Tom Machinchick

Principal Research Analyst

Intelligent Building Management
Tom Machinchick is a principal research analyst contributing to Navigant Research’s Intelligent Building Management solution, focusing on technologies that enable commercial building energy efficiency. Machinchick’s background includes both operational and financial management responsibilities in a diverse set of energy and renewable energy industries.

Prior to joining Navigant Research, Machinchick was the COO of InSolPark, Inc., a provider of retrofit optimization solutions to underperforming solar plants in the US and Europe. He also held senior roles related to investment management, flare gas to energy micro-generation, solar energy, and retail consumer products manufacturing. Additionally, Machinchick has extensive experience consulting with early-stage businesses, and has worked to develop go-to-market strategies, create business plans and pro forma financial statements, and assist in the capital acquisition process. He has authored numerous energy-related market research reports and has also written marketing and business communication articles, white papers, and other related materials for leading global brands in energy, energy efficiency, IT, and data centers, among other topics. Machinchick holds a BS in information systems from King's College, Pennsylvania and an MBA from La Salle University.

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“Increases in economic activity tend to accompany increases in the building stock as demand for commercial space grows, and rising income enables individuals to opt for larger or more modern living spaces, which will lead to an expanding building stock.”
— Tom Machinchick