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Energy Technologies Energy

Advanced Batteries for Unmanned Vehicles

Energy Storage for Commercial Air, Ground, and Underwater Drones: Global Market Analysis and Forecasts

Energy as a Service

Commercial and Industrial Energy as a Service Applications and Deployment Models: Global Market Analysis and Forecasts

Utility Transformations Utility

Intelligent Building Technologies for Value-Added Services

Cybersecurity for the Digital Utility

Transmission Upgrades, Substation Automation, Distribution Automation, Smart Metering, and Smart Grid IT & Analytics: Global Market Analysis and Forecasts

Transportation Efficiencies Transportation

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Active Traffic Management, Multimodal Systems Integration, and Other Advanced ITS Services

Market Data: Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment

Level 1, Level 2, DC Fast Charging, and Wireless Charging by Market Segment: Global Market Analysis and Forecasts

Building Innovations Building

Market Data: LED Global Outlook

Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Outdoor, and Automotive Markets: Global Market Analysis and Forecasts

Smart Home Data Analytics

Technology Stack, Value Chain, Use Cases, and Business Models for Residential Analytics: Global Market Analysis and Forecasts

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An interactive data visualization platform with online access to global forecasts spanning the energy, utility, transportation, and buildings industries.

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Global Advanced Battery Pack Revenue for Traction and Propulsion Energy in Drones Expected to Reach $225 Million by 2026
Advanced battery chemistries experiencing price declines are replacing traditional lead-acid batteries and nickel-metal hydride chemistries…
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Revenue for Utility-Offered IoT Intelligent Building Value-Added Services Expected to Reach up to $1.2 Billion in North America in 2026
Creating new value-added services for commercial customers around IoT will help utilities bridge the gap…
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Global LED Lamp Shipments Are Expected to Reach Nearly 2 Billion in 2026
LED uptake in the commercial segment is outpacing adoption in the residential and industrial segments…
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