The Year Ahead in Cleantech

Top Trends for 2014

2013 was a year of both headwinds and breakthroughs for the cleantech industry.  A few high-profile bankruptcies, the continued rise of low-cost, abundant natural gas, plus the winding down of federal funding programs for clean energy technology deployments, particularly utility smart grid projects, shook some investors’ confidence in cleantech markets.  At the same time, consumer support for renewable energy, electric vehicles, and other innovations has never been higher, and the cleantech sector as a whole is moving past the hype cycle into a period of accelerating commercialization and steady, sustained growth.

Thus 2014 will likely mark the beginning of a new period of consolidation, commercialization, and collaboration in Smart Energy, Smart Transportation, and Smart Utilities.  Featuring research directors John Gartner and Bob Lockhart, along with senior research analyst Sam Jaffe, this webinar answers some of the key questions facing vendors, suppliers, and end users across the cleantech spectrum:  How will dramatic new developments in California, Japan, and Germany influence the market for advanced energy storage?  How is accelerating growth in EV sales reshaping the automotive industry, and what are the emerging sources of new revenue for automakers?  How is the expansion of distributed generation putting pressure on utilities’ business models, and what are the likely outcomes?  And finally, what will be the most promising markets for cleantech in the coming years?

Key Topics:
  • Emerging business models for utilities
  • Next phase for smart grid deployments
  • The rise of lithium ion battery technology
  • Market forecasts for electric vehicles
  • Market forecasts for smart meter deployments
  • Market forecasts for advanced batteries
  • Shifting government policies on cleantech
  • Emerging revenue streams for automakers
What does this webinar answer?
  • What are the primary forces shaping cleantech markets today?
  • How are utilities reacting to the spread of distributed generation and other disruptive technologies?
  • What are the emerging business models for remote microgrids and other alternative power distribution systems?
  • What is the forecast for EV sales in 2014 and beyond?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities facing the traditional automotive industry?
  • What are the emerging new revenue streams for automakers?
  • How will the “inflection point” for lithium ion battery technology reshape the energy storage industry?
  • How will the slowdown of government funded smart grid deployment programs affect the companies in the sector?
  • How will the adoption of affordable energy storage help drive adjacent markets?
Who needs to attend?
  • Utilities
  • Microgrid technology developers
  • Smart grid vendors
  • Automakers
  • Battery suppliers
  • Government agencies and regulators
  • Investor community
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Tuesday, January 14, 2014


2:00 pm EST

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Speaker Details

John Gartner

Research Director

Navigant Research

Bob Lockhart

Research Director

Navigant Research

Sam Jaffe

Principal Research Analyst

Navigant Research

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