Charging Ahead with EV Analytics

Adopting a Flexible Approach to IoT Infrastructure for EV Integration

The electricity industry is waking up to the prospect of large-scale deployments of EVs. Annual demand from EVs for electricity could exceed 400 TWh by 2035, creating the largest opportunity for new load growth in a generation. At the same time, EVs will pose significant problems to network utilities, particularly in areas where grids are already constrained. Data will be an important asset when unlocking value and managing risks in the future global EV market.

Join this webinar to hear Navigant Research’s Principal Research Analyst Stuart Ravens talk with industry experts from SAS, Austin Energy, and Duke Energy about the many opportunities and sizeable threats in the future EV market. The panel will examine the overall market with a focus on the data and analytics requirements of EVs. It will also provide a few key recommendations for utilities that are developing substantive EV-related strategies and business models.

Key Topics:

  • The opportunities and threats EVs create for network utilities and electricity grids
  • EV-related business models and their evolution
  • Business model planning best practices
  • The unique data and analytics requirements of EV business models
  • Recommendations for long-term EV planning

What does this webinar answer?

  • What opportunities and threats do EVs create for network utilities and electricity grids?
  • What are a few of the potential EV-related business models and what will their evolution look like?
  • What best practices should be considered when planning EV-related business models?

Who needs to attend this webinar?

  • Strategy executives
  • Electricity regulators
  • EV manufacturers
  • Charging point manufacturers
  • City governors and transportation strategists
  • Major oil companies
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Thursday, June 28, 2018


2:00 pm EDT

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SAS Intel

Speaker Details

Stuart Ravens

Principal Research Analyst

Navigant Research

Alyssa Farrell

Global Marketing Manager


Katharine Beisner

Senior Project Lead - Electric Vehicles & Emerging Technologies

Austin Energy

Lang Reynolds

Manager of Electric Transportation

Duke Energy

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