renewables generally. Asmus has 20 years of experience in energy and environmental markets, as an analyst, writer, and consultant.

Asmus is the author of four books covering key energy market issues: Reaping the Wind, Introduction to Energy in California, Reinventing Electric Utilities, and In Search of Environmental Excellence. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and he is quoted regularly in major publications including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Christian Science Monitor, and Reuters. Prior to joining Navigant Research, Asmus was president of Pathfinder Communications, and was previously editor of the Clean Power Journal, assistant editor of California Policy Choices, and has written for a number of energy trade publications including Windpower Monthly and Electric Utility Week. He holds a BA in journalism from the University of Wisconsin.

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  • Power Generation in the Oil & Gas Industry

    Distributed Prime Movers for Onsite Generation in Upstream Oil & Gas:

    Power generation in upstream oil & gas (O&G), traditionally led by diesel gensets, is transitioning to new energy sources. While the arguments for diesel—including broad fuel availability and ease of transport and storage—have not changed, technological advances, regulations, and macroeconomics are expanding the options ...

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  • Market Data: Microgrid O&M Revenue Opportunities

    Market Forecasts by Enabling Technology, Application Segment, and Region

    Microgrids vary immensely in size, resource mix, vendor composition, and application. As a result, estimating the related operations and maintenance (O&M) revenue opportunities requires careful consideration. A diverse set of opportunities present themselves in this aspect of the microgrid ecosystem, though clarity on the extent...

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  • Solar as a Service

    The solar as a service (SOaaS) segment is experiencing a transformation as the global solar market continues to evolve. SOaaS is a recent phenomenon that has emerged within the distributed solar PV market space. Companies like Vivint, Sunrun, and SolarCity provide SOaaS offerings to enable customers to either finance the cost of the...

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  • Microgrid Deployment Tracker 4Q16

    Commercial and Industrial, Community, Utility Distribution, Institutional/Campus, Military, Remote, and DC Microgrids: Projects by Region, Segment, and Top 10 Countries and States

    Navigant Research’s Microgrid Deployment Tracker 4Q16 is the 11th edition of its microgrid database that is updated semiannually. This edition of the Tracker shows North America strengthening its claim as the leading region worldwide in global operational microgrid capacity with a 54% market share. North America and Asia Pacific a...

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  • The Energy Cloud: Is Australia Supplanting New York as Global Leader?

    March 13, 2017

    The fact that Audrey Zibelman is leaving her top position at the New York Public Service Commission to become CEO at the Australian National Energy Market (AEMO) is just one sign that the world’s eyes are increasingly turning to the land down under for inspiration and innovation when it comes to an emerging Energy Cloud future. Th...

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  • Plug-and-Play Microgrids Are Building Momentum

    February 17, 2017

    The concept of plug-and-play microgrids is picking up momentum. But like the term microgrid itself, plug-and-play means many different things. To a software company such as Spirae, the plug-and-play concept is all about enabling software (the topic of a recent Navigant Research white paper and webinar). According to Spirae, configur...

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  • Military Microgrids Could Be a Winner under New Trump Administration

    February 6, 2017

    President Donald Trump’s preference for traditional energy fuels such as oil and natural gas—as well as large centralized coal plants—is clear. Yet, recent trends point to rapid growth in small, distributed energy resources (DER). These DER technologies range from rooftop solar PV panels to new kinds of batteries and from wind...

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  • Winter Season Builds Business Case for Storage, Virtual Power Plants in California

    January 9, 2017

    A little over a year ago, the underground Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility began leaking. While the primary concern was how methane emissions might jeopardize public safety, this event also created a crisis in energy supply in Southern California. As it turns out, it became the largest methane leak in US history. By some es...

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