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Stuart Ravens, Principal Research Analyst

Stuart Ravens

Stuart Ravens is a principal research analyst, contributing to Navigant Research’s Utility Transformation team. Ravens focuses on utility digitization, analyzing topics such as IT, analytics, transactive energy, blockchain, and changing utility business models.

Ravens has been an analyst for more than 20 years. For the past eight years, his work has focused on the use of ICT by utilities. He has played a lead role in the delivery of custom research and advisory work for many utilities, IT vendors, service providers, and renewables specialists. As an expert on the use of IT in the energy industry, he has been invited to speak at conferences around the world.  He has also worked as an analyst in financial and professional services organizations based in London. He holds an MSc in information science from City University, London.

Recent Reports

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  • Machine Learning for the Digital Utility

    It is hard to escape the hype surrounding artificial intelligence (AI). Blockchain is possibly the only other technology to command as many headlines as AI. Yet, there is a tangible difference between what is written about the two technologies. On the one hand, despite plenty of issues with blockchain, many in the media still effusi...

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  • Blockchain for Transactive Energy Platforms

    The transition of the electric power grid from one-way power to two-way power (what Navigant Research calls the Energy Cloud) has been underway for several years, bringing numerous benefits. However, distributed generation (DG) also causes complications for grid operators. Intermittent generation introduces challenges to power quali...

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  • Navigant Research Leaderboard: IoT Platform Vendors

    Assessment of Strategy and Execution for 15 IoT Platform Providers

    Utilities and similarly large enterprises seeking to adopt Internet of Things (IoT) technologies rely on an ecosystem of vendors to help them harness the complex nature of these projects. Assistance is needed to manage an increasing number of connected devices and processes, handle the large data volumes they kick off, and then unlo...

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  • Demand Response for Renewables Integration

    DRRI Market Drivers and Barriers, Case Studies, and Global Market Forecasts

    Small amounts of intermittent renewable generation like solar and wind power have almost no measurable effect on overall system stability. Yet, anticipating the degree to which generation goes up and down rapidly—called ramp events—is critical to supporting grid stability in a cost-effective manner when penetration exceeds 10%-1...

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Recent Blog Posts

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  • Where Are All the Meter Manufacturers in Transactive Energy Projects?

    December 7, 2017

    That’s a question I’ve been asking myself recently. The answer seems to be “nowhere.” In the 110 or so trials of utility industry-related blockchain and transactive energy (TE) Navigant Research has identified, meter vendors are at best the silent, invisible partners of other companies. When asking leading blockchain...

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  • Utility Cloud Use Soars in 2017

    December 5, 2017

    I’ve been analyzing technology markets long enough to have observed the entire cloud computing hype cycle; it’s now a well-understood, mature technology. Which also means that there’s little to write about for an analyst more used to covering emerging technologies. However, from 2008 to 2011, I never got the chance to write a ...

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  • Utilities Will Rely on Vendor Ecosystems to Support the Energy Transition

    November 10, 2017

    Until recently, I often introduced presentations or blog posts with a warning that the utility industry was about to enter the most disruptive decade in its century-long existence. That is no longer true, because I believe the industry has now entered that decade. Okay, the timing for different countries may vary, as will the length...

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  • Innovation Aplenty at the European Utility Week

    October 10, 2017

    From October 3 to 5, the European energy industry converged on Amsterdam for European Utility Week, an event I have attended off and on since 2009. In a conservative, slow-moving industry, previous events have felt a little like the utility technology equivalent of Groundhog Day. This year’s event was far from it. The 2017 exhibit...

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