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William Tokash, Senior Research Analyst

William Tokash

William Tokash is a senior research analyst in Navigant Research’s Energy Technologies program, where he leads distributed energy storage research coverage. He is also a member of the distributed DER solutions team.

Tokash brings broad-based, leading-edge expertise in areas related to distributed energy resources and vehicle electrification, including technology assessment, project development, business development, investment analysis, and project finance. He holds a BS in medical technology from Indiana University.

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  • Smart Cities and Energy Storage

    Urban energy use is being considered as an element of the smart city concept known as smart energy. Smart energy technologies are increasingly expected to help address the sustainability needs of smart cities to reduce carbon-intensive peak energy use and develop resilient energy systems. Navigant Research anticipates that the emerg...

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  • Market Data: Advanced Energy Storage for Automotive Applications

    Li-Ion Traction Energy Batteries for Light Duty Passenger and Medium and Heavy Duty Buses and Trucks: Global Market Analysis and Forecasts

    EV sales continue to rise rapidly around the world. Declining battery costs have positioned these vehicles for dramatic market success in the years to come, and long-range EVs are now competitive in price among economy brands after subsidies. This milestone marks a threshold likely to move EVs from a niche vehicle option to the next...

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  • Energy as a Service

    Commercial and Industrial Energy as a Service Applications

    The electric power industry is facing a fundamental shift from centralized generation toward a more decentralized grid known as the Energy Cloud. Commercial and industrial (C&I) energy and sustainability managers are choosing to apply new technology and business model innovations driven by the Energy Cloud to meet energy needs. ...

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  • Navigant Research Leaderboard Report: Distributed-Scale Energy Storage Systems Integrators

    Assessment of Strategy and Execution for 14 Distributed-Scale ESS Integrators

    The distributed-scale energy storage sector includes energy storage systems (ESSs) located behind the residential or commercial and industrial (C&I) customer’s utility meter. To date, distributed-scale ESSs have focused on providing storage benefits to the host residential or C&I facilities, such as resilient backup power ...

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