Home Energy Management

New Players, Technology Update, and Market Outlook

HomeEnergyManagement_IconAfter years of sluggish adoption, the home energy management market has gained some traction among consumers, utilities, and other stakeholders. In the last year, new entrants from other sectors, such as Comcast, AT&T, and ADT, have introduced new products and services to help customers monitor and manage their energy consumption.  Also, Google’s recent high-profile purchase of smart thermostat provider Nest Labs has added new market momentum and a new level of visibility to the space.  Utility responses have been mixed, with some utilities actively promoting HEM solutions and others remaining, for now, on the sidelines.

Featuring senior research analyst Neil Strother, along with Scott Hublou, SVP Customer Operations at EcoFactor, and Lela Manning, Energy Programs Supervisor at SDG&E, this webinar explores the latest market drivers and inhibitors, provides case studies of successful programs and products, and examines the long-term market opportunity in home energy management.

Key Topics:
  • Home Energy Management
  • Energy conservation
  • Energy efficiency (EE)
  • Customer (end-user) engagement
  • Home area networks, and home control
What does this webinar answer?
  • What is the status of the HEM market today?
  • What has been the effect of new entrants offering HEM bundled with triple-play services?
  • What are the key drivers for the HEM market?
  • What are the main inhibitors for the HEM market?
  • What are the longer-term prospects for the HEM market through 2022?
  • What technologies are shaping this market?
  • Which companies are the key players in the HEM market?
Who needs to attend?
  • Utility managers
  • Customer-focused utility outreach professionals
  • Hardware vendors of Home Energy Management products and services
  • Smart thermostat manufacturers
  • Software vendors in the HEM space
  • Regulators concerned with HEM issues
  • Non-utility home service providers (cable companies, telcos, security companies)
  • Investors
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Webinar Details


Tuesday, April 1, 2014


2:00 pm EDT

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Association Partner

Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA)

The Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA) is an international not-for-profit industry association dedicated to the advancement of intelligent home and intelligent building technologies.

Speaker Details

Neil Strother

Principal Research Analyst

Navigant Research

Scott Hublou

SVP Customer Operations


Lela Manning

Energy Programs Supervisor


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