Connected Vehicles and the Cloud

Enabling the Future of the Mobility User Experience

By the end of this decade, virtually every newly built vehicle in North America and most vehicles globally will have multiple invisible communications channels running. As vehicles become ever more connected and generate more data that can be leveraged to build new service offerings, cloud platforms become a crucial component of the ecosystem, because it enables the deployment of abstraction layers that can aggregate data from millions of vehicles, anonymize it, manage it and make it available to service providers through application programming interfaces. This mechanism enables developers to target a much larger addressable market across multiple brands while dealing with fewer potential proprietary interfaces.

In this webinar, Sam Abuelsamid, principal research analyst at Navigant Research, joined by Sanat Joshi, head of global automotive and manufacturing industries at Amazon Web Services, Nithin Rao, vice president of product management at Autonomic, and Jim Heaton, chief architect for connected vehicles platforms at Ford, explain how the combination of vast quantities of data and previously unimaginable compute power spread across thousands or millions of servers provide the potential to tackle problems in previously unimaginable ways—and how players in the market can monetize that data into marketable solutions.

Key Topics:

  • Supporting the connected car from the cloud
  • Connected vehicles and the Internet of Everything
  • Adapting algorithms to parse data from connected vehicles

What does this webinar answer?

  • Why is the cloud a key enabler for connected vehicles?
  • How does computing in the car work with cloud computing to deliver connected services?
  • How can the utilization of shared computing and management services in the cloud slash information technology expenses?
  • How can AI-based intelligent personal assistants use driver and vehicle data for personalizing the customer experience in the car?

Who needs to attend this webinar?

  • Auto manufacturers
  • Automotive suppliers
  • Software developers and systems integrators supporting automotive OEMs and tier 1 suppliers
  • Mobility service providers


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Tuesday, May 22, 2018


2:00 pm EDT

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Speaker Details

Sam Abuelsamid

Principal Research Analyst

Navigant Research

Sanat Joshi

Head of Global Automotive and Manufacturing Industries

Amazon Web Services

Nithin Rao

Vice President of Product Management


Jim Heaton

Chief Architect for Connected Vehicle Platforms


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