Coal to Natural Gas Plant Conversions

Retirements, Utility Decision-Making Frameworks, and Capacity Substitutions

IndustrialInnovations_Icon_SBThe coal industry is facing a historic contraction over the next several years, as utilities will retire record numbers of aging coal plants between 2013 and 2020.  Coal plant owners face a complex series of decisions around these plants, including whether to convert them to natural gas combustion.  In an era of ample supplies of low-cost natural gas, conversion to natural gas-fired generation, or to co-firing, seems like an attractive option; however, the technical challenges are non-trivial, and the cost may be higher in some cases than building a new plant from the ground up.

Featuring editorial director Richard Martin, along with Navigant directors Gordon Pickering and Rick Smead, this webinar examines in depth the pros and cons of converting coal plants to natural gas-fired generation, including forecasts for the number of plants that will actually be retired through 2020, the cost/benefit analysis for natural gas conversion, and the issues that utilities will face in making these decisions.  The webinar also provides examples of plants that have gone through such conversions in recent years.

Key Topics:
  • Coal plant retirements
  • Natural gas-fired power generation
  • Power plant conversions
  • Capacity substitutions
  • Levelized cost of electricity for coal & natural gas
What does this webinar answer?
  • How many coal plants will be retired through 2020?
  • What are the options for final disposition of these coal plants?
  • What are the advantages of conversion to natural gas-fired generation?
  • What are the disadvantages?
  • What are the likely cost comparisons for conversion vs. new builds?
  • What percentage of retiring coal plants are likely to be converted?
Who needs to attend?
  • Utilities/plant operators
  • EPC companies
  • Natural gas producers and suppliers
  • Regulators & policymakers
  • Investor community
  • Natural gas & coal industry associations
  • Suppliers of natural gas generation equipment
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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


2:00 pm EDT

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Speaker Details

Richard Martin

Editorial Director

Navigant Research

Gordon Pickering



Rick Smead



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