Paige Leuschner

Senior Research Analyst

Smart Home
Paige Leuschner is a senior research analyst managing Navigant Research's Smart Home service within the Buildings team. Leuschner specializes in connected hardware, software, and services for residential consumers in the smart home, and supports research on home energy management, including smart thermostats, software platforms, demand-side management programs, and utility-customer engagement.

Prior to joining Navigant Research, Leuschner was a product development intern at Yes Energy, where she developed software for energy traders and studied independent system operators across the US. Leuschner speaks Chinese, and spent the summer of 2014 on a US Department of State Critical Language Scholarship in Suzhou. She regularly speaks at conferences as a leading expert on the smart home, and has been featured in an Olay media campaign promoting women in technology. She holds a BA degree, cum laude, in Chinese, international affairs, and economics from the University of Colorado Boulder.
“The nexus of IoT and health ultimately puts power in the hands of consumers and enables self care. This has the potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry and contribute to the emergence of healthcare as a value proposition for the smart home, creating opportunities for a range of stakeholders to capitalize on.”
— Paige Leuschner