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Nov 19, 2019 - 2:00 PM EST

North America's Changing Demand Side Management Opportunities

An Overview of Renewable Penetration and Grid Infrastructure Impacts

The year is 2040, and grid modernization has seen the integration of large-scale storage, wind, solar, and other renewables overtake traditional oil, gas, nuclear, and coal generation. Sustainability and grid technologies have been two major drivers for a modern grid structure, and the balance of power has shifted to the consumer. Over the last two decades, consumers have increasingly adopted new solutions, including on-site generation, micogrids, and energy storage. Electric vehicles dominate the roadways and have reintroduced load growth, but have also shifted the demand curve. In turn, the grid has moved from a deep reliance on traditional generation to flattening the demand curve through the use of flexible demand side solutions. These dramatic shifts have created more consumer independence, but have also created a far more integrated and intelligent grid infrastructure that supports a customer-first, collaborative, clean, and highly diverse energy ecosystem. 

This Navigant Research webinar will look at what is happening today that is driving to the grid of the future. Brett Feldman, research director at Navigant Research; Mathew Sachs, senior vice president of strategic planning and business development at CPower; and Terry Sobolewski, president of National Grid Rhode Island, will discuss the many factors driving the modernization of the grid and where energy consumers should keep their focus today as the grid of the future is shaped before us. 


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