Military Microgrids

Why DOD is Leading the Pack

NR_ResearchIconsEnergyStorage_ICON_0116Did you know that U.S. federal Department of Defense (DOD) operations represent the largest consumer of all forms of energy globally? The genesis of the DO D’s interest in improving energy security through microgrid technology stems from its heavy reliance upon all forms of fossil fuels, often imported from regions of the world hostile to U.S. interests. Consider this: U.S. military operations in Afghanistan pay the equivalent of $400 per gallon of gasoline when security, transportation, and mortality costs are tallied up. The largest consumer of these fossil fuels in the battlefield is electricity generation.

Microgrids can shrink the amount of fossil fuels consumed to create electricity by networking generators as a system to maximize efficiency. Yet, they can also be used to help integrate renewable energy resources (such as wind and solar) at the local distribution grid level.

This webinar will spell out the public policy drivers and technological advances that are allowing DOD to foster innovation with microgrid technology. With goals of net zero energy, 25% renewable energy supply by 2025 and a commitment to maintaining “mission critical” functions during all forms of emergency (including war), the U.S. military is laying a vital role in commercializing state-of-the-art microgrids, whether installed at domestic stationary bases or deployed as mobile systems in theaters of war.

Key Topics:
  • Microgrid Definitions – stationary versus mobile systems
  • Key DOD policies driving the microgrid market forward
  • Most critical components for today’s state of the art microgrid
  • Profiles of key market players – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats
  • How do DOD microgrid advances fit into the bigger picture of smart grid trends?
What does this webinar answer?
  • Describes basic topology of both stationary and mobile microgrids
  • Highlights how military microgrids fit into the broader global microgrid market
  • Reveals Pike Research market forecasts for DOD microgrids (stationary & mobile) out to 2017
  • Addresses physical and cyber security benefits of military microgrids
  • Highlights key DOD policy drivers
  • Examines key challenges and near- versus long-term market opportunities
  • Profiles key defense contractors active in the DOD microgrid space
Who needs to attend?
  • DOD agencies investigating microgrid applications
  • Microgrid vendors & integrators interested in DOD microgrid projects
  • Renewable energy & energy storage manufacturers & developers
  • Venture capitalists & financing institutions interested in smart grid trends
  • Large defense contractors
  • Smaller innovators with hardware or software relevant to microgrids
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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


2:00 pm EST

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Peter Asmus

Research Director

Navigant Research

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