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Adam Wilson, Research Analyst

Adam Wilson

Adam Wilson is a research analyst with Navigant Research, contributing to the Energy Technologies program, with experience in software engineering, meteorology, and renewable energy data analysis and research.

Prior to joining Navigant Research, Wilson held an internship at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, where he helped develop an offshore wind database and levelized cost of energy trajectories for wind technologies. He has also worked as a software engineer and meteorologist at Northrop Grumman. Wilson’s studies have focused on wind energy technology and design in addition to solar engineering design. He holds an MS in mechanical engineering from the University of Colorado Denver and a BS in meteorology-climatology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Recent Reports

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  • Energy Storage for Renewables Integration

    Energy Storage Integrated with Utility-Scale Solar PV, Utility-Scale Wind, and Behind-the-Meter Generation: Drivers, Barriers, and Global Market Forecasts

    The costs to develop new renewable energy projects continue to drop around the globe while policy incentives, target capacity mandates, and resilience demand for behind-the-meter (BTM) customers continue to increase. As a result, capacity for wind and solar PV continue to rise in all regions and market segments—from small resident...

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  • Wind Turbine Order Tracker 4Q17

    Wind Turbine Projects and Capacity by Vendor, Country, and World Region

    Global wind turbine orders announced in 1H 2017 reached 11,570.9 MW, representing a notable decline from 14,743.9 MW in 2H 2016. There have been several shake-ups in the wind industry over the last year. Nordex acquired Acciona in the spring of 2016 and wind power giants Siemens and Gamesa merged this past spring to form Siemens Gam...

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  • Microgrid Deployment Tracker 2Q17

    Commercial and Industrial, Community, Utility Distribution, Institutional/Campus,

    Navigant Research’s Microgrid Deployment Tracker 2Q17 is the 12th edition of its microgrid database that is updated semiannually. This edition of the Tracker shows remote projects leading all microgrid segments in terms of both microgrid capacity and number of projects. The commercial and industrial segment made a huge push in thi...

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  • Wind Turbine Order Tracker 2Q17

    Wind Turbine Projects and Capacity by Vendor, Country, and World Region

    Total wind turbine orders collected in this update of Navigant Research’s Wind Turbine Order Tracker totaled 14,743.9 MW of capacity. These orders included announced projects from 24 different countries and 11 different vendors. Vestas extended its lead among turbine vendors with 6,445.15 MW of capacity reported—almost 3,000 MW ...

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Recent Blog Posts

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  • Making More with Less: Maximizing Generation in Lower Wind Resources Regions

    September 26, 2017

    Wind turbine manufacturers are constantly evolving their turbines to maximize power output in areas of lower wind speeds, which opens much more geography for wind projects. A simple metric for quantifying wind resource areas for turbines is specific rating (or specific power). Specific power is the ratio of a turbine’s rated power...

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  • Corporate Renewable Energy Goals Stimulate Solar, Wind Demand, and Business Models

    May 4, 2017

    Large retailers, data centers, manufacturers, and even government facilities are among the growing number of entities shifting away from the standard electricity model where utilities decide the generation source and technology for consumers. As the costs of wind and solar energy continue to decline, owners of these energy-intensive...

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  • Home Energy Management Is the Tip of the Home Automation Spear

    April 27, 2017

    Anyone who has recently swiped through the App Store could tell you that home energy management (HEM) apps have become as ubiquitous as instant messenger apps. While these energy saving apps can’t put your face on a cute dancing dog (and Millennials may not be as interested), they do have the ability to monitor, schedule, and redu...

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  • Who Will Lead the Lighting as a Service Charge?

    April 25, 2017

    The rapidly evolving lighting industry has recently given birth to a new and exciting development—lighting as a service (LaaS). The manifestation of lighting controls services to optimize lighting use is helping customers save energy and money. The emergence of the LED system as a major technological player in the lighting world h...

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