Worldwide Automotive Manufacturer

Market Sizing & Forecasting


For a worldwide automobile manufacturer, Navigant Research was asked to analyze the existing electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure market in North America and forecast the growth of the market for the next 7 years in order to help the client understand where to focus EV car sales.


  • Analyzed market demand drivers and inhibitors, including characteristics of the PEV market, PEV availability and sales, government programs, and analysis of the government grants and special projects and Incentives for the U.S. and Canada (by state and region).
  • Delivered electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) trends and forecasts, including EVSE installations, DC charging, and commercial charging segments
  • Developed SWOT analysis of the key industry players

THE RESULT: The client used the findings from our research to tailor the messaging in their webinars and marketing materials in their effort to target the smart grid sector for wireless network equipment and services.