Smart Transportation

Where Are the Opportunities?

NR_ResearchIconsElectricVehicles200px_ICON_0116Electric vehicle sales have fallen short of industry aspirations, to date, but many sectors of smart transportation will grow by 50 percent or more in 2012. Featuring Smart Transportation research director John Gartner along with senior analysts Dave Hurst and Lisa Jerram, this webinar explores how rising gas prices and more stringent emissions reductions goals are increasing interest in alternative drive technologies. These markets include not only plug-in electric vehicles, but also alternative fuel medium and heavy duty trucks, electric bikes and scooters, alternative fueled fleets, and diesel vehicles, as well as hybrid and stop-start light duty vehicles.

Pike Research identifies the top Smart Transportation markets poised for growth and providing the greatest opportunities for both manufacturers and consumers. These opportunities vary greatly by region, and the webinar discusses the differences in demand for alternative drives in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

Key Topics:
  • The areas of smart transportation that will see strong demand in 2012
  • What transportation markets will benefit the most from rising gas prices?
  • How do alternatives to gasoline vehicles compare in price and performance?
  • What are the regional differences in demand for vehicles?
  • What are the benefits of vehicle electrification?
  • What are the drivers of AFVs and electrified vehicles?
  • How will demand for electric two-wheeled vehicles grow?
  • How will electric vehicle demand be impacted by AFV demand and vice versa?
What does this webinar answer?
  • What alternative fuel and electric drive segments will see the strongest growth in 2012?
  • How will rising gas prices influence demand for alternative drive vehicles?
  • What regions of the world will see the greatest demand for alternative fuel and electric drive vehicles?
  • What are consumers’ and fleet managers’ requirements for alternative fuel vehicles?
  • Which related and supplier industries will also benefit from the shift towards AFVs and electric drives?
  • How are governments driving interest in and responding to demand for AFVs and electric drive vehicles?
Who needs to attend?
  • Fleet managers
  • Battery vendors of all types
  • Automotive marketing managers
  • Automotive supplier managers
  • Utilities
  • Delivery companies
  • Energy companies
  • State and municipal planning managers
  • Investors and fund managers
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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


2:00 pm EDT

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Smart Transportation

Navigant Research

Dave Hurst

Senior Research Analyst

Navigant Research

Smart Transportation

Navigant Research

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