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Tom Machinchick, Principal Research Analyst

Tom Machinchick

Tom Machinchick is a principal research analyst contributing to Navigant Research’s Building Innovations program, focusing on technologies that enable commercial building energy efficiency. Machinchick’s background includes both operational and financial management responsibilities in a diverse set of energy and renewable energy industries.

Prior to joining Navigant Research, Machinchick was the COO of InSolPark, Inc., a provider of retrofit optimization solutions to underperforming solar plants in the United States and Europe. He also held senior roles related to investment management, flare gas to energy micro-generation, solar energy, and retail consumer products manufacturing. Additionally, Machinchick has extensive experience consulting with early-stage businesses, and has worked to develop go-to-market strategies, create business plans and pro forma financial statements, and assist in the capital acquisition process. He has authored numerous energy-related market research reports and has also written marketing and business communication articles, white papers, and other related materials for leading global brands in energy, energy efficiency, IT, and data centers, among other topics. Machinchick holds a BS in information systems from King’s College (PA) and an MBA from La Salle University.

Recent Reports

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  • HVAC Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings

    Unitary Systems, Heat Pumps, Furnaces, Boilers, VRF Systems, Chillers,

    The unsustainable use of resources has become increasingly problematic worldwide as the impacts of environmental changes materialize. Concerns over environmental degradation and energy consumption are fundamental to the energy efficiency standards that drive today’s building operations. Performance standards for energy efficient b...

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  • Global Building Stock Database

    Commercial and Residential Building Floor Space

    Commercial, residential, and industrial buildings are responsible for nearly half of all global energy consumption and GHG emissions. Humans also spend almost 90% of their time indoors, making indoor environments a critical component of health and well-being, productivity, and safety. Quantifying the size of the global building stoc...

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  • Market Data: Energy Efficient Buildings – Asia Pacific

    Energy Efficient Commercial Building Technologies:

    Buildings account for about 40% of global energy use. Hence, the focus on energy efficiency in the buildings sector is increasing. In Asia Pacific, energy consumption in buildings will continue to grow rapidly as a result of new construction spurred by high economic growth and the increasing demand for cooling in warm climate region...

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  • Navigant Research Leaderboard: ESCOs

    Assessment of Strategy and Execution for 14 Energy Service Companies

    Energy service companies (ESCOs) have been instrumental in providing access to energy efficiency technologies and services in market segments that would not normally be able to consider or afford these types of capital-intensive projects. This access is largely enabled using energy performance contract (EPC) or energy savings perfor...

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Recent Blog Posts

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  • Intelligent or Not, Siloed Systems Decrease Value

    June 12, 2018

    Energy efficient commercial building equipment has gone a long way in helping businesses reduce energy-related costs, as well as enabling them to become more environmentally responsible. Significant energy reductions can be realized through the installation or replacement of high energy-consuming components such as HVAC and lighting...

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  • Do Conglomerates Hold an IoT Advantage?

    June 7, 2018

    Modern-day conglomerates that have stuck with this business model may be poised to capitalize as the Internet of Things (IoT) broadens its penetration into commercial and residential building-related markets. In western countries, conglomerates had their heyday between the 1960s and 1980s, when large corporations used their profitab...

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  • Sustainability as a Business Model

    December 12, 2017

    Energy efficiency and emissions goals form an important piece of sustainability initiatives for many corporations and other professional entities. Sustainability is often solely associated with energy and climate-related metrics, but it is not the only factor contributing to a sustainable organization. Investors are starting to rec...

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  • Monetizing Energy Efficiency: Creating Additional Value Streams for Your Customers

    December 8, 2017

    Much is transforming the global energy landscape these days. Building technologies are progressing from single point solutions to system and platform-based solutions utilizing the latest in smart digital technologies and the Internet of Things. Utilities are reshaping entire business models and strategies to integrate and enable a s...

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