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Scott Shepard, Senior Research Analyst

Scott Shepard

Scott Shepard is a senior research analyst contributing to Navigant Research’s Transportation Efficiencies program. In this role, he provides research and modeling capabilities to forecast vehicle adoption, infrastructure growth, and energy use, in addition to analyzing issues related to emerging road transportation technologies.

Shepard advises automakers, infrastructure developers, government agencies, and utilities on a number of transportation technology trends related to mobility, vehicle electrification and grid integration, fuels consumption, and emissions generation. Prior to joining Navigant Research, Shepard worked with the Colorado Energy Office as a graduate student on electric vehicle policy analysis and design. He holds an MPA in environmental policy, management, and law from the University of Colorado Denver and a BA in history from Colorado State University.

Recent Reports

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  • Market Data: EV Market Forecasts

    Global Forecasts for Light Duty Plug-In Hybrid and Battery EV Sales and Populations: 2017-2026

    Set to pass 1 million sales in 2017, the global plug-in EV (PEV) market will notch 6 years of annual growth of 40% or more since PEVs were introduced in 2011. The rollout of long-range battery EVs (BEVs) at sub-$40,000 price points is boosting market adoption, and the global market should see continued growth at around 38% through 2...

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  • Vehicle Grid Integration

    Managing Plug-In EVs in Grid Services: Global Market Analysis and Forecasts

    With range issues overcome and low costs for energy and maintenance, plug-in EVs (PEVs) are likely to steadily become the leading powertrain in light duty vehicle (LDV) transport by 2050 and in medium and heavy vehicle (MHDV) transport not long after. The electrification of transportation will increase load significantly. While basi...

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  • Redefining Mobility Services in Cities

    The Impacts of Making Transport Clean, Shared, Automated, and Connected

    Around the world, major cities have been setting targets to combat the negative effects of local transport on public health, local pollution, noise levels, and GHG emissions. Sustainable mobility plans are counting on heavy investments in public transportation and biking infrastructure to compensate for the loss of personal vehicle ...

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  • Market Data: EV Geographic Forecasts

    Battery and Plug-In Hybrid EV Sales and Populations in North America

    The development and diffusion of the plug-in EV (PEV) population has implications for utilities, grid operators, and companies seeking to supply the energy needs of this quickly growing consumer base. In North America, the PEV market has grown by a factor of 10 since 2011, and 2017 is headed toward another record-breaking year. The ...

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  • Utilities Bet on Open Standards for PEV Charging

    August 10, 2017

    Electricity as a transportation fuel has only been used in a few mass transit platforms like light rail that are large-scale megawatt consumers. These platforms have highly predictable load patterns, and these electricity consumers are generally visible to utilities because their load is large enough to require utility coordination ...

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  • Beyond Ultra-Fast Charging: Part 2

    June 1, 2017

    The potential of automated drive has produced many a report theorizing about the likely impacts of automated drive technologies on the transportation system, the built environment, and more generally, society. Navigant Research is no stranger here; however, our tack is far more conservative than some others. The basic theory most of...

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  • Beyond Ultra-Fast Charging: Part 1

    May 31, 2017

    Now that the continued decline in battery prices can make battery EVs (BEVs) cheaper to drive than the competition, ultra-fast charging is viewed as the final link to making them mainstream. Given that, the automotive industry is focusing on approximating the time it takes to gas up by rolling out ultra-fast charge networks in North...

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  • European Turn from Diesel Unlikely Due to Scandals

    April 10, 2017

    The revelation of Volkswagen’s (VW’s) diesel emissions cheating is nearing its second anniversary and the automaker is well along in the settlement process. Yet, skepticism about diesel remains strong. Global governments have maintained a steady stream of inquiries into diesel automaker environmental compliance efforts. The lat...

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