Utility Distribution Microgrids

From Existential Threat to Complementary Resource

NR_ResearchIconsGrid-TiedEnergyStorage200px_ICON_0116Though utility distribution microgrids have historically been viewed as existential threats to utilities, a handful of brave utility innovators are moving forward with microgrid projects despite immense regulatory obstacles.  Ironically enough, public power entities implementing remote microgrids are leading the charge in Alaska, Australia, and Canada.  The conservative, risk-averse mindset of the electric utility industry is being challenged by microgrids, just as telecommunications network operators were challenged by Silicon Valley and IT innovators over a decade ago.

Featuring senior research analyst Peter Asmus, along with Steve Pullins, president of Horizon Energy Group, this webinar takes a close look at the emerging microgrid market through the eyes of utilities, explores the tug-of-war between competing visions of the future, and examines the ways in which these scenarios will be reconciled for utilities.  The webinar includes case studies of utilities that are shaking up the one-way relationship between conservative monopoly electricity providers and their once passive customers, via disruptive technologies, new business models, and regulatory reform.  In addition, the presenters explain how recent smart grid trends are paving the way for utility distribution microgrids.

Key Topics:
  • Overview of the enabling technologies for utility distribution microgrids
  • Capacity and vendor revenue forecasts for investor-owned grid-tied microgrids
  • Capacity and vendor revenue forecasts for public power grid-tied microgrids
  • Capacity and vendor revenue forecasts for public power remote microgrids
  • Profiles of leading utility innovators: SDG&E; SMUD; AEP & DONG Energy
What does this webinar answer?
  • What are the segments of utility distribution microgrids that Pike Research has identified and forecasted?
  • How do vendor revenues compare between grid-tied microgrids and remote microgrids?
  • Why are public power entities leading in microgrid deployments?
  • What are the key regulatory obstacles for private utilities to develop microgrids?
  • Which regions of the world are expected to lead the microgrid market – and why?
  • What benefits flow to utilities from microgrids?
Who needs to attend?
  • Utility executives
  • Policy makers
  • Smart grid vendors
  • Vendors of advanced energy storage and demand response technologies
  • Research institutions
  • Community leaders
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Tuesday, September 11, 2012


2:00 pm EDT

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Speaker Details

Peter Asmus

Research Director

Navigant Research

Steve Pullins


Horizon Energy Group

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