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Stuart Ravens, Principal Research Analyst

Stuart Ravens

Stuart Ravens is a principal research analyst contributing to Navigant Research’s Utility Transformations program.  Ravens focuses on utility digitization, analyzing topics such as IT, analytics, transactive energy, blockchain, and changing utility business models. His work covers utility and vendor strategies for managing the transformation to a distributed future, as well as how new technologies, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, can offer utilities a future competitive advantage. Additionally, he covers the significant barriers to digital transformation and how utilities can manage them to their advantage.

Ravens has been an analyst for more than 20 years. For the past 10 years, his work has focused on the use of technology by utilities. He has played a lead role in the delivery of custom research and advisory work for many utilities, IT vendors, service providers, and renewables specialists. As an expert on the use of IT in the energy industry, he has been invited to speak at conferences around the world.  Ravens has also worked as an analyst in financial and professional services organizations based in London. He holds an MSc in information science from City University, London.

Recent Reports

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  • Capitalizing On Integrated DER in Australia

    In the past, Australia has been viewed by many as an isolated energy market of little relevance to the global Energy Cloud ecosystem. Recent power outages, wholesale and retail price spikes, and among the highest penetrations of distributed solar PV in the world have made Australia a focal point of innovations today—especially wh...

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  • Accessing Licensed Spectrum for Future-Proof Utility Networks

    When it comes to wireless connectivity for smart grid applications, utilities have predominantly utilized unlicensed spectrum bands rather than acquiring licensed spectrum. The reasons are many: licensed spectrum is expensive, many existing smart grid solutions use unlicensed spectrum, and to date these solutions have done the job w...

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  • Machine Learning for the Digital Utility

    It is hard to escape the hype surrounding artificial intelligence (AI). Blockchain is possibly the only other technology to command as many headlines as AI. Yet, there is a tangible difference between what is written about the two technologies. On the one hand, despite plenty of issues with blockchain, many in the media still effusi...

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  • Blockchain for Transactive Energy Platforms

    The transition of the electric power grid from one-way power to two-way power (what Navigant Research calls the Energy Cloud) has been underway for several years, bringing numerous benefits. However, distributed generation (DG) also causes complications for grid operators. Intermittent generation introduces challenges to power quali...

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  • Oil Producing Nations Signal a Warning to the Utility Industry

    April 17, 2018

    Saudi Arabia seems to be following Norway’s lead as a major oil producer eschewing fossil fuel generation for cleaner alternatives. This nation-state trend is mirrored at a company level, with major oil companies also seeking opportunities in renewable energy. Utilities may ignore it at their own peril. From Oil Empire to Renewabl...

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  • What’s Up with the Blockchain Trend?

    April 3, 2018

    In March 2018, the blockchain-in-energy hype dial turned up a notch with the publication of the total investment attracted by energy-related blockchain startups. While the numbers are impressive, it’s important to remember the majority is investment capital, primarily sourced from initial coin offerings (ICOs), not utilities’ di...

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  • Make Sure You Have a Strategy before Asking Whether You Need a CDO

    March 1, 2018

    Before recruiting high level staff to drive digital transformation, it is worth remembering that staff alone—regardless of their skills—are not a guarantee of success. Digitization is an enabler for business transformation. Business transformation requires a solid strategy roadmap backed by C-suite executives. Late last year, St...

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  • European Utilities Will Never Tame Enterprise Data, but That’s Okay

    February 22, 2018

    The last decade bore witness to the beginning of the energy transition. In 2018, the European energy transition is well underway. Without doubt, the next decade will be the most disruptive in the industry’s history. Investment in innovation is running at unprecedented levels as incumbent energy suppliers seek out the business mode...

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