Automated Demand Response

Technology Trends and Global Growth Drivers

For years, utilities have used simple approaches to demand response – either relying on operators of different customer sites to manually turn off lights, equipment, and systems, or running direct load control programs that give customers little to no choice in how they participate.  These models are not scalable beyond certain program and customer segments, and today’s customers expect more sophisticated technology and demand more flexibility in their operations.  Now reaching widespread deployment, automated demand response (ADR) is a powerful alternative in both the residential and commercial & industrial (C&I) sectors, offering more reliable and faster responding DR systems.

Featuring senior research analyst Brett Feldman along with Justin McCurnin, global marketing director at Honeywell, and Greg Wikler, director at Navigant, this webinar examines the benefits and costs of ADR technologies, details the current state of the market, and assesses the potential market opportunity as well as the barriers to adoption.  The webinar also presents a timeline for the introduction and market penetration rates of contributing technologies.

Key Topics:
  • ADR market drivers and barriers
  • C&I ADR market trends
  • Residential ADR market trends
  • Demand response management systems
  • OpenADR
What does this webinar answer?
  • What are the market drivers for ADR in the U.S. and beyond?
  • What factors may inhibit ADR expansion?
  • Which new technologies are enabling ADR to increase its penetration in the market?
  • Who are the major competitors in the residential and C&I ADR sectors?
  • How fast will ADR grow in various regions around the world?
Who needs to attend?
  • Building energy management systems vendors
  • Demand response management systems vendors
  • Curtailment service providers
  • Smart thermostat vendors
  • Large commercial and industrial customers
  • Independent system operators/regional transmission operators
  • Utilities
  • Government energy agencies
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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


2:00 pm EDT

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Speaker Details

Brett Feldman

Senior Research Analyst

Navigant Research

Greg Wikler



Justin McCurnin

Global Marketing Director


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